It wouldnt take long to count if you asked someone who wanted to lose their hair and go bald for a show of hands. While theres nothing wrong with being bald–and many men rock the look–most people prefer a nice, thick hair head. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions in this post, including products like laser combs and other systems designed to slow hair loss while promoting new growth. Were going to explore four of those products–including theiRestore Laser Hair Growth System–along with oth.
OUR #1 CHOICE Irestore Laser Hair Growth System Safe and easy to use Comfortable and convenient FDA certified for safety Body Essentials Hairbrush Massage of the scalp during use Stimulates blood circulation to the hair follicles Versatile device Theradome LH80 Pro Hair Growth Helmet Must match IS A COMB OR A HELMET?


What is your hair loss severity? If you have smooth and glossy bald spots–meaning there are no latent hair follicles in those places–then low-level light therapy is not for you. LLLT is unable to reverse the balding.
The 3.


This article is often referred to as FDA-cleared. This means the FDA gives its security clearance, but not authorization for proven results. Minoxidil and Propecia are the only two hair loss treatments that are approved by the FDA.


Another good reason to seek low-level laser treatments is because they are really healthy–thus for many of them the FDA clearance. Users report very few, if any, laser comb side effects, and most of them are very minor, like itchy scalp or mild irritation. Despite some claims, your scalp is not burned with LLLT therapy. Also, when your session is over, many LLLT devices come with automatic shut-offs.


Legitimate light therapy systems should not be confused with fake goods or expensive toys, for that matter. There are studies to back them up, and after using them for the recommended amount of time, most users report positive results.
That said, however, not all doctors are persuaded that hair is growing from LLLT apps. But most people feel they are at least getting a slight benefit. And later in the article were going to get into clinical studies.


is not inexpensive for LLLT combs and helmets. Combs cost less than helmets and caps, as mentioned above, but they still make a decent investment. But if your current method of preventing hair loss andpromoting hair growthisnt working, LLLT devices may be worth the time, and money. OK, lets move on to our laser comb reviews.



iRestore has what we think is the best laser for hair growth today. Theyre so confident that youll grow hair andstop it from thinningthat they provide a full-money back guarantee if you dont see results within six months of purchasing it. For technology, thats pretty strong stuff that some still think of as a sham.
The people at iRestore have clinical studies to support their claims that users may see improved hair growth of over 40%. Their system also has clearance from the FDA, meaning its approved for safe use, which is good to know when youre putting something full of lasers on your head for 20 to 30 minutes at a time.
How is it going to work? Heres a closer look: The iRestore Laser Hair Growth System uses 51 laser and LEDs of medical grade to radiate light energy absorbed by hair follicles. In addition, when reactivating follicles that promote hair growth, it enhances the rate of cell metabolism.
While iRestore is effective on its own, it can also be used in conjunction with other hair loss solutions such as Minoxidil,hair-growth shampoos, and supplements. Some physicians recommend using multiple products but, again, iRestore works all on its own. iRestore is safe and drug-free with no known side effects.


Results may not come quickly


iRestore has proven results to back up the efficacy of its drug and the FDA recommends it for health. Its the go – to option for many people looking forhair loss treatments besides shampoos, topical remedies and tablets.


This latter feature serves an important function in that it massages the scalp with a gentle action that increases blood circulation to hair follicles which, in turn, enables them to receive vital nutrients needed for thicker, lustrous hair in general. The gentle motion of massaging stimulates the follicles of the scalp and hair.
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3.THERADOME LH80 PRO HELMETH GROWTH HELMETS. Despite 80 lasers concealed within the walls of the helmet, it definitely does not have the strength of other devices.
Nonetheless, our main concern is if it works. It is effective in treating loss while encouraging hair growth from what many users and reviewers claim–suggesting its worth a closer look. And it has the blessing of specialists in hair rejuvenation like Bosley, Hair Club, and other legitimate medical clinics.
In addition to experiencing some hair growth from the Theradome LH80 PRO, many users also notice less shedding. In addition, many of them undergo an increase in individual hair length, resulting in a thinner, more colorful hair head.
It even comes with an automated counter for treatment that keeps track of your total number of treatments as well as an automatic shut-off that takes 20 minutes to complete.
Like other low-level laser treatment devices, although this is not a requirement, the Theradome LH80 works well in conjunction with products such as Minoxidil. Before use, though, you should wash and dry your hair. Never use it with a wet face–or other laser treatment helmets.
Theradome suggests that you use it as guided for 18 to 26 weeks when you begin to notice a hair loss decline. They also claim that at 28-52 weeks you will experience hair growth.
The Theradome LH80 comes with a1-year warranty from a supplier and a 120-day money back guarantee in any event.
Type: Helmet


80 diodes of laser provide extended care.
Reaches the head in all regions.
Fits all the sizes of the eyes.


Helmets and hair care systems are more costly than many others.


Theres a lot to like about the Theradome LH80 pro, including that its convenient and easy to use. And if youre looking for something you dont have to use every day–or even several times a week–its a device worthy of your attention.


Its one of todays best laser combs.


Whats the story, then? Youve just spent a good chunk of money on a laser comb or other form of laser therapy device–or are talking about spending. Youve read reviews, done some research, maybe youve even spoken to others.
But there is still an urgent question–are they working?
Yes, theyre working!
There are many research studies and pages claiming that the technology of laser hair growth actually helps you fight the battle against baldness.
For one trial, performed by the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology, laser combs were given to more than 100 hundred men and women that they used for 26 weeks. In most cases, those who used the laser comb–and not a placebo offered to other patients–had a noticeable improvement for their hair thickness and completeness. In fact, the changes were not sex or age-dependent.
Two other studies published by the National Center for Biotechnology Knowledge, meanwhile, strongly suggest the development of low-level laser treatment systems.
In another research, also released by the NCBI, 110 patients completed a study involving the HairMax LaserComb and a placebo tool. Patients using the laser comb reported an increase for hair volume as well as overall hair regrowth. However, a word of caution: laser hair growth technology is unable to reverse baldness, which suggests whether we want it or not.


STEP 1: Laser helmets and laser caps are essentially the same things, the only difference being that the latter device resides under a cap-type baseball hat. But the way they are used follows the same fundamental principles.


The LLLT therapy science is that natural, low-level lasers and red light therapy reach the scalp and activate hair follicles. The photons produced from the light induce follicles at a cellular level to dig deeper into science, which in turn increases the production of adenosine triphosphate. ATP is the cells primary energy carrier and improves the function and replication of cells.
But back to the original issue we asked. Although laser combs and caps and helmets operate from the same scientific basis, differences exist between them–differences that can affect the results that each tool produces.
Lets take a look:


Laser combs are usually handheld devices with 2-8 LEDs or lasers. Thats much less than laser caps and goggles, but in a minute were going to get to them. Rechargeable batteries provide the laser combs power source, which ensures you have the luxury of working cordlessly. With one fee, you will get multiple uses.
Weve already talked about how to use a laser comb, but its worth mentioning that laser combing isnt like regular hair combing because you only need a few passes over your scalp to do the right job. Instead, you will have to keep combing up to 10 minutes, at least three times a week, with a laser comb. Have you ever had a few minutes of combing your hair? Although you may build up your arm muscles in the process, its not as easy as it sounds.
One advantage of using a laser peg is that it divides the hair when light is transmitted. For a person who has long–but thinning–hair, this is very convenient because it helps the sun to penetrate the body. Another benefit? Laser combs are cheaper than other LLLT types.
Lastly, laser combs are OK to use together with other types of hair loss treatments, such as Minoxidil. Most hair loss clinics use both as a combination therapy they claim creates better outcomes than either of them could achieve on their own.


Laser helmets are very user-friendly by putting the device on the head and switching it on. For several minutes, no brush will move through your hair; rather, your hands are free and you can participate in other things such as reading or listening to music while wearing the helmet.
Laser helmets come in a variety of device-to-device power sources for laser helmets. Many models plug in a regular electrical outlet, while others have an internal rechargeable battery that allows you to move around freely during the treatment session.


There are many parallels between laser caps and laser helmets. But laser caps take the form of baseball caps that you can wear anywhere, or other types of caps. Rechargeable batteries provide the power source and ultimate convenience for laser caps.
Laser caps laser technology is not as effective as laser helmet technology, and the maximum treatment time required for laser caps is twice as much as laser helmets. You can then wear your laser cap in public again, so its not like youve got to put your life on hold while your hair and scalp is being handled.


Its not that there are not many low-level laser treatment options available, but the list of quality devices is shorter than you would say,hair clippersor evenDHT blockers. Many people remain doubtful about their effectiveness, but one glance at online reviews shows that many users report positive outcomes.


Which wraps up another analysis and we would like to hear from you, as always. Have you tried laser treatment at low levels? What were the outcomes? We welcome your feedback and suggestions and would love to hear from you.

8 Best Beard Growth Products for Men Actually Working

Were talking a lot, and with good reason, about keeping your beard on this site. You need to take proper care of it for your beard to look its best–that is, at least most men do. But some men are struggling to grow a beard. Their beard comes in patchy and looks like the scruffy animals fur after midnight roaming the streets of a city. This is where the best products for beard growth come in.
The best beard growth products–like Rogaine For Men–help you get the kind of beard that genetics or other factors would deny you.
Thats the purpose of this post: were going to look at what we think are the best products for beard growth, why theyre working, and why you could try them.
Next, lets look at some tips for buying beard growth material.
TABLE OF CONTENTS Quick summary Before buying: 6 Things to consider when buying beard growth products The 8 best beard growth products for men 2019 The art of applying minoxidil to your beard & face Why is my beard patchy? The reasons why we selected these products Conclusion


OUR #1 CHOOICE Rogaine for Men More efficient than most other products Easy to apply Works quickly Biotopic Healthy Beard Growth Serum Natural ingredients Absorbs deeply into your face and beard Easy to apply CHECK BEST PRICE


Perhaps the biggest problem when shopping for the best products for beard growth is to separate the good ones from the b.s. There are many items that make high promises but have all the potency of a water-soaked firecracker on July Fourth.
It helps, though, if you know what youre doing–and youre searching for.
Here are some tips to keep in mind when looking for a brand of beard growth that will deliver results, not false promises.


Do not choose a product of beard growth without careful study of its ingredients list. Most men prefer natural ingredients, and youll want to avoid products that have synthetic additives like silicone, parabens, and perfumes if youre one of them.
In other words, you are searching for all-natural and organic products–that is, if that is your preference. Some men also have sensitive skin irritated by chemical ingredients.

the second. NUTRIENTS

Many effective products for beard growth contain healthy nutrients such as vitamins B, D, E, biotin, magnesium, zinc, etc.
The 3.


Some beard growing products are applied directly to your beard, while others are orally ingested. It is often a matter of preference to choose between the two, but there are slight differences. For one, oral supplements tend to have a higher number of nutrients and can even serve as a multivitamin and provide health benefits beyond your beards nutrition.
Not that with topical products theres anything wrong. In reality, they can do a better job of feeding your existing beard, and most of them are easy to apply. Nonetheless, certain topical formulations might have a faint odor.


A result of performance growth heals hair follicles that are weakened, prolongs their growth phase, and heals follicles that are damaged. But it should also make your current hair healthier and feed the skin under it.
Many beard growth products are effective in dealing with skin-building acne, germs and bacteria, while also nourishing your skin while relieving itchiness and dryness.


If you are thinking of buying a topical beard growth drug, the simpler the better is a rule to follow. Ask others, read reviews to find out how easy it is to apply the solution, whatever you need to do. True beardsmen are pretty vocal about things like ease of use.

6. Cost

We have already said it, but the cost of any item does not reflect its overall efficacy. Again, see what others are saying about a product that has caught your eye on beard growth. The true measure of what youre purchasing is how well it performs, not things like the expensive package it might come in.



Rogaine For Men packs a powerful one-two punch that enhances hair growth on your beardandscalp. Not that theres anything wrong with going bald –bald heads and beards are often a match made in heaven–but many men prefer to stave off baldness as long as possible.
But with this post, our aim is to uncover beard growth products that work, and certainly qualifies Rogaine For Men. Though, just a quick note before we move on: Rogaine is a specific brand name of the minoxidil hair growth drug; there are other trade names for minoxidil drugs, but we believe Rogaine is the strongest. How does Rogaine work? For one, minoxidil is clinically proven to combat hair loss while promoting hair growth. The findings of Rogaine were confirmed by clinical trials and FDA approval. Theyve got to do something good.


What makes Biotopics serum more effective than the rest? For one thing, it depends on a drug-free formula filled with vitamins and nutrients that have been shown to help beards grow thicker. It is backed by extensive research, and the ingredients will not affect you or your beard and are environmentally friendly. Its long ingredient list helps thicken your beard for a more complete overall appearance.


Mens Rogaine has a long history and brand recognition, but you should find Kirkland as another minoxidil commodity. Its less expensive for one, its working for another.
Another difference for Men between Kirkland Minoxidil and Rogaine is the liquid form of Kirkland. Each 2-ounce bottle–with each purchase you get six of them–comes with a dropper, and twice a day you apply the solution directly to your beards affected area.
Like Rogaine For Men, Kirklands product consists of 5% minoxidil, which is proven to provide better hair growth than 2% minoxidil versions in clinical studies.
Another thing about Kirkland Minoxidil that we like is that it comes with a supply of 6 months. The applicators of the dropper are also child-resistant.
Effectiveness level: proven 5% minoxidil results


Easy to use 5% minoxidil solution.