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The ArchiveTeam is aiming to save all public Google Plus contentIn order to preserve the majority of public Google Plus posts, a huge data migration project is set to take place. The people behind the project are the “Archive Team” members and the whole thing happens voluntarily. Google Plus is going dark in just two weeks so there’s not much time left to store it all. Google Plus users are enjoying their favorite social media platform through the final days as the upcoming April 2 special backup tool shutdown date never covered the public aspect of the details. April 2nd would mean the end of Google Plus and all its content, with all the posts that users have diligently written insightful information that was shared with everyone and discussions that opened up the horizons of their participants going down the drain. The ArchiveTeamsave the public content of Google Plusweb.archive.orgspecial website watchlist that is about to be shut down to decide where to focus on. There will of course be certain drawbacks to this method. Photo and video will be stored at a lower resolution than was shared on those websites. In addition, super-huge posts which count a large number of comments (in the hundreds) will most likely be reduced to a smaller size. Finally, storage space is something that costs and time until the complete shutdown is short so that the ArchiveTeam has to operate against the clock as well as with finite resources. If you have a reason to help them, you can always do so by contributing to the team and allowing your content to solidify in time, indirectly. For more of this kind of news.