Red marks

Blonde with red marks

Highlights of Sangria

Our next hair concept features red highlights described as Sangria. Those highlights are a lovely color of red wine. The highlights arent as vivid as some of the others, but the color really stands out. Its a unique idea of color thats going to suit everyone. This color we love because its red, but it also has a violet hue.

Red Velvet Highlights

Strawberry Highlights

Perhaps you prefer the shades of brighter red? If so, this next look needs to be checked out. We have red strawberry highlights here. The hair looks black, adding lots of red. Its an amazing and stylish idea of hair that will make you stand out from the crowd. For a more subtle look, you can recreate this hairstyle or try to add less red color.

Vivid Red Hair Idea

One of our brightest hair ideas is next. The hair is dark red with lively red highlights for this look. The color you are using is beautiful and it will make you stand out in style from the crowd. You can either recreate the red colors or try a different root color with the vibrant strawberry red.

Short Haircut with Red Highlights

Would you like a complete hair makeup? Then try this kind of cut and color! Weve got a short stacked haircut with red highlights added here. As you can see the color and cut together look incredible and create a trendy hairstyle. Of course, if you dont want to try this shorter style, you can try similar highlights on a longer cut. But for the summer it would be a great look.

Copper Babylight

Rich Wine Highlights

The next hairstyle shows how great wine can be. The hair at the root with bright wine colored highlights is dark for this style. We love this color because it produces a vivid and fashionable look with red and purple tones. In a darker or lighter shade, you can recreate this or try a wine color.

Bright Red Highlights Idea

Next you can see a bold hairstyle. At the root, the hair is darker with red highlights, and the shade of red changes to the tips. This vivid look can be recreated or you can keep the roots dark and choose either of the two colors as highlights on your own. Your hair will look great anyway. 2765.jpg” />

Pastel Red Highlights

This next idea could be great if youd like to try red in a more subtle way. With added light red highlights, this hair is brown. The red is toned and not as vivid as some of the others. It looks almost like a shade of pastel. This is a trendy concept, and if you try red for the first time, it would be good as it grows quickly. It would also be more subtle with less highlights.

Vibrant Red Look

Check out this next look if you love the dark red colors. We have red highlights here that have that beautiful tone of red wine. These are a little like the highlights of the Sangria, but the color is brighter and more vibrant. These highlights are perfect for the ladies who want to be bolder and more dramatic in their red color.


Red-to-Blonde Gradient

Red Highlights

Red-to-Blonde Gradient

Bold Red Highlights Idea

If so, the next idea might be perfect for you. We have red wine hair with bold red highlights added here. Despite light red highlights, we love the dark red hair. It gives a multi-tone look to the hair and hair like that definitely will make you stand out from the crowd. Recreate this look or try a different hair color for the light red.

Dusty Clementine

Bright Red Highlights

Trendy Red Highlights Idea

Trendy and vibrant next hair idea. The hair has a dark root color and bright red highlights for this look. These highlights start at the root and end at the tip, creating a more color illusion. For those who want to try full head color but are a little nervous about such a dramatic change, it would be great. This way you can try the color, but if you decide its not for you, it will easily grow out.

Intense Violet Red Highlights

Black Hair with Red Highlights

If you have dark or black hair, you can try this kind of highlights. The hair featured is black and has been added to the hair with red highlights. We love the red hue used as it looks incredible and its going to suit everyone. Since the color only starts in the middle, it means the hair is easy to maintain and if you dont like the red it will grow out easily.

Fiery Light Red

Soft Red Highlights

The soft red highlights of our next hair idea. The hair is brown with beautiful highlights added to the root. We love these highlights because the red has a brown tone that perfectly compliments the color of the root. Its a super stylish hairstyle that looks beautiful to anybody. You could also try out such highlights with different root colors.

RosÈ Highlights

Amazing hair idea follows. Weve got highlights here called Rosè. The red hue is toned down, and some of the other red shades are not as bright. This is perfect for those who want a trendy and unusual color or those who try red for the first time because its not as bright. Recreate this or you can seek out fewer highlights and get them from root to tip.

Ginger Highlights

Copper Red Highlights

Heres another vibrant hair idea. The natural hair is a beautiful red color with highlights of coppery. We love the combination of copper and bright red, so chic and bold. Hair like this will suit everyone, and with two different shades you can recreate this look or try another red combination. 2776.jpg” />

Three-Color Red Highlights


Fiery Highlights

A fiery hair idea to show you next. In a dark and rich shade, the hair is colored and the highlights are a spicy red color. Its a bright, stylish hairstyle and we also love the subtle tones of copper. These highlights would look beautiful on any color of the surface. This is another idea that is quite subtle to highlight.

Ruby Red Highlights


Light Red Highlights Idea

Then the idea of hair is for you. We have black hair with beautiful red highlights added here. We love this color because its bold enough to make statements. Such highlights will lift your hair from drab to fab and take your hair from drab.

Red Orange

Spicy Red Highlights

The first idea we have to show you features spicy red highlights. The hair is black with bold red color applied to the hair for this show. The black and red perfectly compliment each other, and the contrast between the two colors makes the warm and vivid red really stand out. This is a beautiful idea for hair and it will suit everybody. You can choose less red for a more subtle look.

Vibrant red and orange highlights

Another cool combination of colors that you can try is red and orange. Dont just take our word for this beauty idea to try out. Here we have a stunning red and orange hairstyle with highlights. The red is vivid and the color of the yellow. There are also a couple of purple highlights. Its an incredible hairstyle that will reveal your unique sense of style. Berry-like highlights

Subtle Red Highlights

You dont have to select very highlights from the statement. Perhaps you could go for such subtle highlights. With dark red highlights, the hair is black. Theres not much hair colored so its a very low-key feel. Its a lovely hair idea and its going to look amazing on anyone. Recreate this or try another red shade.

Warm Red Hairstyle

More warm and spicy highlights are featured in our next idea. We have black root hair and red highlights here. The red color used reminds us of cayenne pepper, so its definitely going to spice up your look. This red is rich and bold, and on anybody it will look beautiful. For a more subtle look, you can replicate this or try less color.

Peach Red On Black Hair


Burgundy Highlights

The next highlight was described as dark chocolate cherry. The hair is black and the highlights are a dark red shade of cherry, from which the name originated. This is an amazing idea about hair and its perfect for ladies who want to try red but dont want the shades that are bright and bold. Hair like this on anyone would look amazing.

Literal Fire

The color range is infinite. Theres no way to find the perfect idea for you when it comes to red highlights. Now youre familiar with various popular ways to emphasize your color why dont you make one of them real? Headrushdesigns

Stylish And Sleek Hairstyle

You can try many different red shades. Weve seen bright reds of dark tones and now its time for red copper. Here weve got a sleek, trendy hairstyle with bright red copper highlights. Its a bright choice of color and a perfect shade for those who want bold hair making statements.

Light Strawberry Rose Highlights

Cool and glamor is the last thing we need to share with you. We have beautiful red highlights here with a color identified as light rose strawberry. The paint is subtle and it has red and pink tones that are very sweet. Its an incredible color and on everyone it will look amazing. Between spring and summer, a color like this will be fine.

We hope these highlighted hairstyles inspired you.