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Chopra’s relationship with singer Nick Jonas according to E! News Markle got her approval stamp. An source says she is incredibly optimistic about the couple. Everyone is very happy and the source added they are definitely a great match. No matter what we re sure Markle will attend the wedding of Chopra and Jonas. But if Chopra wanted the duchess to be a bridesmaid she would even be allowed to do so? Apparently she complicates it a bit. Girls just want fun .. @meghanmarkle @mubinarattonsey # LAlife A post shared by Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) on November 25, 2016 at 7:41 pm PST According to royal reporter Omid Scobie ‘ There is no rule dictating whether an adult female member of the British royal family will assume the role of bridesmaid or honorary maid at a non-royal marriage. While no rule says she can’t be a sister-in-law here where it gets tricky. For one simple reason, it’s an unlikely scenario: a royal female wouldn’t be expected to walk behind a ‘ commoner. ‘ That’s why we’ve seen Pippa Middleton as Duchess Kate’s maid of honor in the past, but when Pippa got married Kate read a prayer. Scobie pointed out that if Markle was to act as Chopra’s bridesmaid, there would also be the possibility of having the bride’s full attention! In June, he added that all eyes were on Sweden’s Princess Madeleine instead of her close childhood friend getting married while she worked as a bridesmaid. “No rules say that Markle can’t be a bridesmaid We’re sure that Markle would fully understand if Chopra decided to invite her as a guest rather than a bridesmaid. It would be up to the bride and royal bridesmaid at the end of the day to make this decision. “If a female royal family member chooses to take on a bridal party function at the wedding of a relative, it would be her own choice,” explained Scobie. “There’s no law that wouldn’t encourage this and she definitely wouldn’t require permission or advice from Palace Helpers.”