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Full Name Shanna Riley First NameLast Name Riley Social Media Profile NationalityEthnicity North American Birth Country United States Gender IdentitySexual Orientation Single Marital Status Divorced SAge 36 Marriage Date January 12001 Networth2019 Number Ž$12 million Currency usdContent

Shanna Riley’s body and relationship status

Divorced How many Shanna Riley children have? 1 (Noah Atwood) Who’s married to Shanna Riley? Roman Atwood2001 Shanna Riley was born as Shanna Janette Riley with the Pisces sun sign on February 21, 1983 in Utah. She has American nationality and is a part of the white community of North America.

Shanna Riley’sPersonal Life

Her ex-wife also shared a video called My wife’s cheating on me. He erased it later. He posted again a video Talked about Ex-Wife in 2017. Roman has further accused Riley of asking for more money in another video and he has also said she left her son from his door and ran off right after he gave her the money.

Shanna Riley’s Net Worth

Riley can enjoy a wealth of roughly $100,000 reported by some online s. Shanna did not however share any information about her wealth. On the other hand, the ex-spouse of Shanna Riley has a net value of about $12 million. He made that number out of his work in YouTube. Tap on Married Celeb for more information on Celebrity Wife!!!

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