Payal Kadakia Marriage and

Payal Kadakia Marriage and BoyfriendIt is a blessing to have a wonderful family with a successful career and a loving marriage. Payal Kadakia Ceo of ClassPass has a blessed personal life along with a successful career. She’s married to Nick Pujji, a lawyer. The husband and wife recently announced they’re expecting their first child. Scroll down and know everything from dating to marriage, about her love life. Birthday Turned Out To Be Good!!

It was Kadakia’s birthday on 2 February 2014 as well as Super Bowl Sunday when she met her future husband Nick Pujji, an attorney at the New York Super Bowl party for a friend. At first sight it needs to be love. The couple went up on their very first date two days later. If you called this too fast then you have to know they’d get married really soon eventually.

The artistic director of the Sadance Company and her boyfriend planned to travel to Greece and landed for a connecting flight in Paris after about a year. She got to know after some time that their flight to Greece had been cancelled, and they would spend the night in Paris. The couple went for dinner to one of Payal’s favorite restaurants where Nick kneeled down and proposed. Several friends arrived in Paris the next day to mark the marriage. Well Nick Pujji had planned it all to surprise her fiance.

An engagement ring built with super-personal touches Her commitment ring carried so many stories into it. On the side of the ring are 15 gemstones which represent the 15 months they dated. It also consists of their birth-stones. Other than that, there’s a temple on top designed to look like a temple in India that’s both Hindu and Sikh because she’s Hindu while her fiancĂ©’s Sikh. See also; Marielle Bergman Wife Of An American Actor Peter Bergman What’s more there is a necklace pattern that Payal never takes off and a bracelet that Nick never takes off. Tradition and culture played a significant part in their marriageDont miss out with us for a moment.