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Amazon Prime Monthly Price Up By 20 PercentAmazon Prime Monthly membership costs increased Customers who pay annually will remain unchanged Student’s monthly fee for new sign-ups also affected Amazon will lift monthly Amazon Prime subscription fee by about 18 per cent. Premium membership is now going to cost $12.99 instead of $10.99 which has been a monthly fee to date. Furthermore, monthly discounts for students will also be increased. The new cost is now going to be $6.49 rather than $5.49. Nonetheless, people who pay for their membership annually won’t see those improvements. Their annual fee will remain $99. .642 Amazon is certain they prefer to make upfront payouts. This means that people can opt more for annual ones by raising the prices of monthly subscriptions. This locks up the users for a 12-month contract and is certainly a much more lucrative choice now. On the other side people who need the stability that monthly payment is not going to be happy with this decision. With successful Nintendo Switch gamers this was definitely an unfortunate piece of news from them, some of the most significant Amazon prime deals include lower prices. This move Amazon has taken is definitely a brave one. Now they’re more likely to gain more annual subscriptions and expand their business over the long term. What are you thinking? Is Amazon using this sort of strategy a positive one? Should people who are paying the monthly fees abandon Amazon Prime?