Pedro Alonso – Biography of Pedro Alonso

Actor Pedro Alonso was born in 1971 in the town of Vigo, Pontevedra province.

After finishing his secondary studies, Pedro enrolled in the Royal High School of Dramatic Arts, from which he graduated. Later, in order to complete his training, he also enrolled in the Dance Theater, in addition to teaching different courses related to acting.

The actor is very popular on Galician television, for having participated in some of the series produced in that community. He has an extensive career both in television and in film and theater.

As for this last medium, the theater, he has participated in a large number of works, with such prestigious companies as La Fura dels Baus or the National Classical Theater. The actor even started his own company, known as Grupo Dom.

He has a wide filmography, being able to place his debut in the cinema in 1996, with the film “Paranoia dixital”, in which he had a supporting role. After this he played the character of Antonio in the film “Alma gitana” directed by Chus Gutiérrez, with whom he would later work again in “Insomnio” and “El calentito”.

He has worked with directors such as José Luis Borau, in “Niño Nadie”, Achero Mañas, in “Noviembre”, or Icíar Bollaín in “Flores de otro mundo”.

Other notable titles of his filmography are “I have a house”, “Clara’s vacation”, “Brother’s night” or “18 meals”.

He has also appeared in some short films, such as “Hábitos” or “El plentar del hipcampo”. In this field he has even made forays into directing and production, with the short “Amigos invisibles”.

Regarding television, although he had previously participated in a series such as “All men are equal” or “At eleven o’clock at home”, his popularity came from his participation in the Galician series “Rías Baixas”, in which incarnated the character of Pedro, and in which he was working from 2003 to 2005, becoming a very popular face for the Galician public.

This popularity increased in 2006 when he joined another series of said community, “Maridos e mulleres”, where he played Carlos, during 2006 and 2007. And in 2008 he gave life to Father Horacio Casares in the series ” Padre Casares ”, also on Galician television.

At the state level, he was Tomás “Toni” in “Code fire” and, in 2011, he was hired to work in “Gran Hotel”, which gave him great popularity outside of his community. He has also intervened occasionally in other well-known series, such as “Raquel seeks her site”, “The commissioner”, “Central Hospital” or “Scientific RIS”.

The actor has garnered many recognitions during his career, having been nominated many times for the Mestre Mateo Award for best actor for his performances in “Padre Casares” or “The mirror.”

At the Bogotá Film Festival he was nominated for the best actor award for his work in “Tengo una casa”, and at the Peñíscola Comedy Film Festival he was also nominated for the best actor for his work in “Insomnia.”