Rachael Taylor – Rachael Taylor Biography

Rachael taylor was born in 1984 in Launceston, Tasmania.

Daughter of Christine Y Nigel Taylor, attended the Riverside High School, where she participated in several theatrical works, since since she was little she was convinced to become an actress.
She began her modeling career and even entered the finals of the Miss Teen Tasmania pageant.
At 16 she moved to Sydney, where she attended college for a time, which she later dropped out to begin her acting career.

He made his debut before the cameras in 2004, when he participated in the telefilm “The Mystery of Natalie Wood”, And since then he has developed a prosperous career, both in film and television.

Among his credits for the big screen, we can mention titles such as “Man-Thing – The Nature of Fear”, A horror film in which he worked with Alex O’Loughlin, “Evil eyes“,”Transformers“, Where he played Maggie madsen, “Wine war“,”Portraits from beyond“,”The list“,”Splinterheads“,”Ghost machine“,”Red Dog“,”25” Y “The Darkest Hour”, In with Emile hirsch Y Olivia thirlby.

On television, she has been a regular actress in the programs “Headland“, Where he played Sasha forbes between 2005 and 2006, and during 2011 he had the role of the Dr. Lucy Fields on “Grey’s Anatomy”.
Other of his credits include participations in “The McLeod’s sisters” Y “Washingtonienne“, And will soon be seen in the series”Charlie’s angels”, Where he will give life to Abby simpson.