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Some Lesser Known Information about Santa Claus

Santa Claus loosely based on an actual person who was born around the year 270 with the real name St. Nicholas. According to the source, Nicholas was Myra’s Bishop, a city now located in Turkey. He has been dedicated as the patron saint of children ever since the death of St. Nicholas. But Claus has been only 200 years according to the custom of the Netherlands. With the aid of elves who are green or red dressed with large pointed ears and cornered hats, he accomplishes his tasks. Santa produces the toys in his North Pole factory. Then his flying reindeer who pulls the sleigh to carry the presents. Father Christmas is said on Christmas Eve night to give coal to all the girls and boys who are misbehaving. Also the laughter of Claus sounds like ho ho ho Santa is also a married man and has tied the knot with his Mrs partner. Claus, ” His spouse was first described in the 1849 short story entitled A Christmas Story, penned by James Rees. The 1889 poem Goody Santa Claus on a Sleigh Ride, by Katherine Lee Bates, made the wife of Santa extremely popular. She is also known as a Goody Goodwife or Mrs. Father Christmas first showed up wearing different colored garments including purple blue green brown and so on. Santa then became famous in a red suit at the beginning of the late 1800’s. In a series of Christmas cards for 1885 Artist Louis Prang then depicted him as a modern Santa. In 1890 James Edgar (businessman in Massachusetts) became Santa’s first department store. TAGS Santa Claus


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