Quick Updos For Medium Hair

Over the decades up-dos has been a common hairstyle option because they are pretty popular and functional.

Messy Bun Braided

Do you have just minutes to get ready? Okay, for you, this bun is fine. All you need to do is create a side section and French braid from part to point-inches above the head. From there, a loose high ponytail gathers the hair. Take the ponytail’s length and twist it around the base. Protect the elastic egg.

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The French Braided Bun

A cool combination of a French braid and a bun! Simply braid French hair down to the nape. Having a few flyaways is all right because it doesn’t have to be perfect. Create a low ponytail when you hit the nape. Then use the ponytail length to create a bun and use an elastic to secure it.

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Volumized Low Ponytail With Bangs

It’s a very edgy yet chic hairstyle. It’s a bangs voluminous low ponytail. Completing the look takes only a few minutes. Simply split your hair into three parts, the crown bangs and the rest. Tease the crown area lightly until you reach the lift you want and create a low ponytail. With a scrunchy, secure. You can wear them straight or curl them as for your bangs!

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Simple Low Bun Updo With Bangs

This hairstyle is great to try during the days when you want a smooth look! The curls or waves of the second day will work great for this beautiful knot. A loose sloppy texture must be achieved. Gather your hair in a loose low ponytail without brushing. Use a scrunchy to secure it. Now split the ponytail into two parts. Take the larger section and fold it to create a bun underneath. To wrap around the ponytail base, use the smaller portion. If you want, you can pull out your bangs or face framing pieces. The bun is supposed to be loose enough to do this easily.

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Low Knot Looped

The low chignon looped is very tasteful because it adds a little pizzazz to the conventional low buns and knots. To build this portion of the look at the nape region off a square chunk of skin. The proportion depends on the size of your twist. Having the remainder of your hair now produces a short bun with chignons. It can be as tight or loose as you like. Finally, curl the small section at the nape and loop it around the ponytail base. Secure with pins from the bobby.

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Easy Updo For Medium Hair With A Chain Braid

Fully cool twist on the typical French braid. It looks fantastic, but it’s much less complicated than it seems. In the front of the head, grab a section of hair and tie a knot. Take the two lose strands combines a single piece of hair and form a separate knot. Continue the pattern all the way to the nape along the hairline. Bobby pin the braid in place of the cord. Then take the rest of the hair and create a messy bun that is loose. Use scrunchy and bobby pins to secure it and you’re done!

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Voluminated Curly Twist Updo With Bangs

It’s beautiful and easy to do. The curly twist is very cool with a crown size and sun-kissed highlights. Start by splitting the hair into the bangs and nape crown sections. To achieve the length, taunt the segment of the crown at the roots strand by strand. At the nape, the hair is twisted in multiple directions and bobby pins protect the twists. Curl the bangs for a natural look in messy sections.

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Loose Low Side Bun

Within a few minutes you could achieve this quickly chic updo! You want to start with straight hair. Collect your hair in a loose ponytail on the low side. Take the ponytail and twist it with a scrunchy around the base to create a bun. Remove face-framing strands and style as desired your bangs.

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Simple Flat Twisted Updo For Medium Length

Flat twist is a modern alternative to the commonly doubled French braids. This hair style combines in a very creative way the flat twist with the messy bun. Begin by dividing the hair into the desired number of sections straight back. Creating a flat twist with each chapter. Starting with two hair strands, they twist each other and incorporate a new strand at each step. Create a messy bun with the loose hair and secure it with a scrunchy!

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Pencil Knot

Pencil bun is fun and handy, especially if you don’t have an elastic at hand)) It’s great for office or school because it’s just a pencil! Start with the hair down. Use a pencil to twist your hair around your finger to make a loop. You should try a bun or knot or some kind of French twist and you don’t just need a pencil for bobby pins!

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Quick Twisted Halo Updo For Medium Hair

The twisted halo is extremely fast and easy, but it looks really classy. All you have to do is create a loose flat twist all the way around to the other side from one corner of your forehead. Protect as required with bobby pins.

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Pin Curl Bun

is a sexy 60’s hot style pin curl bun! Starting with wand curled hair to establish this look. Section off the middle front portion and allow it to spread to the crown region. Create a loose ponytail with this section at the top of your head. Then proceed to brush the remaining curls slightly into the bun and pin them in place by bobby. Create the shape you want.

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Easy Braided Ponytail ‘ Do For Medium Length’

This messy braided ponytail is a beach baby hairstyle which takes a second but lasts for fun in the sun all day long. Start at your temple and create a chunky French braid that goes straight backwards. Create a low ponytail with the rest of the hair afterwards. Take out a couple of strands to make the hairstyle look piecey. You are finished now!

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Low Roll With Braids

This low braided roll is perfect for indie personality as a renovation of a classic hairdo! You want to start with straight hair to achieve this style. Section off two strands around inches wide at the corners of your forehead. Braid them down to the tips and tie together the two braids. You’ll have to turn the rest of the keys now. Use an elastic to keep them tight. Use a scarf as your low roll base.

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Twisted Glam Bun Updo For Mid-Length Hair

This glam bun is great for special occasions like marriages or formal events. Divide your hair back into two sections from ear to ear to achieve the look. Beginning from the bottom section, build a sleek low ponytail and fold it down to form a bun. Backcomb the top segment locks. Now take the top hair section to one side of the bun and wrap the ends around it. As needed, Bobby pin.

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Simple Colorful Braided Bun Updo For Medium Hair

A braided bun is a hairstyle frequently worn by dancers because it is simple and elegant. You want to begin with straight hair in order to create this hairdo. Brush it into a low semi-loose ponytail and secure it in a scrunchy fashion. Then go on braiding the ponytail to the ends. Finally, you’d like to pin the chignon-forming braid. You may pin it over or below the base of the ponytail. They can be added with hair chalks or hair mascara if you want those colorful strands as a temporary effect. Get the Beauty Romance tutorial!

‘ Easy Side Ponytail With A Braid’

‘ Try a nice side ponytail for a fun flirty hairstyle. This look is sweet and fast and can last the whole day! Start with your hair straight. Pass the hair until you reach the area of the crown. Section off the top of a one inch strand and braid it to the ends all the way. Then the hair is gathered in a low ponytail. Then you have finished!

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Messy Braided Updo

The messy side braid is a graciously Grecian hairstyle reserved for the goddess of the middle. You want to start with day-old curls or waves to achieve this look. Begin braiding from a temple a loose French braid. Once at the nape bobby pin the tail below the bulk of the braid you touch the opposite side of the head or leave a part of it sticking out playfully. If you wish, you can also leave out the bangs.

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Easy Messy Side Ponytail

Finally, the messy side of the ponytail is as simple as it can be! It’s just as tempting, though. It’s smart to make sure that the hair has added brightness when styling your messy side ponytail so that it doesn’t look messy but rather attractive to the bedhead!

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