Review of 12VPN: Is

Review of 12VPN: Is this the easiest VPN?ByVoltaire Penn-July 25, 2018 “2/2.2337.png” VPNs such as 12VPN hide the actual geo-location of the user and keep prying eyes in the background. Users intercepting your connection will see only the address of the server that is not yours. This is, in essence, the secret of a VPN that unblocks geo-restricted content, especially on streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. The software also provides for a specially crafted smartphone app that provides on-line security and on – the-go protection. In addition, the tool also lets users use torrents on their Amsterdam and Stockholm servers. When using this service the tool does not allow the discovery of your online torrenting activity by ISPs or third parties. The following table lists the basic features of 12VPN for a ready reference: Criteria Details Hides the user’s IP address Easy to use Multiple VPN servers Unlimited data Server number Has servers in nearly 14 countries around the world Unclear logging policyWindows Mac Linux Smartphones Tablets Routers Number of devices Multiple simultaneous connections Price $10.99 per month (monthly) $8.99 per month (6 months) $5.99 per month (12 months) 8.2/10 Visit 12VPN One of the main reasons most people use VPNs is to be able to stream geo-restricted content on Netflix and Hulu. The results of our tests with popular streaming services unblocked using 12VPN are as follows. Streaming Service Netflix YES – Works with some Hulu YES servers – Works with some Kodi servers It’s important to note that VPNs operate in a very sensitive space, which means that today’s servers might suddenly stop working for services like Netflix and Hulu that continually block newer IPs tomorrow. With Kodi, of course, there is no unblocking but having a VPN in place ensures that your system leaks no data to your ISP, so that your browsing activities remain untraceable online. Let’s see the key advantages and disadvantages of 12VPN now before we dig into the device in depth. Criteria 12VPN Pros Responsive customer support 14-day money back guarantee Optimized servers Cons Lacks advanced features and functionalities

“2/2.2338.png” 12VPN is supported on a variety of OS platforms so there is a version for your favorite OS. Our Score: “10/10. 12VPN is available for installation on a number of popular operating systems. You’ll be able to install the tool on the OS of your choice: Windows Mac Linux Windows Phone Android iOS and routers. The following is a quick list of supported OS / devices: Browsers: Chrome Extension Network Devices / Others: Supports Routers

Install Setup. 12VPN is one of those VPNs that can be conveniently enabled on your computer using Native Apps and VPN clients. It greatly simplifies the installation process in stark contrast with those VPNs that use a standardized OpenVPN client that needs to be uniquely configured for the unique make of the VPN. “2/2.2340.png” Download the VPN client for your particular OS to the official 12VPN website. To start installation, double-click on the installer file, and you will see the screen above. Click The Next button. “2/2.2341.png” “2/2.2342.png” As you will note 12VPN is pretty easy to install on your favorite computer. All you need to do is select your OS, and download from the official website the appropriate installer file.

Prominent features

12VPN has a host of key features to it. Overall however, a number of them are lacking. Our Rating: 5/10. 12VPN runs servers in as many as 14 countries worldwide. It hosts many interesting features- let’s start with protecting privacy. The device protects the privacy of the user by cloaking his IP address, so that it is not accessible to ISPs and websites that the user visits during his online browsing activity. When using the VPN service, the user is free to choose a location of his choice- when unblocking and streaming content, you will be able to connect to a server of your choice. The tool is multi-platform, meaning you can install it on just about any device you’re using. The installation is straightforward and easy- For details please refer to the previous sections. The tool supports multiple connections simultaneously but with one restriction: each device has to be connected to a different server.The drop-down menu of the server country selector can be seen on the main dashboard which looks like in the screenshot above. Choose your preferred country and then select the encryption and VPN protocol you want to use. Finally click the ‘ Connect ‘ button to connect to the VPN.

Server Locations

“2/2.2345.png” No doubt the 12VPN server network isn’t the largest w network.The drop-down menu of the server country selector can be seen on the main dashboard which looks like in the screenshot above. Choose your preferred country and then select the encryption and VPN protocol you want to use. Finally click the ‘ Connect ‘ button to connect to the VPN.

Server Locations

“2/2.2345.png” No doubt the 12VPN server network isn’t the largest w network.Who To Use This Tool? Those looking for a VPN that is easy to set up and that supports multiple platforms. Who Don’t Use This Tool? Those looking out for a lot of advanced features and deep customization levels. PROS: Supports multiple platforms in our tests to unblock geo-restricted content CONS: Lacks of advanced features Final Verdict: 8.2 out of 10! Buy 12VPN

“2/2.2339.png” Buy 12VPN

“2/2.2339.png” If you made up your mind to buy 12VPN head over to the official 12VPN website today and buy a subscription plan that suits you best.

12VPN is actually one of the simplest VPNs the average user will encounter. The tool is set up quickly on multiple OS platforms without any problems, and will be up and running in no time. However the device has an ambiguous method of logging. They have an excellent customer support team which takes care of your problems quickly and works to solve them as soon as possible. However, one of the best things about 12VPN in our view is that it is set up very quickly and is easy to use. Many of the VPNs that we have tested require the user to install a generic OpenVPN client application that needs to be configured to the VPN in use. But you get native client applications with 12VPN that are easily installed on your device. The tool doesn’t have a vast network of servers like some of its peers, but then the quality of VPN servers has to be remembered. So, a few well-optimized servers are better than a large number of badly configured servers. In our speed tests too, the tool performed well. VPNs usually speed up the connection drastically since all data is routed via the VPN servers. This speed drop is not the case with 12VPN though- the device performs moderately in our speed tests. There are also no DNS leaks. One of the biggest issues with 12VPN is the lack of advanced features and functionality that are present in many other VPNs. Will each VPN is indeed unique and serves a different market and 12VPN audience could certainly have been a much better app if certain features had been incorporated into the design. A ton to be desired. REVIEW OVERVIEW Supported Devices10 Installation Setup10 Prominent Features5 Ease of Use10 Speed8 Security Privacy7 Customer Service9 Pricing9 SUMMARY There are plenty of over – the-top (OTT) platforms out there including the cable company you’ve been tied to forever and want to quit. Pluto TV has been around since its inception in Los Angeles in 2013. There are hundreds of channels that you can stream from your daily cable both those you’re used to and some that have an Internet vibe. You can watch any platform you want on pretty much through dedicated apps that are always a plus. What you see is what you get with Pluto TV and that’s pretty much a lot and more than 6 million people seem to love it as it is. It’s a really great platform and we’re sure that you’ll enjoy it. Let’s see what are some of the aspects that we will be considering for our review. Criteria Details A single bundle Extra channels No access to premium channels Streaming Quality Supports 4 K but only on dedicated 4 K TV channels Roku Amazon Fire TV Apple TV Android TVs Chromecast Sony TVs Samsung TVs Vizio TVs Mac Windows Android iOS. Price Free DVR No 7/10 Visit Pluto TV

Availability While most OTT platforms are available only in the United States Pluto TV takes a different stance and enables users from around the world to use the platform. But, there’s a catch as Pluto TV has different US apps and different channels made available for each zone. So if you want to make sure you can enjoy the full experience you should choose the United States of course. We have a guide to help you watch Pluto TV outside the USA so perhaps check it out.

Bundles of channels


“2/2.2358.png” There is no customisation available since this is a free platform. Our score: 2/10 As you get instant access to everything it has to offer, so much like there are no bundles to pick from there are no channel packs either. The most you can do here is pick the channel group you want to watch, such as Life + Style Curiosity Music + Radio and so on. Pluto TV supports a few great features like live pausing.

“2/2.2359.png” Our Score: 7/10 So what do you have to do on Pluto TV? Well, if you’ve installed the right app, you can access some great video-on-demand content. Pluto TV once also used to have a DVR feature but it seems to have completely disappeared. Reports from 2014 indicated they had it but in the software I was using for research it was completely missing and there is no mention of it on the support page either. So it’s either no longer there as other people on Twitter and Reddit complain too or it’s just hidden so well that we need to be Sherlock Holmes to find it out. On the other hand, you can start from wherever the channel is streaming the content from when you tap on a show to watch. With the push of a button, you can of course get back to “work.” Facebook and Twitter can share videos and you can even request codes to embed the content. Of course you’ll see some ads on Pluto TV because it’s live TV and they can’t bypass those. So, that’s no way around.

Streaming quality

“2/2.2360.png” Streaming quality is very important because you cut the cord literally with your cable provider and need reliable access to a TV source. As with all similar services, Pluto TV can only transmit videos in the highest quality that the broadcaster normally requires, meaning 720p HD. But as we mentioned above, they also have a 4 K channel, so if you have the hardware, you can enjoy some really cool videos, especially those of nature.

Supported devices

Pluto TV has a wide range of devices on which it works and there are even two apps, depending on where you live. Our score: 8/10 There are numerous compatible devices that you can watch from your web browser on starting Pluto TV. You can then use an iOS smartphone or tablet Android smartphone or Android TV tablet Google Chromecast Chrome Web App Amazon Kindle and Amazon Fire TV tablets Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick Roku Devices and Roku TV as well as Apple TV. Windows and Mac apps also exist. As we mentioned – on all platforms, not all channels are available and not all apps have access to the same features. It’s a bit confusing but you’re going to have to deal with that. It should be noted that gaming consoles such as PlayStation or Xbox do not support this.

The good and the bad

Everything in the world is good and bad and Pluto TV is no exception. So we will speak here from experience and welcome you to share your own in the comments section below.

Good It’s free – You won’t have to pay a dime for access and you can enjoy the complete platform with no closed doors Cable and Pluto channels – there may not be so many cable channels but there are loads of curated channels where you can watch all kinds of content.

The Poor

No DVR – Since there is no sign of DVR in recent history, it’s just no longer there and loads of people would love to be able to capture shows to watch later on.

Subscribe to Pluto TV

It’s especially easy to create a Pluto TV account and you can even watch content without one. However, if you want to build a list of favourites it is best if you do. Final Thoughts

There’s really nothing that stops you from trying out Pluto TV. Whether you’re going to enjoy it or not, or whether you’re going to want another OTT you’re going to pay for it’s up to you to decide. REVIEW OVERVIEW Bundles8 Channel Supported Functions7 Streaming Quality10 Supported Devices8 Usability7 SUMMARYTypical downloading of files involves copying that file to your computer from a server. It doesn’t work like that though torrenting. There is no centralized server involved that makes every torrent user an active participant. You also upload the torrents to other users as you download them. Your IP address plays a big part in this torrent swarm. If somebody finds out about your IP they can identify you. So keep reading and see how you can remain anonymous when downloading torrents.

How to Stay Anonymous While downloading Torrents

There are two ways to keep yourself safe when downloading torrents these days. There’s a handy little trick working with some ISPs (Internet Providers). This trick isn’t going to do the work for everyone involved though. That is why we will also be offering the second solution. Let’s spring right in. Option # 1: Delete Trackers

Your torrent client will connect to other users once you start downloading a torrent. Seeders are the ones that allow torrent users to take data bits from their computers. Then we got leechers in there. Those users are those who deliberately access torrents without their device having the complete file on them. Once the file is downloaded they become automatically seeders. There are trackers someplace between seeders and leechers. These are adresses of public (or private) URLs that communicate with everyone involved. Deleting these could help you maintain anonymity while downloading torrents.

How to Delete Trackers from uTorrent? All the best MacOS clients in torrent clientstorrent. We’ll show you how to delete trackers in uTorrent, for the sake of this article. We chose this one since it is currently the most popular (and also available for Windows and Mac). Continue reading. In case you don’t use uTorrent you need to use uTorrent official websitehow – installation steps included First find a torrent you want to download and open it in uTorrent “2/2.2364.jpg” Now you need to right-click the torrent you are downloading and pick ‘ Properties. ‘ This is the last option in the drop-down menu A new popup window with two tabs: General and Advanced will appear at this point. By default, the General tab will be opened which is exactly what we want “2/2.2366.jpg” Now select and delete all trackers found in the pane ‘ Trackers. ‘ You can use the Ctrl + A to mark all trackers and then press the ‘ Delete ‘ button on your keyboard “2/2.2367.jpg” You need to make sure the following methods are enabled: DHT Peer Exchange and Local Peer Exploration Back in the day when it came to how to stay anonymous when downloading torrents this was a bulletproof process. Some Internet service providers however have become more capable. Deleting trackers won’t erase your IP address completely which means that somebody can still track you. IP addresses actually are the very core of torrenting. You simply can not download torrents, without one. What can be done, then? Continue reading.

Option # 2: Use VPN Program

The only 100% foolproof way to remain anonymous is to use the VPN App. These are highly capable yet very simple applications which encrypt your connection to the Internet. As such, when you browse the Web they are your biggest ally. In fact, the role of VPNs is related not only to torrenting, but also to protecting your personal data against online theft. Let’s find out more on VPNs. What Can Applications do for VPN?

As we said before VPNs are intended for torrenting only. The role is much broader and it’s safe to say that average Internet user will soon find it imperative to use a VPN. Here are some of the possibilities VPNs can do. A reliable VPN encrypts your traffic over the Internet. All your browsing and data will go through a secure server which is located remotely. Many VPNs use military-grade encryption that can’t be broken by anyone Because VPNs change the IP address this comes with many benefits. You can visit websites which have been blocked in your country before. Plus you can freely download torrents. Since you’re getting a new IP your Internet service provider may assume you’re in a different physical place – which means you can’t monitor

Are there any recommendations?

TechNadu is always ready to help. Hence we’ve tested a large number of VPNs to see their performance in the real world. We are proud to present our list of TorrentingExpressVPN’s Best VPNs. We are faithful fans of this VPN which has never failed us. “2/2.2369.png” Other Resources: What’s Next?

So how do you keep anonymous when downloading torrents? Well you can disable trackers and use a trustworthy VPN. Also you think about other issues. Check out those valuable resources. We told you in uTorrent, how to delete trackers. Next here is how to make uTorrent faster We recommend using legal torrent repositories if you wish to stay on the safe side. Use the link provided to learn more about

Final Thoughts

That is, dear torrents. If there is anything that you would like to add or ask us to post a comment below, do not hesitate to. We will do all we can to give a timely response. Why not share this article online or on social networks if you wish to spread the word? Thank you! How to Watch the ‘ 2020 Winter X Games ‘ Online – Get Extreme

ByGabriela Vatu-January 24, 2020 “2/2.2370.jpg” Both sports come with some level of risk but the X Games are taking things a step further. We will be watching the 2020 X Games online and think you should be joining us in doing the same thing. The Winter X Games will be back at Aspen Colorado in 2020. We’re going to watch all the sporting events on television but the whole thing actually involves a local music festival experience as well as loads and loads of snow.How can I watch the 2020 X Games live?

Looking at the games is something you can do relatively easily, especially with the number of live TV platforms here to help you out. In fact we think one of the best ways you can do this is to start your Sling TV subscription by saving money on your first month with the help of the Sling TV! You can add a ton of channel packs to customize your experience as well as lots of premium networks. Sling TV works on a wide range of devices so you can get the right app for your needs, including Apple TV Android Chromecast Roku and more for iOS and Android phones and tablets. (Click here to find out what you need to do.) Here’s how to start your Sling TV subscription and enjoy X Games: this will take you to the area where you need to provide your email address and set up a password to register for your account. Next you’ll go ahead and choose the bundle you’d like to go for that can be either Orange or Orange + Blue. You can scroll down and add any of the extra channel packs, or the premium networks and DVR add-ons once you have made your choice. NBA League Passes are also available to add to your subscription or international channels. Once you’ve finished you can go ahead and add your billing information so it’s all ready for you. They don’t have a free trial but the first month you’ll get a discount.

Other Ways to Watch Hulu’s Winter X Games Begin your free 7-day preview! One of the cool things about subscribing to Hulu is that you have access to their on-demand library, too. YouTube TV – You’ll also find a ton of cool things to watch including ESPN channels on YouTube TV. There is a single bundle of channels, and you can add premium networks to your subscription since there are no additional packs. All YouTube TV users will benefit from limitless Cloud DVR storage space and the ability to simultaneously display content on up to three computers.

How can I watch the X Games when I fly outside of the USA?

To keep your data secure, we suggest using ExpressVPN which is a great tool with thousands of servers around the world and some really cool privacy features. Here’s how you can set up ExpressVPN so you can start watching the X Games wherever you go: First you’ll have to login to ExpressVPN (49 percent OFF) which takes a few minutes of your time. You should know that ExpressVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee policy so you can always ask for a refund in case you don’t like the service. You’ll then need to download and install the app for your device. Start the tools and log in to your account, so that the app is ready every time you need it. Next you need to look for and connect to a server that is located in the United States.

Can I watch the Network’s Winter X Games website?

This is something you’ll be able to do theoretically but the thing about ESPN live streams is that there are multiple channels and they don’t stream everything online so it’s going to be a matter of whether or not they decide to share the content on their website. (Click here to find out what to do.)

ByGabriela Vatu-October 8, 2018 “2/2.2371.jpg” Figure 1 CC0 Creative Commons Regardless of whether you enjoy soccer golf or curling, there must be a list of channels you love watching so you should also know how to stream cable-free sports. Nowadays, in the digital era, you are no longer tied to your cable contract as you were before you had to stick to a stuffy contract through subscription price hikes that you can’t get out of without spending two hours talking to the Retention Department and channels that nobody wants or needs.

Sports Streaming Services

For people who are still watching live cable TV channels, cord cutting is in stark disagreement with cord cutting saying it isn’t for everyone and doesn’t offer as much facilities as cable but you’re wrong, the fact is that cord cutting is much cheaper than cable watch ESPN without cables as soon as the season is over. But while Cable TV does not provide you with the versatility. Before we get on with selecting the one specific sports-based service you are watching can be very easy. But the most important thing is to pick for watching every other sport in the country effectively. Our top recommendationisFuboTV for most of the games.

1. FuboTV

“2/2.084.jpg” Overview fubo ($54.99/mo) + Family Deluxe ($64.99/mo) and Ultra ($79.99/mo) promotional packages. Channel Customization Bundles — fubo Cycling ($11.99/mo) International Sports Plus ($5.99/mo) Sports Plus ($8.99/mo) Adventure Plus ($4.99/mo) NBA League Pass ($28.99/mo) Portuguese Plus ($14.99/mo) Latino Plus ($7.99/mo) fubo Extra ($5.99/mo) Premium Networks — Showtime ($10.99/mo) AMC Premiere ($4.99/mo) FX Plus ($5.99/mo) RAI Italia ($7.99/mo) Roku App supportISP($5.99/mo): FOX Soccer Plus GolTV English GolTV Spanish TyC Sports GolTV English GolTV Spanish PAC-12 Network (Arizona Bay Area Los Angeles Mountain Oregon Washington) FOX College Sports (Atlantic Central Pacific) VSIN FNTSY Sports Network Fight Network TyC Sports Stadium 1-3.

“2/2.124.jpg” Overview Bundles A single bundle — Hulu with Live TV — $44.99 per month Premium channels — HBO ($14.99 per month) Showtime ($10.99 per month) Cinemax ($9.99 per month) STARZ ($8.99 per month) Channel Packs — Entertainment ($7.99 per month) Espanol ($4.99 per month) Device support iOS Android FireTV Apple TV Roku Xbox Chromecast Samsung Smart TV browsers The Hulu bundle offers all sorts of channels including some sports channels in there. BTN CBS Sports Network ESPN ESPN Bases Loaded ESPN College Extra ESPN Goal Line ESPN 2 ESPNews ESPN U FS1 Fox Prime Ticket Fox Sports Golf Channel NBC SN Olympic Channel and ESPN SEC Network can be watched more specifically on Hulu. 6.

YouTube TV

“2/2.125.jpg” Summary A single subscription-$ 49.99 a month ($54.99 if billed by Apple) Premium streaming channels-AMC Premiere ($5/mo) CuriosityStream ($3/mo) Fox Soccer Plus ($15/mo) Showtime ($7/mo) Starz ($9/mo) Shudder ($5/mo) Sundance Now ($7/mo) NBA League Pass ($40/mo or $124/mo) EPIX ($6/mo) You can also add $15 per month to FOX Soccer Plus. Give our review of YouTube TV before making a decision, and find out what’s on this platform.

How to use OTA Antennas to watch Sports without a Cable?

Sports-Based Guides

For every popular sport available, we have created a specific tutorial on the selection of streaming services that would benefit online viewers altogether. Jump right in for a comprehensive guide to them. Watch NBA Games Onlinewith our guide to choose NBA League Pass and Streaming Services. The National Football League in the history of the US was clearly in # 1 position for top sports. Its spectacular half-time Superbowl never miss to entertain us. Any fans of American football can use our guide to watch NFL Games anywhere. Watching online Baseball. Streaming cableless hockey. Watch NCAA Football College Online with our guide. Stream Madness online from March. Watch online wrestling from any corner of the world. Watch uncable cricket. Watch Football live and keep track of your favorite teams from Man Utd to Arsenal and Barcelona to Real Madrid.

How to Bypass Restrictions on Blackout? Some of the popular games like NBA NFL NHL MLB and MLS have a blackout policy that restricts broadcasting live games on national or online channels so that the local channels can benefit from it. Even if you had purchased a heavily priced pass to watch the games online. Blackout Restrictions has remained a long-term case while it even leads to lawsuits against MLBVirtual Private Network in class action. Not only does VPN help bypass Blackouts, it also provides security and security while remaining online. ExpressVPNBest VPN for Streaming by TechNadu. Always connect to US VPN Server other than your current location (To obtain high speed using the nearest location). Connect from anywhere and start streaming right from. For each game the strategies that are available in the specific Sports Guide remain almost the same. For better clarity, read our general in-depth guide to Bypassing Blackout Restrictions.

Last ThoughtInfinity TV is no longer available since its owner agreed to admit piracy in the consent judgment. The Canadian Federal Court has set the amount of damages compensation at CAD$5 million. There are 124 additional IPTV sellers included in the lawsuit spectrum, as Infinity TV was only the first to snap. Continues in Canada to crack down on set-top boxes pre-loaded with pirating devices and pre-configured to help their customers enter the world of illegal streaming. In a case handled by the Federal Court in the country a conglomerate of rights holders consisting of Bell Media Videotron Rogers Media and Groupe TVA has filed a lawsuit against 125 pirating TV box sellers including SOLO IPTV Infinity TV MTLFreeTV WaveTVBox and many more. The first to break under the strain was Infinity TV ( shutting down their website taking all-product sales and accepting piracy promotion. The consequence of this agreement judgment is a settlement of CAD$5 million, levied by the judge Denis Gascon as compensation for punitive damages and outstanding fine loss of profit and judicial costs. This amount of money will definitely scare off the remaining 124 defendants and is expected to be a blow in the piracy set-top box operations in Canada. Previously, Infinity TV sold a streaming box called “ITV Set” that gave customers access to a rich range of movies and TV shows (more than 300,000) as well as live sports events. The unit payment was a one-purchase payment, so that no subscription was involved. The content which was transmitted through the network of Infinity TV came from legal subscription services, so it was encrypted. The service decoded the stream, and distributed it to the network of the ITV Unit. Figure 1 image source: Infinity TV prepared its followership for something new with their website highlighting a “coming soon” message but as the platform has gone dark nothing fresh is expected of them anymore. We figured the website was online until yesterday using the Internet Archive. Now some of the 124 pirating IPTV box sellers have downloaded their websites, so it is possible that more have reached extrajudicial agreements with the suitors, but none of them have been made public, so the situation remains unclear. ‘ 2/2.2374.png ‘ Figure 2 Source of images: http:/