Robin Williams Last Movie:1. Frankenstein kick

Play with these high kicks for killer abs. Start standing tall, with straight back and feet together. Put your arms straight out to your chest height in front of your neck. Tighten your heart and raise your right leg until your feet meet your fingertips — or as far as possible without bending your hips. Do this for 30 straight seconds, rest on the opposite side for 30 seconds and repeat. Repeat the sequence 4 times.

By this step, you’ll be driving as if you’re really on a bike. Do a similar modification while standing, rather than doing conventional bicycles on your back. Start together with your feet, with your hands behind your head. Brace your abs tightly and lift your left knee while you tilt your right shoulder toward the floor. Your goal is to knee down to touch your elbow. Lower back down, then do 20 reps on the other side before repeating. 3.

Broad side crunch This is a full-body movement that operates at the heart. Grab two dumbbells and begin by standing wider than the hip-width of your feet. Turn your toes slightly outwards and lower your body into a deep squat to make sure you squeeze your glutes and keep your hips aligned with your heart (don’t stick out your ass). If you re in a deep squat raise your arms with your elbows bent to 90 degrees to goalpost level. Engage your heart and bend your upper body to the right so that you can touch your thigh with your elbow. Perform 10 reps on each leg, then switch back and forth for another 20 reps.

4. Dumbbell side bends

Grab a few dumbbells (or even two full bottles of water) and stand apart with your feet wider than hip-width. Your arms will be facing down the palms on your hands. Bring your shoulders back relax your heart, and slowly lean to the right with leverage, as far as you can without bending your torso forward. Come back to standing and repeat before switching sides, for a total of 10 reps. 5.

Tuck jumps

A strong and successful power move. Photography

6: / Ammentorp Overhead Medicine Ball Circles

Use the medicine ball to your advantage. / OSTILL This move reaches the entire front of your heart as well as the shoulders and upper back of your obliques so don’t be shocked if you’re a little sore the next day. Start off with the hip-width of your feet apart and the spine in a neutral position. Then lift a ball of medicine above your head (five to eight pounds should be enough), maintaining a slight bend in your elbows. Make big circles eight times to the right while keeping the torso still. Instead, change direction to the west. 8. Bow

Ready to feel the burn. | Start with your feet hip-width apart and your body upright holding a dumbbell with straight arms over your right shoulder. Drag the dumbbell down into your abdominal region in one motion while raising your left leg up to meet the dumbbell. As this YouTube video shows how to pull your knee up into your abs and keep it there’s a big part of your abs working. Start the repetitions 15-20 and then switch sides.

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