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Spiky Barber Art

Source Barbers are artists in so many ways that even a simple shave can be rightly classified as a work of art because it requires a great deal of skill to get it right. This sleek spiky hairstyle reveals just how fun it is with some barbers. In a style that combines several different cuts for a perfect look, the spiky maneis has been shaved. At the top, the hair looks like a comb-back, but as you move back, the sides are closely shaved. The style ends at the back of the head with a V shape.

In terms of hair styling, there are two categories of men. The first group consists of conservative men who go with conventional styles only, while the second group consists of men who are not afraid of trying new things. This style is for the second type of men because it is quite unconventional as well as being sexy. It involves a short back trimmed, a very long diagonal fringe that is long enough to cover your eye and a beard that is neatly trimmed but still long.

Undercuts Messy Quiff

Long-handed men who want to be sexy can try this eye-catching dothat can go with any shape of the face. The top hairs are quite long in this style and are made of thick spiky lots. To complete a convincing casual men hairstyle, the sides and back are then given undercuts. With a short and nicely trimmed beard, this style goes well, but even without the beard, you can still look good in it.

Trendy Medium Short with side part

This cut takes advantage of your barber’s expertise and a good color to make you look sexy. The detailed part of this cut is the side section which is not very clear due to the thickness of the top part of the hair. The wavy medium length is pushed very slightly to the side at the top, pushing back the small portion of maneat in the center of the head. The hair underneath the side segment is then reduced rapidly to the back and sides. This cut goes well with a well-kept short beard, and you shouldn’t forget to add some color to the top hairs.

Sexy Dark Hair and Bearded

Dark lockslook good, especially when creatively styled and paired with a smooth, equally dark beard. This cut shows the beauty of a dark hair when smartly styled. The top hair is medium in length while the sides are cut to match the size of the facial hair. Besides the decent looking top hairs, this style is made more attractive by the connection between side hairs and facial hairs. The secret behind looking good in this hairstyle is to have dark hair, so if it’s not naturally dark enough, it might be necessary to color your maneto.

Lifted Higher

When wavy hair is cut shorter on the sides and left longer on the top section, it creates a laid-back style that a man can wear to the beach or even to the office if he styles it decently. Start with a towel-dried hair and apply a medium hold styling cream to wear this style and focus more on the longer locks. Then you should blow-dry the hair and lift it at the root as you do so to create some volume for the top hair. On men with pear, round, square, and oval shapes, this style looks good.

Chilled and sliced

Medium-length hair looks much better when combined with the sides at the top and closely rasped or bald back. To make it easy for the hair to be pushed back, it is important to use a hair smoothening product for any sliced lockto look good. In dark and voluminous maneuvering, this style looks particularly good because the slicking effect will be more visible and the style will also be easier to hold in thick hair.

Neat High Top

High top styles keep the top section maneuvering longer, then styling or combing to give it a certain height. Unlike most other high tops on the sides, however, this one is slightly different as it maintains closely shaved sides cut on grade zero with the Clipper. In contrast to other high tops, where the top is left shaggy or flattened, the top is also neatly styled. This style is more suitable for men with thick hair as compared to other hair types, it is easier to create a high top with this type.

Messy Top with some movement

Messy hair is popular because of its simplicity and the ability to wear it with almost any type of hair. By adding some movement to their locks, this sexy style adds some twist to an already good-looking messy hairstyle. Besides the movement, the sides are also tapered to make sure they are in tune with the attractive top section because a wrong cut can ruin a good hairstyle on the back or sides. For men with medium or thick hair and any face shape, this style is more suitable.

Textured Crop Style

This is a classic look with a matte finish on the sides. It seems complicated, but you can wear it’s one of the easiest and sexiest hairstyles. You need to trim the sides and leave longer hair on top for this look. On both sides, you should then part it sideways, but not make the dividing line visible. After drying the towel, use your fingers to push the hair to one side. Once the hair is dry, you should use your fingertips to make sure the hair is in the right direction.

The Elegant Top Hair

It would be much more understated to classify this style as stunning. This hairstyle blends energy, colour, movement, texture and layering to create a haircut you want to wear over and over again. It begins with medium-length strandsat the top with sides and shaved back at number one with the Clippers. Then the longer top is cut into layers and given some highlight to add a few colors. The textured top hair is then front-styled to cover a part of the front. Although this style looks fantastic, it will give you a more casual look, so for professional or formal occasions, you should avoid wearing it.

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Curls are likely to look amazing on anybody as long as they know how to wear and style. To wear a curly hairstyle, there are many ways to curl your hair, you don’t have to have a natural curly maneas. The curls are left in the top section in this particular style, while the rest of the head is shaved closely and neatly. A generous amount of gel or any other product of quality hair styling is applied; and then the hair is styled in front. Pair this style with a fully grown beard and have a sexy look for yourself.
Men are always looking for the most trendy or cool hairstyles, and most of them are willing to spend a fortune making their hair look sharp. That’s rightly so because most people will naturally judge a man from the type of hair he wears, so it’s not only necessary to wear a good hairstyle, but it’s a must to be complete for any man. There are many sexy hairstyles to choose from, but choosing something that suits your face shape, hair type, and most importantly your personal preferences and tastes is important. Here’s a list of some trendy hairstyles for the modern man to make it simpler for you.

Medium Messy Hair

Medium messy hairstyle looks like grown mane, but it’s still very fashionable and sexy. This style is simple to wear, and in addition to letting it grow to a medium size, some men don’t have to do anything else on their hair. Men with curly and wavy locks will have an easier time wearing this style because the only thing they need to do is to make their hair messy with their fingers. Men with long or straight strands can use scissor trimming and hair styling to get this style to give it a messy look.

Scissor Cut and Side Part

The scissor is the original hair cutting machine and although it has faster and more advanced tools, it still offers some of the best haircuts, especially in the hands of a skilled barber. This style is a good example of the magic that can be done on hair by a scissor. Although this cut is not purely a scissor cut, scissor trimmed is the top part which is the focal point in this style. A beautiful side part is added to the cut, then on the sides the hair is faded.
Textured with layers

Source Adding some texture to your hair adds extra volume and makes styling easier. The hair is cut into layers in this cut and then given some beautiful texture. The sides are then trimmed short to complete a fabulous hairstyle, and the longer top strands are designed to cover the forehead up to the eyebrows. This style is especially good for men with an extended or irregularly shaped front as it allows them to hide it.

Superb Side Parted Curly Hair

This cut look is incredibly attractive due to the deep side parting in this hair style and perfectly fading ends. Side sectioning of the hair creates two contrasting style types with the curly strandson at the top of the head. It is also impossible to overlook a perfect beard job as it adds equal value to the hairstyle. This type of hair is most suitable for men in the shape of an oval or red face.

High and tight slick-back Balded

Source High and tight cuts are more common in military haircuts, but there are different variations of this style that can look sexy in a man when done correctly. This style is a good example where a short hair is left at the top of the head and then slicked back. Then the sides and back are balded to complete this sophisticated look.

Classic Man Look

This hair style is classic because in the 1950s it was a must for any man to be considered trendy and fashionable. It is made up of a neat pompadour at the top of the head while the rest of the head is closely trimmed but also impeccable. Even though the modern variation involves a beard in the past men used to pair it with a cleanly shaved face, but it is short and well-kept.

Colored hair

is one of the simplest techniques you can use to make your hair stylish and trendy. Not all colors look good on the hair, however, and some colors look good on a particular type of hair and skin tone as well. Because of this, it’s important to choose a color that will fit well with your mane, taking into account length, size and texture, and one that will blend in with your skin tone. The most popular hair colors are the different shades of brown and some types of gray, and maybe the easiest to work with.

Natural Flow Back-Balded

Most people have very nice hair, so it’s almost effortless to wear a sexy look. This style is a good example of how easy, voluminous and dense it is to style natural manethat. All a man needs to do for this style is to smoothly shave the sides and back while living a long top section. In their natural pattern, the long top hairs are then made to flow back. You can use your hands to throw the strandsbut use a comb if you want a smoother finish.

Super Low Disconnect

This is a simple, clean haircut that will make you stand out from the rest when you wear it. And it proves that sexy doesn’t always have to be complicated because there’s as hot as it gets a simple disconnect on the side and dense texture in the top hair. On blonde hair, this style looks better because this hair color makes the line of disconnection more visible. The texture in the top hairs will not only make the hair look good, it’s also an added advantage because it will make styling easier, so you won’t have to spend a lot of minutes working on your locks. The style will be complemented by neatly and closely shaved sides and a clean face without facial hair.

Slightly messy front

A slightly messy front may add some style to a fairly simple haircut. In this cut, the hair at the top is medium in length while the sides and back are slightly trimmed with a scissor, but with the top hairs some consistency is maintained. The longer top is styled forward towards the forehead, and to complete the style is messed up the tips of the top hairs protruding to the forehead.

Hipster Blonde Hairstyle

You should try the hipster blonde hairstyle if you’re looking for something fresh or different to make your hair look sexy. It’s a very simple style to wear because the color of your maneblonde is the main and most important thing. The cut is still very necessary, though, so you should make it short and clean. It’s important to note that the longer the cut, the more visible it will be to your hipster blonde strands, but make sure the hair isn’t too long because it will create a completely different style.

ItTMs All About The Curls

Any good barber or hairstylist will always tell you that the best thing you can do for your hair is to work with its natural flow instead of trying to force it into something else. And so men with curly locks will always look better when they base their hairstyles like this amazing hairdo on their curls. Curly hair is very easy to style, and you can also choose from plenty of options for a perfect look. The sides are shaved very short in this style, while at the top the thick curly strands are kept. The top curly hairs already look good in their natural state, so all you need to complete this look will be a little styling and adding some texture.

Fabulous Man-Bun Ladies love men with beautifully crafted man buns. It’s probably the easiest thing you can do with your hair for men to make a bun. There’s nothing else you need to do with this type of hair apart from applying some products to make your maneshine. Having a long well-kept maneand a good beard is the most important thing in this hairstyle because long locksgo well with a beard. Pull your hair and tie it in the middle of the head in a man bun and have a sexy hairstyle for yourself.

Shaved Side Hair Trend

This is a sleek style not only to make a man look sexy but also to make him look trendy and classy. To create two distinct levels of hair, it starts with a side parting. To create a slightly high top, the top level which is the longer of the two is then sliced to the side or back. The hair is gradually reduced on the other side of the parting as you move back and forth with a very short lockslevel left at the back of the head.

Messy and Classy

Source Messy locksdo not always have to be casual because with this hair you can pull an incredibly professional and classy hairstyle. You should keep things simple with cutting and styling to make your messy maneuvering and avoid overdoing things. The messy hair is left in the top section in this cut, while the sides are cut short but not as close as other messy hairstyles. If you have facial hair, to get a classy look, you can shave them briefly and neatly.

Razor Shave with Textured Top

A razor in your professional barber’s hands can do things to your strandsthat will leave you wondering how it might be possible. This razor-shave with a textured top is an example of a perfectly done cut. Just by looking at this cut, you’d know a professional did it. The long textured top is the easier part to create, as most barbers regularly do this style, but make sure you get the right length at the top. Then the sides should be razor-faded and the style ended with a grooming spray blow-drying.

Looking stylish and sexy tells a lot about a man, so you should never compromise on the type of hair you wear as it’s one of the most important, if not the most important, of any style. There’s definitely one or a couple of them from the 70 sexy hairstyles that will go well with your hair and preferences, so you should try them out for a sexy and trendy look. Keep in mind, though, that you need to try a few hairstyles to get one that fits well for you.

Slick-Back Faux Hawk and Beard

The Faux Hawk has been around for some time now and has remained trendy for all that time, so it’s only fair to take inspiration from this cut for a few sexy hairstyles. The sides are closely shaved in this particular style while a broad hair is left in the middle section. They are smoothed by this voluminous maneuver and slicked back with a comb. It is paired with fully grown facial hairs, which are very distinct due to the disconnect created by the closely shaved sides, to make things even more interesting.

Medium Length Waves and Fully Grown Beard

This sexy men’s hairstyle consists of a uniform medium length wavy locksthat is combed back. In order to finish a very attractive look, the maneis combined with a large beard. You should have a naturally wavy hair to wear this style as it looks much better. Although there are many things you can do to make your hair lookwavy, it’s not going to look as good as the natural one.