Shoulder Length drop

This is an emo style for those guys who love to run down their long hair. The hair is left to grow in a smooth texture to the level of the shoulder. The eye view is slightly blocked by one side.

Rock style

The combination of gold, brown and red is a fantastic style. You can let your hair bundles point in different directions, but make sure that the red patch forms a slightly covering arc on the right eye. This is a timeless and flexible style of rocking.

PopularSide Sweep Emo

One way to keep a tab on your long hair you never want to trim. One side is combed backwards (without the sweep) while the sweep is dragged to the other side and left in two layers. The lower layer falls with straight pointing tips as low as the end of the cheek.

Simple glamor

In hairstyles, simplicity takes its place. Simple emo glamor is such a style that makes you look great. One side is running to the level of the shoulder while the other side is covering the ear.

Blue Feather Front Sweep

The blue feather theme is something you’ll enjoy. The sweep on the opposite side is drawn from the back and tilted to the end. The other side is combed to the front in order to form a fine run covering the ear and half of the cheek.

Brown hair is never short of styles. The brown sideburns emo is a wonderful look for brown-haired guys. The sides are covered with long curls which end at the level of the chin. One side is a little longer than the other. A few bundles make it to the front, but before touching the eye brows, they are swept back.


The sides are drawn forward to completely cover the cheeks while the top is pulled as far as the eyebrows but no contact is produced. The view of the eye is left in the clear, and this is certainly a hot style.
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Double Racing Mohawk

One of the most recognizable haircuts for men who appreciate the style’s history. The sides are shaved to an inch length and on one of the sides a brown heart shape is drawn. The Mohawk is split into two: the back and the top. It leaves an impression of racing in the streets that will be a catch.

Straight Brown Falls

You don’t have to induce curls for those without natural curly hair. To form what looks like multiple falls, you can let your straight hair fall to the sides, back and front. To give way to the eye view, the front fall should be shortened.

Hoody Top

This style is like a wig growing from the head center. The hair is combed into fine yarn, which is separated at the ends only. There is a single thick combed bundle on the front, which rests between the eyebrows and ends in the middle of the nose.
Prev1 of > Next Since the 1980s, when it was all about punk music on the streets, emo hairstyles for guys have come a long way. That was then, but to have the emo cut you don’t need to be associated with any kind of music now. For anyone who wants to look fresh and ready to go for any event, the styles are radiant and confident. Well, if you’re looking for the right emo hairstyles for guys, you’re so lucky because here’s the best of emo cuts of all time.

Rock Black

Rock black is a top emo style that gives you an amazing impression. It’s made even better with colored black lashes. The curls are left to do their wild thing with only one bundle of strands blocking one of the eyes in part.

True Emo Guy

Once it reaches the front hairline, a larger chunk of the top hair is moved into the forward arc. The sides consist of single layers of lose bundles hanging loosely to cover the ears. A muffin on the back head’s calf would be ideal to support the emo.

Long straight weirdo

Not only must long hair be vertical. Whatever length it may go, you can let it fall down to the sides. The longer side can drop beyond the shoulder level with a small part over one of the eyebrows. Over the shoulder, the other side is brought to the front. The longer side partially covers one eye.

Helmet Curls

Curls can always look great on you. The helmet curls fall around the head and a side sweep that completely obscures one of the eyes is grooved at the front. The other eye is left free and in your one-eyeTM face you have that daring look.

Unconventional look

Yes, this is the unconventional look of guyTMs, which is definitely an eye-turner. Red or brown hair is pulled to form a conclave around the neck from the top to the sides. The eye is partially blocked on one side, but you can still see clearly.

Annoyed White

Those with sparse hair need not look for a thick look. For them, the annoyed white would be an appropriate style. Straight strings are allowed to run down freely with a source on the back top head. Twolonger strands are carried to converge at chest level in front of the shoulders.


At the beginning of the back head, the hair begins to drop and form a circular shape around the entire neck. The hair is trimmed to a length on the front that covers the eyes in part. The neck’s ears and back are invisible.

Double layer

The top layer starts when the back head falls and grows to the front. It divides into 2 and falls to one side of the cheeks on each side. From the drop of the back head the back layer flows backwards and rests on the whole back neck.
There’s anything you might want for guys in emo hairstyles. In every style you choose whether it’s classic, casual or the wild look you’ve always wanted, there’s radiance and pomp. Having a great lookthan with the emos never gets easy, so pick yours today and join the fun and beautiful club.

Top-Sided Crop

A dense mop originates just above a facial line somewhere and is drawn down to cover the head. The other side is not beyond the level of the ear and the hair is sparse. A bundle of strands makes a grove around the eye, but it does not block the view.

Dangling Long Side

Most of the top hair is swung to one side and divided into two parts of the ear to leave the front of the ear open. It’s a crazy look for a fun event to be great.

Parted Side Top

The top hair is divided into asymmetric patches with a faded line starting from one corner of the forehead. With the longer one covering the ear and partly one eye, each is dropped to one side. The shorter side of the face covers half of the cheek, allowing a clear view of the rest.

On the shorter side, the hair is peeled to the front and one bundle is splashed across the face while the other bundle is thrown along the front of the earTMs. The longer side is like a sweep that ends at a distance from the side hair slightly above the level of the ear. No eyes are covered.

Grey Emo

Apparently coming from the beginning of the back head fall, the grey emo all the way to cover the cheeks completely and create a fence-like impression around the ears. It’s simple, but it certainly looks great on you.

Blue Love

Blue Love looks wild and offers a connecting touch to move ahead. A blue sweep is drawn to one side at the front, covering the whole front to the eyebrows.

Quiff labyrinth

The front of this hairstyle is the most pronounced part. Top patch is drawn to the front but swept slightly over the face covering the eyebrows. In the side mops, the cheeks and ears are soaked, but the eyes are left in the clear.

22Indian Warrior Mohawk

While warrior Mohawk may have been an ancient style, he never lost his appeal among men. This is a fascinating look, coupled with the emo touch, that won’t go unnoticed. The sides are not rasped, but rather the hair is peeled downwards. The top has the vertical crown and a bandana tied around the head to keep the back and front of low hair profile.

Blonde Twists

Blonde’s excellent skin, of course, but you can add some twists to make it more beautiful. Before styling on the sides, curls are allowed to take their natural course to face the front and back to fall into the neck region. The top patch can only be swept to one side for forward extensions and left hanging near the side of one eye.

Fun Look

Long hair drops down from the top only to abruptly end before it reaches the shoulders. Part of one eye is covered while the other eye remains in the open. It’s a stunning look to pull whenever you’re looking for fun.

Sister Look

The name of the sister looks because it’s borrowed from the gals but looks even better for the guys. All sides are like girdles created by a thick mop that covers the whole sides and leaves the head like a dense bush clearing. Slightly obscured is one of the ears, but the view is open.

Sexy guy

With a thick part ending at the level of the shoulder on one side and a thinner part ending at the cheek on the other side, sexy guy emo deserves such a name. It gives beauty and confidence that ladies are going to fall for.

Tamed Mohawk Emo

In order to have an outstanding Mohawk, it is never necessary to have the sides shaved. With the top being raised a little bit, you can let your side hair flow to the front. The top patch end should be at the bottom of the nose. Disaster! You’ve got a Mohawk that is tamed.

Loose Swashbuckling

Swashbuckling is a great style but even bigger when loose. The tangles come from the mid-top head and let it run around like shrubs that completely cover the back and the sides. There is a slight tilt on the front to keep it from blocking the view of the eye.

‘ Sparse Blue & Gray Shades ‘

‘ Sparse hair is not an issue at all. In the sparse blue and gray shades you can have a good emo. Strands are allowed to flow in various directions, but they stay away from the front.

Classic Emo Top

The classic emo top is an amazing sight with wavy curls drawn to the top. The sides are combed to the front while the top of the medium is slightly tilted and left with its spiky tips.

Medium White

This is easy to maintain for those looking for a short emo style. All hair is pulled to the front. Titled on one side, the top is extended to touch the aneye’s eye lashes. On both sides of the front cheeks, the sides are left with hanging tips.

Dark Purple Obsession

Such a beautiful look for a party is a thick dark purple with a slight tilt to one side. It covers both ears on one of the eyes with a slight obstruction.

Orange Emo

This style is vivid and impressive from a distance. The hair is peeled at the front on one side and left to hang around the temple and cheek on the left. The other side has a long sweep ending at the level of the shoulder. It’s an incredible style that’s not going to be a common sight.

Girly Side Mop

The brown and gray touched girly mop is such a rocking style that every guy in it looks wonderful. Both ears are covered with only a few strands that reach the level of the eye, but in no way is the view obscured.

Multi-Color Hoodie

This style comes in a variety of colors all in one, just like the name. You can have light blue tips here, in the middle purple and in the roots golden-brown. It almost covers the face, but its raised ends leave a clear view of the front.

Brown Wild

It is not such a bad idea to let the curls and waves grow as long as you refine them on your forehead. Let them grow downwards, but to secure your view, you sweep them across the front.


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