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ContenuLisette Gonzalez (Ex) American reporter Phillip Keating is widely recognized as the Miami-based Fox News Channel’s National correspondent. He stood out from the other reporters after reporting the Fox Channel’s Nasa reports about Nasa’s Space Shuttle Program and New Constellation programme. Phil was born as the son of Donna Keating and Dave Keating, on April 11, 1968, in St Louis Missouri. The family regularly moved to new countries as his father was an Army officer. He obtained primary education from Germany and moved later to the Us. He earned a B.A. University of Missouri-Columbia degree in Journalism.

Is Phil dating or is it single? The one who reports on every exciting subject of the city keeps his relationship under the umbrella when it comes to the love life. Phil is not married to date and is not seen to be identified as dating with any specific person. He is also not active on social media which makes us even more difficult to get through his personal life. Since the reporter from Fox News is private about his love life he has not let any details slip away from the public. When he dates someone then he does a pretty good job shielding them from the public eye. So we can only presume for now that he’s single.

Previous affairs and partnerships

The love birds were already engaged in 2011 and were planning to marry. The couple never made it up to the altar however. He is not seen with any other woman since their breakup and seems to be staying out of the dating game for now. He is not believed to be dating anyone other than his friendship with Lisette. Perhaps the American Reporteris is taking a break from the love relationship and is more focused on his work.

Phil Keating’s net worth

According to the Washington Times, the U.S. news correspondent’s average salary is $83,300. Depending on the circumstances, though it can be as big as $875,000. The exact figure of Keating’s pay is not yet known so it’s safe to assume that he must earn a little more than a typical news correspondent’s salary because Fox News is one of America’s reputed news channels.

Career reporting

Having graduated from the University of Missouri, Phil was set to start his career as a journalist. His journalistic career began in 1990, when he worked as a reporter and photographer at Wmaz-Tv in Macon Georgia. He has worked for several other news channels, such as Wbns-Tv Kusa-Tv etc. While reporting for Fox News, he covered several breaking stories including the death of Anna Nicole Smith George Zimmerman’s murder trial in 2012 from Gulfport in the aftermathof Hurricane Isaac, etc. Throughout his career the pioneering point was when he reported Nasa’s news. Also, Keating has reported high profile stories such as Terry Nichols Kobe Bryant Matthew Shepard. Stay connected to!!! for more American reporter related articles! Karen Behnke: