Samantha Morton – Biography of Samantha Morton

Samantha morton was born in Nottingham, England on May 13, 1977. Daughter of Peter and Pamela morton, who divorced when she was only 3 years old, came under the custody of her father who married Jane waplington, a neighbor whom he had impregnated.

After her many family problems, Samantha studied in a local school and began to have outstanding participation in the works of art at her school, which attracted much attention from her teachers for her spontaneity and the ease of learning the texts.

As a teenager, she began her acting career at England’s Central Junior Television Workshop and later was in The Royal Court before becoming an actress in some television series.
His first film was the telefilm Jane eyre, a film adapted from the novel by Charlotte bronte, which was shot in 1997 and where Samantha starred.

Later he was in a television miniseries that adapted the novel Emma from Jane Austen, being in the starring role actress Kate beckinsale.
His definitive step to fame would come in 1997 when he acted in the film Under the skin, a film that was in charge of Carine Adler.

Two years later he was working with Woody Allen on Chords and Disagreements, later participated in Julian Temple’s Pandaemonium, and also with Steven Spielberg on Minority Report from 2002.
Proving to be a good actress full of talent, she was nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe, as best supporting actress for her performance in Chords and Disagreements.

In 2007 she was selected to give life to MarĂ­a Estuardo in the film Elizabeth: the golden age.
Another outstanding performance by Samantha was in Control filmed in 2007, in this movie she was Deborah Curtis, the wife of Ian Curtis, singer of the band Joy division.

When did The last yellow met and fell in love with the actor Charlie Creed-Miles, with him he has a daughter named Esme born in 2000.

In 206 he married Harry holm, with whom she is still married. From this marriage their second daughter was born in 2008 who they baptized with the name of Eddie.

His most recent work has been in the film John carter which was recorded in 2012, this was an adaptation of Edgar rice burroughs, where he gave life to Sola, the daughter of Willem Dafoe, sharing credits with the leading actor Taylor kitsch.