60+ Peekaboo Haircuts Ideas

Natural Peekaboo Highlights

We will gradually come up with ambitious concepts for peekaboo highlights, but we will begin with an easy strategy. Go for a natural tone if you don’t want yours to stand out too much. You can grab everything in between from blonde to brown.

Rainbow Peekaboo Hair

On the other side, with striking rainbow highlights, you can go all out.
The cool part is that when your hair is down, they’re not going to demonstrate, but you should be conscious that they’re going to be fully noticeable with hairstyles half up.

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Steel Blue Peek a Boo Highlights on Dark Hair

If you naturally have dark hair, you might want a color that blends beautifully with your peekaboo highlights. For instance, steel blue, black, or dark brown hair goes exceptionally well. We say it’s just supplying the correct quantity of sugar, spice, and all good for peekaboo hair.

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Well Hidden Peekaboo Hair

You may end up with the peekaboo hair result of your dreams when working with a respected hairstylist. In other words, without being fully noticeable, it can effectively finish its task of peering through your hair.

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Frontal Peekaboo Highlights

Alternatively, for your highlights, you can concentrate on particular hair fields. For example, adding peekaboo streaks right in the front is a beautiful way to frame your face. In particular, if you have side-swept bangs, you can use the above picture for inspiration.

Edgy Peekaboo Highlights Short Hair Style

If you have a brief, choppy hairstyle, you should understand that peekaboo streaks are a great way to make it even more elegant. For instance, a pixie haircut with heavy layers with a few burgundy highlights looks incredible.

Blonde and Navy Peekaboo Hair

While some females are flattered with highlights in a color comparable to their natural tone, others look wicked with contrasts. It all relies on the sort of your character and how you plan your hair to express it. The combination is platinum blonde and navy.

Curly Hair with Peekaboo Streaks

The peekaboo highlights on curly hair are ups and downs. While the streaks will magnificently outline your curls, owing to the form of your strands, they will also be almost impossible to cover up. We believe the whole concept is great.

Subtle Peekaboo Highlights

What if you want a scarcely noticeable peekaboo hair? You should go for an attitude to lowlights. In other words, your streaks mix into your primary color harmoniously, concentrating on the lower half of your hair.

Autumn Mix Peekaboo Hair

In seasonal hairstyle mood? You can still bring the colors connected with this amazing season with you wherever you go, even when the winter is over. You can add a mix of peekaboo streaks in autumn colors on a dark brown, chestnut, or burgundy foundation.

Hair Blonde with Purple Highlights

Light or dirty blonde hair looks great when combined with vibrant peekaboo impact tones. You can choose from more than enough options, but for the moment we want to shine the spotlight on this bright purple shade.

Side Peekaboo Streaks

Another pleasant aspect about peekaboo hair is that no regulations exist.
Basically, wherever you want, you can get your hidden highlights, whether they are below or just on one hand. We enjoy the way in this shot honey blonde looks black.

Emo Peekaboo Hairstyle

If you add some happy emo hairstyle highlights, you’ll be nearer to scene hair. If you’re bored with all-black emo hair and feel the need to add some color to it, you can use this concept. To begin with, pink or magenta are lovely ideas.

Multicolor Peekaboo Highlights on Brown Hair

Considering that brown is an earth tone, some brightening up could be used. What better way to do this than with highlights from multicolor peekaboo?
All you need to do is determine your palette and see how the colors can be mixed together.

Peekaboo Highlights in Cool Tones

Choose a sequence of colors with a popular theme as an option.
Just one instance is this cool range of shades, which contains melted blue, purple, turquoise, and green tones. They look at black hair especially enchanting.

Black Peekaboo Streaks

If you’re rocking a blonde platinum hairstyle, you can go the other way around and look a little dark. In this situation, under your pearly white coat, you can’t go wrong with some black streaks.

Peekaboo Bangs highlights

As described earlier, peekaboo hair has no laws of style. This implies that if you like that, you can only get some of these hidden highlights on your bangs region. With side bangs and asymmetrical hairstyles with peekaboo highlights, you’ll have lovely outcomes.

Royal Blue Peekaboo Streaks

It must be admitted that this is one of the most severe colors of royal blue ever seen in hairstyle. We also want to offer props to anyone who has the concept of mixing it with brown. The two shades look great together.

Pink Peekaboo Highlights

Nobody hurts a little pink, right? Regardless of whether you have blonde, brown or black hair, you can rest assured that a chic addition to your hairstyle will be baby pink highlights. Consider light pink with blonde hair for a subtle outcome.

Yellow Peekaboo Hair

We’re back to the brave colors for this concept, inspired by the yellow tones around. Think about selecting a comparable color for your peekaboo hair, like yellow, if you’re usually a bright and outgoing individual.

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Ginger Hair with Blonde Peekaboo Streaks

Back in the early days, Lindsay Lohan showed everyone that naturally red hair and blonde highlights were totally a t. The concept remains powerful as ever, particularly when peekaboo hair is in the ginger debate.

Dark Hair Blonde Underneath

We began our list with an instance of dark brown hair with blonde peekaboo stripes. But how else would they look around? Getting a dark layer under your primary color will make your hairstyle feel a feeling of mystery and romance.

Green Peekaboo Highlights on Brown Hair

Why not, but in a dramatic manner, take some nature into your lives? Use the earth as an inspiration to incorporate green into your hairstyle, but simply transform it into an emerald tone. We’re certain you’re going to love the outcomes.

Peekaboo Hair with Ponytail

Hair that works better with peekaboo hair than ponytails. To reveal your sweet streaks immediately, all you need to do is get a hair tie and wrap your locks in a classic pony to show them off.

Rose Gold Peekaboo Highlights

As far as the hair trends of this year are concerned, almost none are comparable to rose gold. You will discover a extremely stylish and discreet option of highlights when using rose gold for peekaboo hair to make blonde hair more fascinating.

Pastel and Bright Mix

Are you in love with pastels heading over the heels? Do you love colors that are vibrant? You’re caught between these two concepts?! Don’t worry–you can combine them with the ultimate hairstyle peekaboo! Mix pastels with shades of brightness without taking care of a truly memorable look.

Purple Peekaboo Highlights on Dark Hair

There’s a pattern going on for peekaboo highlights colors as you’ve most probably noticed by now. Brunettes go for cool shades in most instances, while blondes usually choose hotter colors. Another concept is violet for their peekaboo hair for our dark-haired divas.

Silver Peekaboo

Or you can always hop creatively on the granny hair trend.
Instead of completely dying your hair gray, with some sassy silver streaks on your dark base, you can go against the grain. For best outcomes, we suggest mixing the peekaboo method with traditional highlights.

Peacock Hair Underneath

What do you get by mixing intense blue, medium violet, and cool green sounds? One of the finest peacock hair employment you can find!
For a completely colored undercoat, you can mix all these shades similarly.

Pastel Peekaboo Highlights

We believe we can all agree that pastels are beautiful, regardless of their particular shade. Pastels increase the femininity of your general appearance from pink to violet, blue and more, giving your hairstyle a fairytale-like touch as well.

Isolated Peekaboo Highlights

No one stops you from adding a single peekaboo strand to your hair wherever you want. For example, just behind your ear you can take a piece of hair and dye it in a vivid color. It’s also a great way to test any hair color you don’t know.

Hot Pink Peekaboo Streaks

Why not be courageous with the highlights of your peekaboo and go hot pink?
You can’t deny the effect that flashy pink can have on it, whether you have blonde or black hair. For women with an approach, we suggest this concept.

Peekaboo Heavy Coverage Highlights

We submitted a few thoughts with scattered or subtle peekaboo streaks, but what about abundance throughout your hair? If you have lengthy locks, you should be conscious that with countless concealed highlights you will look jaw-dropping.

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Blonde Tips Around

You can attempt whatever color you want, just make sure you concentrate on the ends of your strands to get the look right.

Lavender Peekaboo Highlights

That’s why we talked so much about pastels. Just look at how the ash blonde hair looks like phenomenal lavender streaks. Here’s another situation where for amazing outcomes you can easily mix peekaboo highlights with lowlights.

Teal Peekaboo Streaks

We talked about the distinctive beauty of teal hair in an older article. Now, with peekaboo streaks, you can take that understanding and make excellent use of it. We think that for brown-haired females, the wealthy shade looks especially flattering.

Peekaboo Highlights with hot tones

This is the ideal illustration for supporting our concept of dark hair with cool tones and light hair with hot ones. If you have blonde or light brown hair, for the ultimate peekaboo highlights hairstyle, you can bring some of your favourite hot colors.

Chestnut Lowlights

You can easily see why chestnut is one of the year’s top trendy hair colors. Of course, you could choose to dye all around your hair chestnut, but why be the same as anybody else? Instead, opt for peekaboo emphasizes in this hot brown tone.

Magenta Under

Like teal, magenta is a hair color never to be ignored. You can either choose to get some concealed highlights of magenta here and there, or you can go courageous with a layer of red-purple peekaboo hair below.

Peekaboo Highlights with Messy Bun

Like ponytails, messy buns are a great way to capture attention from your secret highlights. Not only do they take literally one minute to put together, but for any females who rock peekaboo hair, they are also highly flattering.

Braided Hairstyle with Peekaboo Highlights


Blonde Hair with Pastel Highlights:

There are a range of blonde colors in the race to win the prize for the most trendy hair color. Pastel hue is the ideal fashionable color if you have a natural blonde hair color. Pastel highlights with light colored hair look lovely.

Black Hair with Blue Highlights:

The black and blue blend enhances the beauty of your facial characteristics, particularly your eyes. For females with cool and neutral skin tones, Blue is a ideal chunky highlight. This chunky highlight will make your hair look eye-catching and brighten your face’s beauty.

Blonde Hair with Pink Streaks:

This is one of chunky highlights ‘ finest hair color concepts. The findings are just fantastic when a blonde color is coupled with pink. The highlights on the light shade of this vibrant color are wonderful.

Ombre Hair with Pink Closing Shades:

This is a ideal highlight for all lengthy hair beauties. The crown color should be an ombre shade and purple should be the closing shade. Other vibrant shades such as blue, green and purple can also be tried.

Rainbow Hair Colors:

This is one of chunky highlights ‘ finest hair color concepts. This lovely colored rainbow hue is produced from a light-colored hue. In all hairstyles, these colorful highlights look fairly.
This temporary coloring requires less effort, and whenever you want you change your look.

Red Lowlights Hair Color Ideas:

This is one of chunky highlights ‘ exemplary hair color ideas.
These red lowlights enrich the color of your natural hair. To give your hair an eye-catching impact, you can use distinct shades of red like burgundy, cherry, and maroon.

Bright Highlights for Attractive Hair:

These amazing bright highlights make you look more appealing and are the simplest way to modify your appearance. It adds a lot of volume to good hair and makes you look special with the vibrant hue.

Colorful Long Hair Highlights:

This is one of chunky highlights ‘ finest hair color concepts. These chunky highlights will make it appealing and eye-catching to your lengthy layers. These colorful highlights will make your hair feel profound.
You can use daring colors to make your hair stand out.

Purple Highlights Blue Hair Color:

A easy change of color can totally transform your look. This blue hair with purple highlights is just incredible if you want to experiment with an artistic, distinctive and cool color. The blue and purple combination will give a fairytale touch.

Teal Highlights Golden Blonde:

These teal highlights are the first option for all young and wild women. A courageous declaration will be made by the golden blonde hair color with teal highlights and auburn streaks.

Silver Fox Hair Color Ideas:

This is one of chunky highlights ‘ matchless hair color ideas. Hidden dark strands of this eye-catching blonde hair will make you look great. To create a youthful impression, keep the bangs long.

Blonde Hair Color Ash Highlights:

This platinum bob is a wealthy color that will make you look distinctive and distinct. Expressing yourself is one of the finest colors. The contrast is fantastic between a blonde shade and a brown shade.

Chunky Highlights Curls:

Chunky highlights are used to add life to your hair.
These colorful blonde and brown highlights will make you look amazing and unique. For a cool look, this is a ideal style.

Blonde Hair with Lowlights:

This is one of the finest chunky highlights hair color concepts. These lowlights will make your hair look more flashy. On your caramel, bronze or beige hair color, you can use light brown highlights.