Rosa Mara Sard – Biography of Rosa Mara Sard

Rosa María Sardá was born on July 30, 1941 in Barcelona, ​​specifically in the Sant Andreu neighborhood, in the bosom of a family in which many of its members belonged to the world of entertainment.

He started at an early age, participating in numerous performances with a group of fans from the Horta neighborhood of Barcelona. His professional theater debut took place in 1962, when he participated in a performance of Alfonso Paso’s play “Wedding dinner”. From here he went through various companies, playing a large number of roles on stage. Despite being basically considered a comic actress, she has played many dramatic roles, as we can see in her filmography.

Of his theatrical works, we can highlight “I’ll get off the next one, and you?“,”Mother Courage and her children“Or”Bernarda Alba’s house“, among other.

His move to the small screen took place later, in 1969, when he appeared in “The noise collector”, belonging to the Novela program, which was followed by his participation in “The cemetery woman”, from the program Writers on Television .

In this medium, he has participated in a large number of plays, series and programs, such as “The lady of the camellias” in the program Estudio 1, “There I want to see you“,”Villa Rosaura“Or”Summer grandmother“, among many others.

As far as cinema is concerned, his debut did not take place until 1980, when he shot, under the direction of director Ventura Pons, the satirical film “El vicario de Olot”. Starting in the last years of this decade, he made a large number of feature films, most of them comedies, such as “Moors and Christians”By Luis García Berlanga.

The 90s were also very prolific for Sardá on the big screen, filming titles such as “The butterfly effect” by {@bioFernando Colomo} or “The girl of your eyes”By Fernando Trueba.

The actress has achieved a large number of awards and recognitions for her work during her professional career, among which we can highlight her two Goyas for best supporting actress, one for the film “Why do they call it love when they mean sex? ? ” and the other for “Without shame”.

Among the rest of his filmography, titles such as “Un submarí a les tovalles”, “Ho sap el Ministre?”, “The cyanide … alone or with milk?”, “Sighs of Spain and Portugal“,”Airbag“,”Kill me a lot“,”Everything about my mother“,”Anita does not miss the train“,”Carol’s journey“,”The spell of Shanghai“Or”My mother likes women“, among others.

She was married to Josep Maria Mainat, one of the members of La Trinca, with whom she had a son who is currently an actor and director, Pol Mainat. She is also the sister of journalist Javier Sardà.