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NordVpn Completes its No-Logs Policy First Audit – So, here are the details! ByNovak Bozovic-November 24, 2018.981 NordVpn has hired an independent auditor to test and confirm its claims on its no-log policy. They are ‘ very happy ‘ with the results-which have not been made public, according to the company. By logging into their user accounts NordVpn users will be able to see the highlights of this article. NordVpn has audited its infrastructure, following the footprints of several Vpn providers. In an attempt to convince customers that its servers are stable and that nothing to worry about has been hired from an independent auditor. And now, at last, we have the proof before us. NordVpn says they’re ‘ very pleased ‘ with the audit findings that centered on testing the company’s no-logs policy. The report says the firm does not store personal Ip addresses and does not maintain a list of its subscribers ‘ Internet activities. It is worth noting also that NordVpn has some information to keep. The provider, for example, keeps track of the concurrent active sessions of the user-and this information is kept for up to 15 minutes. Finally, you need to note that the audit relates to the configuration of NordVpn’s server as of 1 November 2018. As you can imagine a digital service can be easily reconfigured, and therefore the results can not be extended to a wider dates area. What is also important to say is that current NordVpn users will be able to review on their user panel the highlights of that audit. We are hardly going to get to see the full report though. .982 We would also like to note that the popularity of independent audits among VPN providers has increased. Just a couple of days ago, TunnelBear was proud to post a comprehensive audit report – which it had passed with stellar grades. We can see a lot of interesting information in the audit reports of TunnelBear, which is why it is disappointing that NordVpn is unable to release a completely transparent report. Nonetheless we hope that when using this Vpn service, NordVpn users now feel safer.