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3 Reasons Apple Is Pushing for NSA Spying ReformsMegan Elliott August 14, 2015 Source: iStock Libraries will get you more than money during times of no library writer Anne Herbert said once. Not only is the public library of your city a virtually unlimited source of no-cost reading material, it is also a treasure trove of other free resources from lessons to computer labs and more. So if you haven’t set foot in a library since college graduation, you may not know what you’re missing. You may think that the advent of the digital era has made libraries obsolete with their long book shelves and journal and magazine racks. There could not be anything further from the facts. Savvy librarians adjusted to our changing world to make the public library as relevant today as it was in the day of Andrew Carnegie. Public libraries might be more relevant today than ever before,” New York Public Library president Tony Marx told The Atlantic. “Their mission is still the same” to provide all people with free access to the information. The way people access information has changed but they still need the knowledge to thrive and that is what libraries provide.”

1. Seeds for your garden

Source: iStock Many libraries encourage you to exercise your green thumb while, at the same time, saving you many green with a variety of seeds that you can check out and plant in your garden. Like other items that you borrow from the library, the seeds don’t need to be returned, but you might be asked to collect seeds from your plants and donate it to the library so that others may enjoy the service. Need a French Japanese or Farsi crash-course before your next holidays? The library can provide online access to language learning applications such as Rosetta Stone or Mango Languages for free. When you’re ready to try out what you’ve learned from many branches, you can also host free talk clubs or live lessons, or check out a foreign language film to test your skills. 4.

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5. Museum passes

Yoga and fitness classes

You may not think of a library as a place to get a workout, but many are offering free exercise classes to help you get fit. A common offer is yoga classes that require nothing more than some open space and an instructor, but some libraries do provide free aerobics and dance lessons like Zumba.

Perhaps you might buy a digital subscription to your favorite magazine or sign up for a service such as Next Issue that gives you access to hundreds of magazines for about $10 a month. Or you could easily check out your local library’s digital magazines on your phone. Many libraries have digital periodic access through Zinio, customizing the titles they sell to suit the interest of patrons. Only sign in with the info on your library card and pick the titles you want to read. It’s a great quick way to get a very high-quality magazine experience without getting MediaShift told the print magazine Peggy Murphy the Los Angeles Public Library’s collection services manager. 7.

Your children’s activities Source: iStock Children’s activities at the library are limited to the time of the novel. Your public library may also have game nights and lego-building clubs free after-school tutoring to teen book clubs crafts classes. Plus you can watch your favorite children’s DVDs, and maybe even video games. We even let you borrow board games from some libraries. 8.

Tools for studying genealogy

9. Job search and resume support

It’s hard to look for a job but your library makes it a bit easier. You can of course check out career guides and books filled with advice on job interviews. But you could also drop in for a free resume clinic and sign up for a class and learn new computer skills or access online resources to help you train for certification exams or print copies of your resume.

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