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Amazon Alexa for Apple iOs Receives Hands-Free ModeByNitish Singh-June 27, 2018.1123 Amazon Alexa for iOs can now be used practically hands-free with new voice controls added to the Apple platform latest update. Additionally, Alexa skill support was added to the app to trigger specific actions using user trigger words. To access the new features you need to upgrade to the latest version of your Amazon Alexa app. Amazon Alexa for hands-free Apple iOsalmost. To get access to the new hands-free mode, users will upgrade to the latest version of the App from the Apple App Store. Despite the hands-free command update, users still have no access to a wake-up command like Amazon Echo speakers do. To fire up the digital assistant you still need to press the Alexa button and activate the hands-free feature. Amazon Alexa is a digital assistant close to Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana, a Google Assistant. Unlike any of the other automated voice assistants out there, Amazon’s service has a lot of third-party functionality. Amazon can not enforce the ‘ Hey Alexa ‘ command on Apple’s iPhones and iPads for its digital voice assistant, because that function is reserved exclusively for Apple Siri. Android devices are expected to get the new update soon too, with features similar to the app’s iOs version. Grip.