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HIIT workouts should be done by giving 100 percent 15-30 seconds of effort. This is the optimum amount of time before a 60-second rest period for an anaerobic exercise (your body is deprived of free oxygen) According to Men’s Health doing anything less can mean that you won’t see the results that you want and doing more is too hard on your body. It creates lactic acid when your body works anaerobically because you can t get enough oxygen to your muscles to keep them functioning properly. Basically the lactic acid provides the body with the oxygen. This comes with adrenaline when lactic acid is created that helps transfer fat around the body and produces the fat burning and muscle building that you are looking for.

After the HIIT exercise, the body starts the regeneration process. If you deprive the body of oxygen, it has to rebuild itself to normalize certain levels of oxygen. After HIIT you ll feel very out of breath because your body is trying to get as much oxygen as it can to return to homeostasis. You might find you re pretty hungry after about half an hour. That’s because your body has to replace reserves of glycogen fuel too, so it tells you that you need food to help with that. You want to grab something for refueling with complex carbohydrates like whole wheat pasta, or whole wheat bread. Your body often burns fat hours after the HIIT is over because your metabolism is on a roll trying to replace nutrients that were missed during the HIIT workout, such as carbohydrates and electrolytes. Your sensitivity to insulin is at its peak, so that your body has won t store glycogen as fat. Up to 48 hours after the exercise, the effects of a HIIT workout will affect the body.

Running your body at intervals will burn more fat in the long run. If you exercise at a steady pace, you will do your body well, but you will never have a 100% effort. It ensures that your body does not have to work as hard to restore and replace its levels of oxygen. A jog is a great type of cardio but a much shorter recovery period is expected than HIIT. It means that your body won t experience the impact for as long and you eventually won t burn as much fat out of a jog as you would out of a HIIT. HIITs are not just a fantastic time saver they re one of the best things you can do for your body.

Does HIIT function?

HIIT certainly has some great advantages particularly when you don’t have much time to work out. Spending 30 minutes on a HIIT workout will be just as beneficial to your body as spending an hour or more at the gym (assuming you’re jogging or doing an activity that doesn’t take 100 percent effort), but it’s important to know what your body can do before incorporating HIIT exercises in your routine. Often people think that a 30-minute workout isn’t a big deal even if they’re not in shape; in reality such 30-minute workouts are extremely intense. You risk hurting yourself if your body can’t handle this. Make sure you still listen to your body and know if you are pushing yourself past the point of breakage.