Prince Harry Feels Misled

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Reunited for This Tragic CauseIn the case of a large-scale 911 tragedy, it is often difficult to get in touch. As Hurricane Florence threatened the officials of the Carolinas government, they noted that if people wanted to stay, they would not be able to find support in case of an emergency. Reports noted that people waited up to a few hours to communicate with a 911 dispatcher during Hurricane Harvey. There is an app created to try to support those in need but there is nothing guaranteed.

The chances of dying are fairly low — but you’re better off evacuating

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the real chances of dying in a hurricane during your lifetime are 1 in 62288. Yes that seems small but it’s also because most of the country doesn’t live in a big hurricane area. These chances can greatly increase when you choose to stick it out during a storm, particularly depending on the severity of the storm and your location. It’s always better not to take it by chance. The Cheat Facebook Cover!