Shag haircut

Short Shag Haircuts

Sleek and Gorgeous Platinum Blond V-cut Tiers

With all the volume gathered around the crown you can rock this look with short or long layers. It looks best when worn long so that the fringe frames the face which would flatter oval or round faces best. This is a great hairstyle for funky colors too.

Curly Hair

Curly and thick hair can be the worst possible scenario when you hate styling the hair and rushing to the salons. If you are lucky enough to get the duo get your hair cut into medium length shags with bangs to avoid the hassle.

Moody Tousled Tiers Down Past the Shoulders

The bedhead trend looks effortlessly stylish with shaggy tiers that leave the bangs long and blended in with the rest of a thick flowing mane. By using a razor cut on the ends they stay wispy and light and won’t be weighed down due to the length which is why the shag works so well with heavy hair that’s kept long like this.

Contrasting Short Fringe with Long Layers

Sleek shiny locks look amazing in a shag cut that keeps the crown short and then goes for long layers that end past the shoulders. The illusion this creates frames the face beautifully giving you a narrow profile from brow to the neck. For a retro look take the bangs up and give them a blunt edge.

Lavender Grey Hair

for thick hair are effortless with low-maintenance and can be styled into traditional ponytails updos and buns.

Mature Sleek Layers for a Beautiful Frame

Shag hairstyles work for women of every age and with every face shape so don’t be afraid to rock a look like this no matter what. Natural highlights are easy to show off when you style the layers so that the end flip back away from the face. Bangs blend with the crown in a way that complements every hair color.

Blunt A-line Bob with Shaggy Long Bangs

Combine cool and pretty with a shag haircut that shows off extreme angles like this one. You can make it sleek with pomade and a flat iron or you can use a bit of mousse and hairspray for a messy-chic style. Ask your stylist to step the bangs down from short at the brow to longer around the face.

Short Shag Cut

A soft yet shaggy style with thick hair that can be worn by women of all ages is perfect to accentuate the cheekbones and jawline. Sport the hairstyle with smokey eyes and bold makeup to steal the show.

Soft Brunette Layers with Golden Highlights

Choose this romantic take on a chic shag haircut when you want your layers to hold their volume at the top. Soft waves frame your face in tiers that start with a fringe of bangs and follow through to the shoulders. It’s a no-fuss look that takes minutes to style.

The Mussy Look Haircut

Have you tried the new mussy look? If not then you must try to give yourself a makeover by trying the mussy look. Shag cuts for curls when not overly done create a mussy look. Curly hair women must ask their stylist for layers to be cut into your hair such that the fullness is not on the ends. Muss up your curly hair by air drying and twisting it into thick ringlets. Women with wavy hair can also try this look. Best Long Shag Hairstyle Ideas

Long Shag Tiers with Soft Short Bangs

A subtle ombre shift like this pairs beautifully with shaggy layers that start with a fringe bang. As the tiers blend together in soft wispy sections the entire look takes on a romantic and elegantly casual look. These longer layers can be pulled back into a messy ponytail or bun for extra fun.

Platinum Blonde Shag

.Stand out from the crowd with this ethereal platinum blonde medium length shag cut with untouched roots and messy bangs.

Sleek Chin-length Angled Shag Bob

The classic bob cut takes on new life when you add shaggy layers and a short bang. Skinny and bright highlights that contrast with darker roots add dimension and show off the precision cut in each tier. Use a flat iron to get that sharp defined edge right at the chin.

Lovely Soft Layers with a Deep Side Part

When shag hairstyles are paired with these effortless waves it brings out a romantic vibe that looks so elegant and beautiful no matter what your face shape may be. You can keep the side part casual and uneven with a tuck behind your ear or you can glam it up with bejeweled pins.

Medium Shag Haircut

Medium shaggy bob is not only fashionable-looking but it is also fun to play around with. The thing is that medium length and the variety of layers grants you that advantage of experimenting with different ways of wearing your hair while there are not that many issues to face that owners of longer shags may deal with. Even the slightest touch of waving will change your look dramatically no to mention the hair-dyeing techniques. Use these ideas to your advantage and do not be afraid to create something on your own!

Shaggy Pixie Cut

you can get a shaggy pixie cut with messy bangs to feel like a diva.

Curtain Bangs

Thick shaggy hair paired with thin curtain bangs is pleasing to the eyes. It is sensational to see the fuller and thicker hair transform into thin curtain messy bangs on the front to stand out in the crowd.

Medium Shag Haircuts

Shaggy Hair with Bangs


Medium Shag Haircut With Bangs

Shags don’t have any restrictions for women. Actually they can get along with your hair type and appearance. For example if you feel insecure about your face shape shags won’t leave you without help. This idea is a perfect shaggy hairstyle for round faces that will frame your face and make it appear slimmer. Look how lovely these shaggy layers melt with cute bangs making this pretty round face look more attractive.

Shaggy Hair with Highlights

accentuates with your facial features. The shag cut removes the weight out of your thick hair while the highlights make sure to retain the texture and volume of the hair.

Baby Bangs

Bob and bangs are super cool and edgy and they are a blessing in disguise for people with a thick mane on their head. This shaggy thick haircut gives your hair the perfect definition and texture it deserves.

Short Texturized Layers and Curls

cut as it is a great way to highlight your curls effortlessly without making your curls looking like a cotton ear bud. Combine your curls with stacked layers and give it a youthful and romantic look with curly shag haircuts. What are you waiting for? The above-mentioned list of curly shag hairstyles is perfectly made for you. Go ahead and live your blissful curly hair dreams to the fullest.

Sun-kissed Brunette Curls in Shaggy Tiers

Losing the weight of a long hairstyle can really wake up waves and turn them into adorable curls with a shag cut like this. In order to set them just right work in a little styling mousse while your hair is wet then scrunch them by hand as you blow dry on a gentle setting.

Long V-cut Layers with Sandy Blond Sections

This looks works great for coarse hair that you can tame with a good non-greasy pomade. A little mousse at the roots helps hold the volume up if your hair is heavy and hard to style for all-day wear. The dark roots and blonde streaks give those choppy layers a beautiful transition from dark to light.

with Bangs

sloppy uneven wavy blonde hair parted at the middle with dreamy eyes and no makeup justifies the overall look of a perfect messy undone crazy yet chic hairstyle.

Chunky Blond Highlights with Blunt Cut Sections

Ultra-bright sections stand out beautifully against darker brunette pieces when the shaggy layers have blunt ends like this. It’s simple to wear it sleek with a little heat styling but let it air dry and add in texturing product to get adorable beach vibes. A cute topknot would be a great twist on the look.

Messy-chic Pixie Shag for Thick Hair

Another great example of how versatile a shag haircut is this look a pixie that leaves some length to play around with. If you have super curly hair this is an excellent way to relax those coils because it takes away some of the bulk. This makes it simple to keep them looking too puffy and helps them accept styling products without looking greasy.

Stacked Shag Haircut

How do you like the graduation from short to long shag? Yes the shape that medium stacked cuts give to your hair is just gorgeous. Wait look at this waves! It seems like this idea is the embodiment of stylishness: layers waves and fantastic highlights. Shag hairstyles are simply impressing. Are you ready to impress everyone around with such a fabulous look?

Shoulder Length Shag Haircut

Why that shoulder shag haircut is so unique that we devoted an entire chapter to it? Well to be a % honest with you it is very easy to mistake a shoulder shag for a long one but the difference lies in length itself. While there is no precise definition how long the long shag is a shoulder one clarifies the length accurately. But that is not what makes this type of hag so special; the main difference lies in the ability to come up with a shoulder shag that is like no one else’s. The thing is that you can variate the number of layers their length and intensity on your own and thus you can create your own distinctive hairstyle. Not to mention the number of experiments you can succeed with while playing around with colors. Use your imagination!

Breezy Mid-length Razor-cut Blond Highlights

The contrast of dark roots and bright highlights really stand out when you use shag layers to show off their dimension. A beautiful cut like this helps thick hair hold volume without creating awkward pieces that stick out in an unruly fashion. Go from corporate maven to trendy momma with a little texturing cream.

Rock and Roll Vibes for a Dark Choppy Shag

This is the look Joan Jett is known for popularizing so it’s no wonder that it’s still a great choice for women who want to lead the way when it comes to trends. When you’re ready to make a statement wear this style with a lot of volumes and keep the edges short for plenty of movement.

Rainbow Hair

Highlights and lowlights add life to your dull and boring hair and this rainbow colored highlights to the medium or short length shag haircut for thick hair turn heads grabs attention and win hearts.

Stepped Layer on Bouncy Curls

helps to separate your curls and provide space between them such that they bounce around uninhibited. d some mysterious vibe to your look by swooping off your bouncy curls down on one side of your face. It is recommended to keep your curls hydrated by using some hydrating product such as a leave-in conditioner.

with Layered Bangs

A shag hairstyle on thick hair can be worn without bangs. However it is beyond the shadow of a doubt that bangs add extra elegance to your look. Rihanna is a style icon and the way she’s wearing her curly shaggy hair with bangs is superior and outstanding.

Layers on Low Curls

will suit best f the women who have straight hair on top and curly at the bottom. Shoulder length layer cut will unfurl your curls beautifully and make them look stunning. To make your curly shag haircut look flawless highlight it with golden shades of darker color. This haircut is considered to be classic and provides facial symmetry from all angles.

Choppy Mid-length Shag and Bright Highlights

If you need to lighten up a head full of thick hair keep the shag a medium length and opt for a dark base color. d a few razor-thin highlights in every section for contrast. This will give your hair a lighter feel without sacrificing all the volume and strength that much hair has.

Effortless Shag Layers in Rich Warm Tones

This throwback style shag looks youthful and fresh even now so try it for yourself if you want that vintage look while staying on trend. Blending the bangs with the top layer will help soften the overall frame and it helps it work with any hair texture. Blow dry it while scrunching to keep it messy and full.

Long Shag With Bangs

Shags that have longer layers allow for movement as well as texture without losing much volume of your hair. Opt for one of these haircuts if your tresses have medium density and texture.

Sort Shaggy Bob

Waves can get you a shaggy look with much effort and styling it is a good technique to cut fewer layers if you have thin and fine hair. Luscious blonde wavy thick hair and shaggy haircut with the side sweep textured bangs framing the face looks exhilarating and refreshing.

Soft Razor-cut Romantic Wavy Layers

When you’re experimenting with really rich color treatment that strays outside the natural hues it can be tough to deal with how that color fades or transitions with wear. Shag layers show off the dimensions of any color treatment but they’re especially suited for letting the light play well with sections in different stages of growth.

Shaggy Mohawk Pixie

Shaggy Mohawk pixie is an extraordinary hairstyle not suitable for the faint-hearted. If you are gutsy and bold enough to try the hairstyle simply rock it with some bold hair dyes like aqua blue or fuchsia pink.

Short Bob Shag Haircut

We really love these short bob shag haircut ideas. If you want to style your shag bob this way just apply curl-boosting styling mousse to your clean wet tresses. Then blow dry them and finish with hair spray.

Messy and Textured Beachy Blond Waves

Shag hairstyles have solidified their place as a trend-setting hairstyle given how simple it is to create an effortless look with their long choppy layers. This is the perfect example of keeping it natural when wearing your layers in pretty effortless waves. A little texturing product helps keep wisps in those breezy pieces without tangling.

orable Shag Waves in a Deep Side Part

Whether your hair is naturally wavy or needs a little help to get romantic wisps like this shag layers make it easy for you to steal this look and make it your own. A deep side part shows off the choppy uneven layers that add so much fun and whimsy to this cute and easy hairstyle.

Simple and Pretty Blunt Shoulder-length Shag

A choppy cut can still look soft and wispy when it’s worn in shaggy layers like this. Pair it with a part to one side for a casual look but make sure to tease up the back so you have the volume that balances out the narrowing effect the tiers have as they shift down to the shoulders.

Easy and Modern Light Brunette Blunt Shag

Some women can shy away from a shag hairstyle because they’re worried about the shortened top layers and how challenging it could be to style those through a variety of looks. Shag layers can be worn much longer though as you can see here. There’s still plenty of volume and versatility when you use longer tiers and this is a great way to wear a shag style for your first time.

Long Shag Haircuts

A-line Shaggy Bob

It wouldn’t be a secret to anyone that A-line bobs are extremely required these days. Of course the number of variations this style comes with is impressive but since we promised to take you to the world of shaggy bob haircuts we must admit that A-line bobs can be shaggy as well. The primary purpose of an A-line bob is not only to add up some style to your general outlook but also to enhance your features and take care of all the flaws that bother you. That is the addition of many layers can grant you the necessary volume while at the same time it can deal with naturally thick hair so that the thickness does not bother you. Consider your requirements and opt for a shaggy A-line bob to look stylish and irresistible at the same time!

Tousled Layers Fall Just Below the Chin

When you need a modern hairstyle that lets you shift from corporate meetings into romantic nights out a look like this is the perfect balance between professional and fun-loving. The short layers make it simple to wear down all day without losing volume. Freshen it up with a few spritzes of hairspray when you’re ready to go out on the town.

Messy Bedhead Long Shag

This season the most influential hair stylists recommend styling your layered shag in a messy bed-hair manner. Thus your image will be carefree and super seductive at the same time. All eyes will be on you. We love how good-looking these shag haircuts are. There are so many beautiful options that you can rock without much effort put. Would you like to bring such freshness to your appearance? Then don`t hesitate and choose the cut you prefer the most. Emmachenartistry

Punk-inspired Pixie Shag with Long Bangs

Shag layers make this pixie-cut with bangs work well for anyone but especially when you want the option to sweep it to the side or style the back with a little product to make it spiky and fun. It’s a cute look best suited for when you need just enough versatility in hair ideas without having a fussy cut that’s hard to run your fingers through and get going.

Flirty Ash Blond Highlights in Soft Waves

The answer to limp thin hair is an easy hairstyle that isn’t too long and doesn’t hold its weight at the ends. That’s just one of the reasons why a shag cut is so universal. There aren’t many modern hairstyles that women with thin hair can try without a lot of product and time. A bit of mousse can help you get these effortless pieces.

Angled Blond Bob with Chunky Shag Layers

As a cute hairstyle for girls or women of any age this chunky little blond bob shows off all the best features of this haircut. Paired with dark roots and lighter all-over sections you really see the dimension of color that a tiered look allows. A deep side part or one that cuts straight through the middle make a beautiful frame for your face either way.

Curly Shag Layers with Easy Volume and Shape

Curls love a shag hairstyle since it’s a great way to lose weight without compromising on the kind of length which makes this such a cute hairstyle for girls with lots of curls. You can ask for a super short crown to concentrate the volume at the top or go for long layers that transition with a more uniform look from brow to chin.

Uneven Blunt Bangs with Long Blunt Tiers

Chunky pieces and an uneven high-cut fringe are bold looks that are even easier to pull off in shaggy layers. The subtle ombre that transitions from chocolate brown to golden blond showcase how the different tiers blend together. This is the kind of funky rocker-inspired look that you can still wear to work any day.

Pixie Shag Haircut

short ones are on the top. The reason why people aim for getting a shorter cut is various but mainly because they are stylish trendy and easy to maintain. A pixie shag is not an exception except for the fact that it can literarily suit anyone. Not matter fine or curly or thick hair you have a pixie shag will flatter you. Besides ladies who are dying to add a modern vibe to their looks will definitely appreciate these fabulous cuts. Short shaggy pixie comes in many styles side-swept shorter longer dark-colored light-colored and highlighted – it allows you to take a pick and create your own individual look. If you like to keep your hair short you should better try this style out.

Striking Shag Bob and Long Fringe Bangs

Shag hairstyles typically start short and go long so inverting the trend with a bob like is a funky take on an already awesome look. By exaggerating the length of the bangs you can score a rocker chic vibe without a lot of fussy styling. Use a non-greasy pomade to give your hair plenty of volume and texture.

Long in the Front Bold Shag Layers

This cut looks great if you have a thick head of hair that resists tight curls or a full straightening. An angle cut lets you lighten up the volume without going flat. Keeping it long at the front gives your bangs something blend in with to keep them from sticking out too much while short.

The Shag Works with Bangs

ends and layering give additional volume to your hair. Layers created with a razor helps your stylist to remove some of the heaviness and add movement of hair. go well with a shag hairstyle.

Dark Chocolate Bluntly Angled Shag

A deep rich brown like this frames your face and adds warmth to your complexion so an angled bob shag makes the most of that effect without overwhelming your features. Use the reverse flat iron trick to get those effortless waves that make this a modern hairstyle perfect for any occasion.

Chunky Waves and Highlights Angled Bob

All the ease of a short hairstyle and none of the sacrifice of keeping a sweet frame around the face is yours with a cut like this. Shags are such an amazing way to get the best of both worlds when it comes to comb-and-go looks that still add some excitement to your.

Flirty Shag Sections with Soft Wisps

A shag that wisps around the chin gives you a fun and flirty vibe. There’s just enough poof at the back with a cut like this to make it a cute and sporty look for any age. It’s simple to style with just a few scrunches of the hand and a bit of hairspray to hold it in place.

Simple Razor-cut Bangs and Shoulder-length Shag

Short bangs really rock the way this shoulder-length shag frames the face. Wear it with or without highlighted sections since you’ll get a lot of shift and movement either way. By keeping the bangs short you can style the rest of the layers into a pretty hairstyle that won’t get in your face.

Subtle Auburn Highlights That d Texture

When you need to lighten the load for a head full of thick hair the shag makes achieving a pretty hairstyle within your reach. A little styling pomade goes a long way towards creating dynamic highlighted sections piece by piece that will stay put without clumping together awkwardly.

Stunning Silver A-line Shaggy Bob and Bangs

Taking platinum blond to that silver edge is a great way to go bold without getting too experimental in case you need to be able to tame it down for the office or everyday errands. Those golden overtones will pop out best with a shag style like the one here. As the color shifts to gray the shaggy layers play up the contrasting dynamic.

Boy Cut Shag

With effortless easy and low-key hairstyles why should boys have all the fun? Flaunt this fun trendy and witty shaggy thick hairstyle like a starlet with extremely short and uneven boyish shags.

Undercut Shag

are a lifesaver for thick and coarse hair as it shaves off some weight out of your head in the most stylish way possible. Get the ultra-stylish and bodacious look with the deep and astounding shaggy hairstyle for thick hair with an undercut.

Shaggy Layers in Waves To the Shoulder

If your hair doesn’t fall in natural waves like this then using the flat iron curl trick will help you make the most of this shag look. You can keep it sleek and straight if you want too but the curls play up the contrast in highlights and lowlights with any color treatment but especially the blonde and golden shifts shown here.

Spunky Flirty Shag with Cropped Bangs and Crown

When you want a sporty and fun shag this is the way to wear it. Thin hair gains volume from the tiered cut especially when your stylist uses a razor’s edge to create wispy ends. Then they can float around the face in light airy pieces that look effortless.

Extra Choppy Bob


Modern Long Tiers with a Blunt Cut

Mix and match razor-cut wisps around the crown and bangs with longer layers that end bluntly for a super modern take on this classic style. The shag can be worn in so many different ways that there’s no wrong way to go about it. Blunted ends like these create a striking look whether they’re tousled or flat ironed.

Soft Pink Mermaid Highlights in Choppy Layers

Hair with natural waves can be difficult to pair with haircuts that work with the unpredictable curls. If you’re into trendy rainbow color treatments and need something unconventional for your unruly hair a shag hairstyle helps you get the best of both worlds. A funky platinum blond with pink highlights looks great with choppy layers like these.

Long Layers That d Volume for Thin Hair

One of the trademark details of a proper shag haircut is how the layers fall in tiers that puff at the crown and narrow around the face and neck. This lets you have a lot of length and volume without the need to backcomb and style it several times a day. That’s perfect for a festival look like this.

Long Pixie Shag Haircut

A long pixie shag haircut has a lot to offer to even the most demanding babes. That is you can get all you need with this haircut: more movement more texture and more carefree vibes.

Cool and Chic Textured A-line Bob

It can be a challenge to style shorter haircuts especially when you’re ready to grow them out. Choose an A-line shaggy bob like this when you’re between stages or if you want to experiment with going shorter. The long pieces that frame the face give you the option to part it to the side or straight down the middle for completely different looks with just one haircut.

Cute Side-swept and Highlighted Shaggy Pixie

Short cuts can seem intimidating for many women because it’s hard to know where to take the styling after chopping off that much hair. Sticking with shag layers is a great way to go bold without risking too much when it comes to versatility. The blended bangs can be swept to either side for sort and sporty style.

Long A-Line with Sleek Blunt Layers

A subtle shag hairstyle is a great way to experiment with the kind of looks these choppy layers can give you. By asking for a gentle shift between the tiers you won’t have to fuss with chunky pieces that aren’t always easy to place when you wear it this short. The gentle blend and blunt cut create a more uniform look.

Shaggy Lob

looks voguish with textured messy bangs perfect for round faces with symmetrical features.

Chin Length Shag with Bangs

this shag haircut on thick hair looks phenomenal with subtle makeup and funky accessories on young girls and women.

Messy Long Bob Haircut

Long shaggy hairstyles for thick hair are what you need to tame that mane of yours. We all know that dealing with thick hair may be problematic at times but the beauty of a shag cut lies in its ability to add exquisite texture to the hair and to bring it to the new level of low-maintenance and that can’t but bring joy to our hearts. What is more you can always experiment with fresh colors since there is no way a depth that a shag cut grants the color will ever ruin it!

Long Highlights and Two-Toned Shaggy Layers

The darker layer underneath the highlighted shaggy tiers offers up a unique contrast that looks fun and young especially when tousled with a texturing product and worn loose. This cute and easy hairstyle would look great when worn in a bun to show off how the colors shift drastically. A loose braid would also let you pull it back while still enjoying its shaggy look.

Long Shag Haircut

When the sunny weather comes it is only natural that all the ladies wish to let their locks loose and look their absolute best. The perfect way to achieve that natural and slightly messy and careless look is to add a fresh shag cut to your long hair. As you may already know shags are all-flattering but that is not the end of the list of all the advantages. They are absolutely gorgeous in their versatility and outstandingly easy to style all you need to do is to add some beach waves to your mane and you are ready to rock and roll. Isn’t this just amazing? Do not forget that no one dismissed the color experimentations!

Sweet and Romantic Beachy Shag Layers

The soft V-shaped line of a classic shag cut with wispy ends are an excellent way to get that super feminine look that you can wear any time of the year. While these beach waves are a gorgeous look for summer their versatile nature suits any season. Pull the layers back in a loose but elegant bun for holiday parties.

Easy Soft Blond Shoulder-length Blend

Shag cuts don’t always depend on chunky layers to pull off the same effortless look. When you keep the bangs and the crown pieces long and let them blend in with shorter tiers towards the bottom you can keep the volume evenly distributed. This way it’s easy to keep the style minimal and professional when it’s time to dress it up.

Stylish Side Part for Easy Volume

Parting a short shag haircut to the side really shows off how those choppy layers take on a life of their own. You can make this look work with any outfit but it’s a great way to show off a minimalist style. As a hairstyle for women shag cuts blend style and simplicity perfectly.

Long and Youthful Shag with Soft Wispy Layers

When you have long thick hair getting that romantic and breezy look is almost impossible. Having a shag cut that’s thinned out from the top to the bottom lets you keep the length and get that windswept style without any extra work. Keep the bangs and topmost layer at a chin length to avoid an uneven shift through the tiers.

Cute Cropped Crown and Chin-Length Layers

Because the shag haircut is universally workable for any face shape and hair color you can really play with the length and color choice of your desire. Start short like this look and go for an overall chestnut hue that works for any season. The shorter back helps you style some volume without needing a lot of product or teasing.

Sleek and Straight Shag

With distinct three layers the thick hairstyle achieves a shaggy appearance. Sleek and straight hair with bangs that frames the forehead is difficult to carry.