‘ Keeping up with the Kardashians ‘: Most Ridiculous Moments of the Kardashian and Jenner families Ever Chelsea Leary More News July 16, 2018 Keeping up with the Kardashians E! From the very first episode of E! The Kardashians Kardashian and Jenner clan are not afraid to do anything on tape. Their actions may sometimes be bizarre — nay most of the time — but it’s helped us find a special place for the reality TV stars in our hearts.

1. Kim’s missing earring

Who can forget one of the most famous stories of losing one of her $75,000 ocean diamond earrings while swimming in Bora Bora during the sixth season series. Viewers couldn’t help but roll their eyes as their earring primarily cost the multi-millionaire pocket change. Fortunately, Kourtney Kardashian said just what we all thought: Kim’s dying people. It too has become one of the show’s most quotable lines. 2.

A teenage pole-dancing Kylie Jenner

Back in front of Kylie was the protector of Kim’s diamond earring, she set up a stripper pole for herself on Kim. Kim stood shocked instead of turning her little sister away, as Kylie headed straight for the pole. See what I have to say to Kylie before showing her pole-dancing skills. 3.

Kim s car selfies (on the way to jail)

No time for a selfie is a bad time. That at least is definitely what Kim thinks. Khloà © Kardashian was sent to prison during Season 3 after getting a DUI in 2007 for her probation violations. Kim managed to make the car ride a little less painful on the car ride to jail by literally taking selfies the whole time. Annoyed by her daughter’s behavior, Kris exclaimed Kim can you stop picturing yourself? Your mom is about to go to jail!

Doesn’t it?Lou Haviland More Articles 25 February 2020 Since late 2018, Selena Gomez has been a big fan of Christian pop artist Lauren Daigle. The actress and singer has been through a lot and considers Daigle’s music just at the right time to be inspiring. Here’s what Gomez has had to say, and Daigle’s reaction to having such an influential figure shouting out.

The 28-year-old singer first came to Gomez’s attention in late 2018 when he first learned of Lauren Daigle

. Gomez herself was immediately moved by the music of Daigle, a singer songwriter and actress. As someone who wasn’t shy about sharing her anxiety and depression issues the Ramona and Beezus star was also one to share with her fans when she noticed something positive. And so did she. At one of her concerts, Daigle spoke about the album and explained the context of how she came to write the song in 2018. I was in Australia, and I saw the word carved in a rock, the word ‘home.’ I was just so bent that I thought I was going to move to Australia, oh my gosh. Sure, my vision is coming true. ‘ And I’m just looking for home here because I’ve been touring for a while and I always had this little moment of homesickness wherever I was even when I was at home.” “I had a talk about it with God and he just said something really easy. It’s been like Lauren as long as your heart serves me you’re never homesick. You never go too far. As long as you can see the way I see so long as you find the love in me, you will never have to worry about finding a home again. “The reaction of Lauren Daigle to Daigle’s shout was interviewed by E! Red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards and was jokingly asked: “Is Selena your new agent? “[ Selena ] sent me a video of her car driving and she almost got into a car wreck because she was singing and videoing. Her friend videoed her but jammed her on the brake when her controls went off. “


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