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6 Virtual Reality Apps From the PastNathanael ArnoldGoogle+Twitter January 18, 2015 It’s time once again to sift through the latest batch of Apple-related rumours. As normal, most of these reports are based on information from obscure insider sources quoted by different media outlets as well as leaks from the overseas supply chain of the Cupertino-based company. This week’s reports cover everything from the long-awaited 12-inch MacBook Air launch date to an incredible feature that might appear in the iPhone of the next generation. Here are five big rumors from Apple that were making the rounds this week. Source:

Apple’s iPhone 6S may include a dual-lens camera Force Touch feature, and several new languages

Siri “Apple’s voice-activated personal digital assistant” will soon be upgraded to a major language. According to Czech blogfirst language underlined by 9to5Mac. Siri currently supports nine different languages including English Spanish German Mandarin Cantonese Italian and Korean German. Siri also offers support for several dialectsAs noted by Apple’s 9to5Mac Enhanced Dictation feature for iOS and OS X already includes support for Czech Slovak Polish Arabic Croatian Portuguese Russian Hebrew and many more. However, the text strings in iOS 8.1.2 indicate that support will soon be added to Siri for at least three of these languages. While Apple has yet to officially confirm any language updates for iOS 8 this year, it is quite likely that before the end of 2015, Czech Slovak and Polish speakers will start talking to Siri in their native languages.

Apple’s 12-inch rumored MacBook Air could launch earlier than originally expected

Although reports of the forthcoming 12-inch MacBook Air are nothing new, Apple’s latest supply chain information indicates that this product may be available earlier than anticipated. Insider sources cited by 9to5Mac last week reported that some Apple employees were already testing a prototype version of a 12-inch MacBook Air that features a trackpad with no clicking effect, a Retina display fanless interior and a quarter-inch thinner tapered casing than the current 11-inch MacBook Air model. Removing the standard USB ports SD card slot and Apple’s proprietary MagSafe connector has achieved the thinner profile of the 12-inch MacBook Air. Instead, Apple will use a USB Type-C port per 9to5Mac s sources that handles both networking and charging functions. Many of the reports about the latest 12-inch MacBook Air which had previously circulated pointed to a release date in mid-2015. However, according to Taiwan-based supply chain sources cited earlier this week by DigiTimes Quanta Computer “the same company that supposedly produces the Apple Watch” has already started production on the latest 12-inch MacBook Air and is hiring more staff to increase volume. As DigiTimes sources have noted this indicates that the 12-inch MacBook Air is likely to make its debut several months earlier than previously anticipated in the first quarter of 2015. Photo credit: STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP / Getty Images

Sapphire iPhone rumors revived briefly

One of the biggest rumors circulating over the latest iPhone models last year was that Apple was preparing to use saphire-covered screens for smartphones. However, those reports were eventually proven to be untrue on September 9 declared bankruptcy and it appeared that the company based in Cupertino had abandoned its plans to use this unbreakable material for its iPhones. Besides being more costly than Corning’s Gorilla Glass sapphire, large-scale manufacturing is also famously more difficult. GT Advanced Technologies has created several faulty WSJ-cited sapphire boules analysts claiming that Desay’s $160 Magical Mirror X5 phone is likely to be just a short-term and unsustainable ploy that the company uses to support its recent market entrance into the smartphone. Unfortunately, this also means it is unlikely that Apple will soon release a similar device for fans of sapphire-covered iPhones. Picture by Feng Li / Getty Images

Apple may release Macs with A-series processors

However, Kuo believes that improving Apple’s A-series chip performance may soon allow the company to launch an ARM-powered Mac. Apple can launch Mac products using its own AP [Application Processor] according to 9to5Mac in the next 1-2 years. This prediction is based on the assumption that Apple’s self-developed AP performs and is good enough for Mac at a point between Intel’s Atom and Core i3. Using self-developed AP will help Apple monitor the timing of Mac releases and features of Mac products better. As noted by 9to5Mac Apple will probably start the transition to ARM-based processors by integrating an A-series chip into a lower-end Mac “such as a potential MacBook Air model” before the chips are introduced in other devices. In addition to forecasting an ARM-powered Mac Kuo, Apple’s chip supply chain also predicted increased diversification over the next several years, including the use of new Global Foundry supplier. While it remains to be seen if Kuo’s new predictions come true, it should be noted that the analyst made specific predictions on some aspects of other Apple products including the launch of a gold-colored iPhone 5S in 2013. Software Cheat Sheet: @ArnoldEtan WSCS

More …Lizz Schumer More Stories February 13, 2018 President Donald Trump was linked to so many womensexual misconductAccess Hollywood tapea reporter asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Yeah, we’ve been consistent about that from the beginning and she’s been addressed by the president’s talking about it. But who the women are? Here’s a women’s list, apart from his three wiLizz Schumer More Stories February 13, 2018 President Donald Trump was linked to so many womensexual misconductAccess Hollywood tapea reporter asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Yeah, we’ve been consistent about that from the beginning and she’s been addressed by the president’s talking about it. But who the women are? Here’s a women’s list, apart from his three wi12.

Cathy Heller

One of Mar-a-Lago’s dining-rooms. Joe Raedle / Getty Images Heller told The Guardian that she had met Trump on Mar-a-Lago’s Mother’s Day brunch. She said Trump forcibly kissed her as he came around welcoming attendees. He took my hand and squeezed me. She said she went to the lips adding that she felt angry and shaken. Her statement is corroborated by other witnesses. There’s no way something like this would have happened on Mother’s Day at Mr. Trump’s Trump camp spokesman Jason Miller told The Guardian in a public place. For the past two decades it would have been the talk of Palm Beach. 13.

Ninni Laaksonen

During a taping of David Letterman this pattern had an experience. Brendan Smialowski / AFP / GettyImages The model and former Miss Finland told Finnish newspaper Ilta-Sanomat that Trump was groping her backstage at The Telegraph, which was translated into English. The same wasn’t true of Laaksonen. 14.

Jessica Leeds

Trump was sitting on an airplane alongside this lady. Dietsch-Pool / Getty Images Leeds told The New York Times she had been seated next to Trump in the 1980s in a first-class cabin on a train. She said he lifted her armrest during the flight and squeezed her breasts and tried to put her skirt up with his hand. She said he was an octopus. He’d had his hands everywhere. Later, Trump denied that anything had ever happened. Next: A party for the next accuser turned sour. 15.

Melinda McGillivray

For the accuser, a concert by Ray Charles turned sour. Stan Honda / AFP / Getty Images Next: According to this woman only journalists do not have a man’s immunity. 16.

Natasha Stoynoff

He and Melania both met this journalist but Donald first came up with her. Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty Images Virginia told The Washington Post that Trump was putting his arm around her, rubbing her breast in the United States. Tennis tournament which opened in 1998. She reportedly encountered the now-president while she was waiting outsi
de the building for a car. He also apparently made comments to other people about her body before fleeing in his own car. His campaign later branded the account absurd denying that it’s ever happened. Next: The meeting with the man who became president resulted in a lawsuit. 18.

Summer Zervos

Zervos first met Trump in 2005 as a contestant on NBC’s fifth season Zervos told reporters in 2016 she met him at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles for dinner in 2007. He welcomed her with an open-mouthed kiss, when she met him in his room, according to Zervos. He then grabbed my shoulder and very forcefully started kissing me again and put his hand on my breast she said. I pulled back and walked into another section of the room. Then he walked up and took my hand and dragged me into the bedroom. I went outside. Zervos said he loved her, too, and begged her to watch television on her bed and pushed on her before she fled. Trump also refused an account with Zervos. I recall Ms. Zervos distinctly as one of the many contestants on which he again vigorously denied any wrongdoing. He has also repeatedly accused Zervos of lying and the others. Next: The adult movie star called their relationship consensual, but the president rejects it. 19.

Stephanie Clifford aka Stormy Daniels Stephanie Clifford aka Stormy Daniels said she had a consensual relationship with the now-President. Ethan Miller / Getty Images Clifford allegedly obtained $130,000 in hush money from the pornographic-film actress In a 2011 interview with Clifford 38, then known as Stormy Daniels, Touch magazine released extracts. She told the magazine that she had an affair with the now-president which started in 2006 and continued on and off for a few years. According to The New York Times, Clifford said her lawyer Keith Davidson had discussed the contract with his lawyer Michael D. Cohen. Clifford has called the relationship completely consensual. She said we had really good banter. He once told me I was someone like his daughter to be reckoned with beautiful smart. The Cheat Facebook Cover!

Barri Segal More Posts 30 March 2018 In January 2018 White House doctor Trump’s habit-diet definitely indicates that he is in less than excellent health.

1. His sleeping habits

He gets just 4 to 5 hours of sleep per night. Mandel Ngan / AFP / Getty Images Interestingly enough Jackson doesn’t insist on Donald Trump changing his sleeping habits according to The New York Times. Trump typically gets four to five hours of nightly sleep. That hardly seems enough to withstand presidential pressures. But Jackson said Trump’s lack of sleep is possibly one of the reasons he was successful.3.

He needs to practice

His physician encourages him to start a fitness routine. | Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images Everyone knows that Trump is a man of habit and a home person. And he is also not inclined to exercise and it could be a struggle to get him to start. According to The New York Times, Jackson wants him to adopt a new fitness routine and suggests he loses between 10 and 15 pounds in 2018. The current weight of Trump’s is 239 pounds and is 6-foot-3. On the body mass index, Jackson said he is on the verge of obesity. 4.

His lack of motivation

has allowed both Ivanka and Melania Trump to help him to become healthier. Mark Wilson / Getty Images Donald Trump is not thrilled to hear Jackson tell him he needs to start the New York Times workout. He is more positive about the diet than Jackson said about the exercise portion. It will be a joint effort though to get him to lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump promised to persuade him to shift to follow a lower-fat, lower-carbohydrated diet. 5.

His predecessors were a controversial driver

George W. Bush. | Mannie Garcia/AFP/Getty Images According to Washington Post Washington, Washington is considered to be the best city in the United States. It is not surprising because so many high achievers stay there. And obviously, the White House has earned its fair share of athletic chairmen. Gerald Ford was an excellent swimmer and Jimmy Carter Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were athletes who frequently lifted weights. Bush used to challenge his Secret Service agents to join his 100-Degree Club consisting of those who could keep up with his 6:45 minute mile-time. Trump has got to step up. 6.

He plays golf only by his

workout. Ian MacNicol / Getty Images According to The New York Times, it’s not like Trump does no workout. But it’s not enough to play cart-assisted golf games, “he needs a dedicated exercise program. But fitness experts suggest it might be easier to persuade Trump to change his lifestyle than you would think. The first step is to find out what could inspire him,” and the next move is to add small amounts of exercise to his day, such as walking the golf course or taking a stroll in the garden of the White House. 7.

Will he obey?

A fitness tracker could support him. Alex Wong / Getty Images Donald Trump is a man known to not like people telling him what to do in the New York Times, so it might be hard to get him on board with a fitness routine. Yet Ted Vickey, a former White House Athletic Center director “an executive branch employee fitness center,” has some suggestions. He believes his love of golf is the secret to Trump’s strengthening his exercise routine, “and he thinks Trump might like to wear a fitness tracker like Fitbit. The trainer and former employee of the White House Athletic Center, Denise Evans Pilates, thinks that Pilates will help Trump improve his heart “and his golf game in effect. The next exercise equipment that goes into the White House could very well be the Pilates devices. Evans also said she advises that Trump will have just one diet coke a day, and start small with exercise. Donald Trump’s Eating Habits and How He Gains Ridiculed On Twitter for The Most Cheat Sheet!