Side braid

Sideswept Bangs with Combo Braid

I Fall to Pieces

Messy Bun Side Braid Hairstyle

Heavy Duty Holiday Braid

Stand Out with Edgy Barrettes

Half-Up Look with Hair Charms

Chunky Dutch Side Pony

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Quick Crown Braid Headband

Feathery Fishtail Side Braid

-Minute Bedhead Effect Tutorial

Mad Max Post-Apocalyptic Braid

Go Deep Hair Headband

Simple Twist Braiding Technique

Fat Fairytale Ponytail Braid

and Stretched Side Bun

If you like big voluminous buns this braided side bun will be to your taste. Oval and round-shaped faces. Once you’ve braided the braid stretch the lower strands of the braid and twist them into a side bun.

Whimsical Blonde Wedding Hair

Your Go-To Summer Hairstyle

Wide Shoulder Plait with Tendrils

Ella Inspired Side Braid Hairstyle

Diagonal Braid Side Bun

hairstyle for both every day and a formal occasion. . Braid a bun in a diagonal direction from one side of the top of your head to the opposite side on the crown of your head. Braid the hair to the ends and then twist the braid into a side bun. Most Alluring Braided Hairdos for Women

Double Braid and a Messy Bun

with a messy bun hairstyle. Square and round-shaped faces. Starting from the side of your head start braiding two diagonal braids. On the opposite side tie them first with a hairband and then tease the hair gently and make a messy bun.

with Messy Side Bun

. One thing is for sure – all eyes will be on you. All face shapes. Braid the headband braid a little bit further from your hairline so that your bangs can fall loosely. Then tease the hair in the back for volume and make a messy side braid. Curl your bangs a little bit for extra texture. Amazing Braided Updo Hairstyles for Women

Show Off Your Highlights

Rapunzel’s Long French Braid

Trio of Tiny Tandem Braids

Loose Lovely Rustic Fishtail

How to Rock Dark Roots

Bring the Romance Styling Guide

in a Side Bun

Romantic and sensual side braids with bun just like you want to be on your special day! Square and heart-shaped faces. on each side of the head and twist them all into a big side bun.

Tight Braid Loose Waves

Jumbo Box Braid

A little bit complicated side braid bun but it does look awesome! . Leave the zig-zag hairstyle to the skilled. Just use a little bit of hair product to make the hair sleek.

and a Side Bun

Depending on the occasion you can choose how neat you want this side braid bun to be. Either way it looks great. All face shapes. will complement it greatly. Hopefully these side braid buns are enough to inspire you to create a hairstyle that you were searching for.