Sara Garca – Biography of Sara Garca

The legendary “granny of mexican cinema“, Sara Garcia Hidalgo, was born on September 8, 1895 in the town of Orizaba (Veracruz), Mexico. His parents were both Andalusian, Isidoro García Ruiz, an architect, and his wife Felipa Hidalgo de Ruiz. Sara she was the only survivor of her eleven children. In 1900, Sara He contracted typhoid fever, which he transmitted to his mother, who died shortly afterwards.

At age 22, when her acting career began, Sara she was a teacher in a nun’s school for girls. One day the young woman Sara she was drawn to a small building in the center of Mexico City. Inside Azteca Films, one of the first Mexican film production companies, was about to shoot its first feature film: “Soul of Sacrifice“(1917). The company was directed by the theater actress turned film producer (and also writer, actress, editor and, perhaps director) Mimi Derba.
After some camera tests, the young woman was offered a contract Sara. She accepted, although she did not say a word at her school, until many months later.

Her first experiences in movies led her to begin a career on stage. He only made one movie between 1918 and 1933. He returned to the screen in “The Flight of Death“, (1933) and starting a long career that spanned 148 films.
Almost from the beginning, Sara garcia he specialized in mothers and grandmothers, hence his nickname, “The grandmother of Mexican cinema“.

This specialization began when she dared to remove all her teeth to get the role of a granny in “There is the tropics“(1940). After that tremendous tour-de-force, his entire career, with very few exceptions, was devoted to this type of role. He co-starred with almost all the stars of Mexican cinema, from the 1930s to The 70s. His films are still very popular today as they are broadcast on television very often.

Sara She retired at 65, dying at 85 in Mexico City, on November 21, 1980. She was married for 5 years (between 1918 and 1923) with Fernando Ibáñez; they both had a daughter, María Fernanda Ibañez, also an actress.

The picture of Sara It is shown on the label of the traditional Mexican chocolate “Granny“, a company now owned by the multinational Nestlé.