Wavy Bob

This type of bob works best with those who naturally have wavy hair, although straight hair can also be designed to give you the look you want. Your face is more defined by the subtle waves, which is great in improving your overall structure.

Classic Bob

This is one of the most basic types of bob hairstyles that can be done irrespective of the type of hair. This look can range from looking like a casual day hairstyle to a super glamorous red carpet worthy one, depending on how you style it.

Ombre Lob

Longer bob hairstyle ideas also work well with the ombre hair trend. A dark brown base with lighter browns or blond highlights to the tips is one of the best combinations to go for in this hairstyle.

Straight Cut Bob

In contrast to the previous hairstyle, the straight cut bob is the same length throughout the hair. It’s a great way to wear this look to highlight your hair, adding more definition to your bob.

Perfect Low-Effort Hair Cut Idea

Many women choose a bob haircut because they want a look that needs less maintenance than women’s longer haircuts. This simple hairstyle features subtle layers and can naturally be worn to create an elegant look that requires little or no effort whatsoever.

Defined Wave Bob

refinerycom This hairstyle requires a bit of bob front styling in a well-defined wavy shape. If done correctly, this can be a super glamorous and sexy look. On one side, part the hair to look like a head turner.

Sleek and Straight Medium Angled Bob With Bangs

An angled bob with bangs is somewhat edgier in style and this angled bob with heavy blunt bangs is actually very bold. Ask for a sharp razored edges dramatic angled bob. This style has long heavy bangs giving off a sexy look that is playful. Ask for bangs that are blunt in the eye. For a medium bob with bangs, this is one of the most trendy styles. Blow your hair straight and apply serum straightening. Finish it off with a sleek and sexy look running your flat iron through your hair. This raven black and blue shadow fade is very dignified and for a shiny finish the colors blend perfectly together.

Bob Haircut As Straight As A Pin

The pin-straight hair is something so sophisticated. This simple bob middle part features no layers that create an undeniably chic, uniform look. If you naturally have a curly bob, this bold bob hairstyle can still be achieved. Use a damp hair smoothing serum and then straight blow-dry the hair. Follow up with a straightening iron to get the pin-straight look.

Rock’n Roll-Inspired Asymmetrical Bob

If you’re looking for a haircut style to make sure you’re standing out from the crowd asking for this awesome modern asymmetric bob. This look is shorter in the back and longer with lots of piece-y layers in the front to create the edgy feeling we all know and love. Styling such a look is fast as it requires just a little pomade and your fingers.


The Symmetrical Lob

Like the symmetrical bob, this is the version for those who want to keep their hair from the front but from the back shorter. In order to achieve this look, the hair in the front should ideally be at shoulder level.

Curly Bob With Bangs

If you have natural hair and are looking for a short curly bob, this graduated fringe bob may be just what you need. The length is perfect and the long layers add a ton of volume to your beautiful curls and bring new life. Ask for a heavy fringe to let some of your curls hang in a fun and flirtious atmosphere over your face. This short curly bob, as it is basically wash-and-go, is very hip and super easy to style.

Brunette Bob Haircuts

is the perfect way to upgrade your medium hair, particularly if you have a fringe bob in mind. Not to mention the charm if you are a brunette by nature, it will bring you into your look.

Highlighted Bob

Highlights are the best way to give a lot more definition to your basic bob and can significantly vamp your hairstyle. The way to go for this is a mixture of lighter shades with darker tones.

Various Bob

For those who want an easy-to-change look, go to the basic lob. For a more fun look, you can either wear it with a side section for a slightly asymmetric look or with a center section with slight curls.

Ombre Bob

An ombre hue is a way to go for those who want a subtle color that works well with the idea of a bob hairstyle. You can choose from a variety of bases that can all work well if done correctly, depending on your skin tone.

Auburn Tousled Short Stacked Bob With Bangs

If you want a short stacked bob with a bit of an edge, this nice short bob with rasped edges is right up your alley. This is actually one of the perfect short-layered bob hairstyles for thick hair. The random choppy layers take off some weight, leaving a lot of fullness. And we think that the contrast between dark red and light auburn tones gives it a multi-tone look that just adds the right texture. Ask about the length of the chin to frame your face for a short stacked bob with razored bangs and longer razored layers in the front.

Auburn Short Stacked Bob With Bangs

This style adds some depth to the pretty light and dark auburn tones. To add a little mystery, ask for thick chunky bangs. Apply volumizing mousse to your hair to style and blow dry with a round brush flipping back random pieces all over to add more volume and get an all-round carefree look.

Nice and Glamorous Short Bob Haircut

It takes an audacious woman to avoid the oh-so-popular lob haircut and choose a daring short bob haircut. This blunt layered bob, however, is nothing but glamorous and feminine. Request for some subtle layers and side bangs to face to face to add dimension to achieve this look. Style for soft elegant volume with a blow-dryer and a round brush.

Messy Wavy Bob With A Soft Wispy Fringe

Messy bobs are currently very popular. It’s super cute this messy layered bob with bangs. The dark blonde roots and pale blonde highlights give a ton of texture and depth to this playful short bob, and the allled waves make it super sexy and seductive. Ask for an additional volume for a short bob with choppy layers. Be sure that you are asking for long bangs. That way, if you want to get them off your face or style them to the side, you can either pull them back. However, for a completely playful vibe, you can wear them over your eyes like this. If you want to know how to style a bob with bangs, brush your bangs forward with a vent brush while blowing your hair and spraying with a medium hold spray.

Blunt Messy Bob

Another easy way to wear a messy bob is to cut a blunt bob and then style your hair to one side to get the look you want. This hairstyle works best for those with slightly wavy hair as well as those with straight hair.

Pastel Bob

Pastel shades are one of this season’s most trendy hair colors and a pastel bob is a great way to wear that trend. To achieve this look, the tones of light pink powder blue and even lime green work well.

Big Wave Bob

refinerycom Big wave bob is intended to accentuate your face and draw your jaw and cheekbones. This works well for those with straight hair so that having only one big wave can be styled.

Wavy Bob With Bangs

You will love this wavy bob with bangs if you have natural curly or wavy tresses. You can get a chin length bob with bangs if you want to go really short. But if you want a bit longer, just like shown here, you can go a little longer. With its warm brown chocolate and soft brown honey balayage shades, this longer wavy bob is so pretty. Curling spray or sea salt spray to style spritz to your damp tresses and let your hair dry. Give it a slightly messy look with your fingers. Choppy ends will give this super cute short bob with bangs a fun vibe and add some texture.

Dark Dusty Rose Pink Textured Bob With Choppy Layers

If pastels aren’t to your liking but you still love pink, this dusty rose pink short bob will make a statement. Start with dark roots and then mix fuchsia and dark dusty pink for a look full of style and texture. Ask for a short inverted bob with bangs from your stylist. Then for more volume and movement, be sure to get long and short layers randomly throughout. If your hair is damp, add volumizing mousse to style. Blow dry with a round brush that lifts your layers and randomly flips them out as you dry. This will give it a bit of a messy edge to match your sassy attitude with the bright pink color.

Messy Lob

The messy lob is an alternative way to wear a lob and is great for those with natural wavy hair, although straight hair can be designed to look like this. This is one of the great ideas of bob hairstyle that need no effort!

Beach Waves Lob

It’s also a good idea for summer to wear beach waves on long bobs. It gives you a straightforward look that will last you all day so you don’t have to worry about getting messed up.

Beach Waves Bob

Beach Waves has always been one of women’s easiest go-to hairstyles and combining it with a bob is just another way to change your look. For this, soft waves are the way to go and is also a brilliant summer look.

Romantic Waves

Styling is fast and easy. To replicate the loose romantic waves shown here, either let your hair dry naturally or use a large-barrel curling iron brushing thoroughly after curling.

Side Parted Bob

store.americanapparel.net The side bob can work with a variety of bob cut hairstyles and requires little styling. Just divide your hair on one side and you’ve got a side-by-side bob that works regardless of the occasion!

Elegant and Timeless

The messy and modern look is fine but there is something so timeless about a sleek long bob haircut. For just about every face shape, this beautiful look is flattering and will never go out of style. Request a long bob with minimal layers to get this look. Using a light smoothing serum and a flat iron curling at the ends for daily maintenance style as not to create a look that is too pin-straight.

Cool Blonde Bob

This slightly asymmetrical blonde bob plays with multidimensional color and length to create one of the finest women’s haircuts. To achieve this amazing look, in addition to blonde highlights, ask your stylist for a short layered bob with longer pieces in the front.

Razor Cut Pastel Pink And Blonde Choppy Bob

This choppy bob with bangs and razor ends is super cute if you want a look that has a bit more of a grungy feel. Ask for long side bangs that are going to fall on your face playfully. And what’s more girly than a pale blonde and pastel pink blend? A soft blonde platinum base with pale dusty pink highlights will make you look and feel like you’ve just left a fairy tale. Why get a boring blonde bob with bangs when you can add a pink burst for a girly atmosphere!

Side Parted Symmetrical Bob

This hairstyle works best for those with a symmetrical bob but who want to change it a bit. Simply divide your hair from one side and, of course, the other side will have volume and a little longer to give you the desired look.

Straight Lob

A lob is a long bob, perfect for those who do not want to cut their hair too short. The straight lob fits well with straight hair, but it can also work with wavy hair to produce a messier look.

Symmetrical Bob

The symmetrical bob is a perfectly cut bob on both sides with the back usually shorter than the front. With straight hair, this look works well and does not require a lot of styling.

Edgy But Demure

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has one of Hollywood’s most impressive bob cuts. Her look is slightly messy without looking disheveled as if she were getting out of the shower and allowing her hair to air-dry naturally. Ask your stylist for some pretty long layers for a look like this, but nothing too short or choppy.

Stylish Sleek Bob with Bangs

There’s something about side-swept bangs that almost screams you’ve been waking up like that. At the same time, they’re extremely stylish and messy. It would be a great benefit to have the right shade.

Choppy Side Part Bob

Different hairstyles look different on different face shapes but aside part bob is flattering almost universally. Also, a side part is a great way to hide if it’s been a couple of days since you shampooed. Use dry shampoo at the roots to massage the product with your fingers to remove oil and create volume to replicate the look here.

Wavy Long Angled Bob

It’s a cool haircut that has many dimensions but allows you to wear it messy and smooth or smooth. This bob haircut and others like it show that a short hairstyle can be more versatile than a longer hairstyle.

Straight and Angled Haircut Style

This is one of the trendy haircuts which can change your look completely. Ask your stylist for a straight-angled bob haircut. Use a flat iron in conjunction with a finishing cream to maintain this beautiful style. While on the blonde bob of the model this style looks great, it will also work for brunettes.

Blunt bangs are not for everyone here we must warn you. But those of you who dare to try this style will be completely in agreement that it will make you look completely different. If that’s what you’re looking for, what do you expect?

Bob with Bangs

It’s a layered bob with a fringe that we have in mind. The more layers your hair looks voluminous.

Subtly Layered Bob

If you love asymmetric bob looks on this list but fear they might be a little too edgy to try this subtly layered medium bob. The hair in the back is only slightly shorter, creating a romantic and elegant look with a tiny bit of edge.

Modern Hairstyle For Women

This short bob has long front layers and a lot of volume. For anyone who wants a more modern hairstyle, it’s a daring haircut idea. Use a hair powder to create lift at the root to achieve this amazing look. Use a curling iron to sporadically curl sections and then use your fingers and some textured pomade to achieve this messy loose look.

Loose Curl Bob

One of the few ways that bobs work well with curly hair is to wear your bob in loose curls. This hairstyle needs a bit of styling, but if done correctly, it is incredibly flattering.

Sophisticated Dimension

Color can make or break any haircut bob. Thanks to honey-colored highlights that blend beautifully into the dark hair of the model, this long angled bob is truly brought to life. If you really want to give your bob haircut some sophisticated dimension, ask your stylist for subtle highlights like these. This look is trendy enough for the professional world to play but elegant enough.

Hipster-Approved Long Bob Haircut

This shoulder-long bob cut is totally

Layered Bob Fit For A Surfer Girl

This bob haircut just screams California girl. It’s a shoulder-long haircut that’s slightly shorter in the back but certainly not as dramatically asymmetrical as some of the other types. For anyone with wavy hair, this cut is perfect as it allows you to let your hair dry naturally for a nice allled look.

Puffy Bob

This is the one for you for those who like big hair and want their bob to have a bit more volume. A bob doesn’t always have to be sleek, and even with a little volume and bounce it works well.

Side Parted Beach Wave Lob

This hair style works if you already have subtle wavy hair that is cut to be a long bob. Simply divide the hair from the side and take on the other side just a little hair to get that look.

Subtle Wave Bob

google.hu This type of hairstyle works well for those with somewhat wavy hair. It’s one of those hairstyles you can have when you wake up with absolutely no fuss in the morning! This is the one for you for those who don’t want to put a lot of effort into it!

Platinum Bob

The platinum look is another color trend that can vamp the appearance of your bob. Of course, this would involve bleaching your hair to be a very light shade and can be worn with a variety of bob hairstyles.

Soft But Modern Hairstyle

refinerycom This long bob comes just past the shoulders, making it perfect for anyone who is unwilling to cut too much off. The cut is standardized in length to make it quick and convenient for anyone who wants to style. To create some scattered curls, use a curling iron and then brush them out to replicate these soft waves.

Chin Length Rounded Bob With Super Short Bangs

You may request a rounded bob if you don’t want an angled bob. This rounded bob with bangs chin-length is very chic and stylish. To accentuate your facial features, ask for super short bangs. And this bob with bangs black hair is such a beautiful dark shade that goes well with pale skin tones and dark eyes. This is perfect if you want a look that is still fun and feminine, more polished and refined. For a sleek finish, blow straight and run a flat iron through your hair.

A-Line Bob With Bangs

All bob haircuts do not have to be very short. This long layered bob with bangs is perfect if you still want to pull your hair back into a bun or short ponytail. You can also still play cute half-updo hairstyles like a topknot or braid. This classic bob with bangs of A-line shoulder length is as beautiful as it is versatile. The subtle shades of dark and light blonde balayage add a multi-dimensional feel to give it a bit of color and texture. The A-line style is a perfect layered bob for thin hair because with its long layers it adds a lot of volume. Blow-dry styling with a round brush leaving it slightly askew at the top for a touch of messy casual looking

The Messy Short Bob

Messy bobs are a great look for those who don’t want to spend too much time doing their hair every morning. This look is a great no effort look with a sharp cut.

Frosted tips Bob

This frosted tips for the season is back and happily fit very well with bobs. One way to wear this hairstyle is to separate one side of the hair and wear the other back of the head. With messy bobs, this works well too!

Looking for a new style for your mane? There’s nothing better then to add a little swipe to your hair and transform the way you look dramatically. It looks so perfect and so carefree that at least once you’re compelled to try it out.

Trendy Curly Bob

If you’ve got curly hair and you’ve been worried the big chop won’t be there. Curly bobs are unique and beautiful.

Sleek Bob

The Sleek bob is ideal for people with straight hair. But it’s a good way to achieve this look for those who don’t straighten your hair out.

No Fuss Lob

If styling your hair every day isn’t something you’re in for a middle-sized bob, it’s an easy way to get a good hairstyle. Which type of hair texture you have doesn’t matter since it works with all hair types.

Loose and Natural

Selena Gomez has always been known for her long tresses, but she chose to get a long bob haircut. Maybe she was inspired by her Bff Taylor Swift, who had one of the quintessentially chic haircuts of all time when she chopped off her long hair famously. The middle bob of Selena’s portion is effortless and normal.

Loose Chin-Length Waves

This is a slightly longer than chin-length cut in more traditional bob hairstyle. This bob haircut will work whether your tresses are curly wavy or straight on a variety of hair types. Use a medium-barrel curling iron to curl pieces if you want loose waves like the model shown here and then break the uniformity of the curls with your fingers.

Voluminous Medium Bob

Just because you’ve got a bob doesn’t mean you can’t have a real queen size of beauty either. To style your hair upside down with a medium bob like this blow-dry. This helps give some amazing lift to the root that creates hair height. Also, dry shampoo can be used to give extra oomph to the body.

Middle Bob

Like the previous hairstyle, this bob can also be made with a number of bob cut hairstyles. This one needs you to split your hair with a comb in the center and brush it out to create the perfect look for light waves!


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