Outlook Alternatives 2019: 10

Outlook Alternatives 2019: 10 Professional Email Clients ByDeepak Parihar-February 8, 2019 “0/0.2381.jpg” Microsoft is a giant label. The number of innovations that they bring into average people’s lives clearly illustrates their impact in the tech world. Microsoft’s Outlook is one such product. Over the years, it has become a crucial part of millions of people’s personal and private lives. It’s impossible to stay away from Microsoft’s ecosystem today that seamlessly integrates all of its Outlook apps into one platform. It is a heck of a bargain for sure. Outlook’s excellence comes with a price tag, however, and it’s quite complicated for an average user who isn’t acquainted with saturated email clients function. If you also face a platform problem here are a few alternatives to consider. We will list 10 best Outlook alternatives in this article that are simple and clean and do not cost a fortune.

1. Gmail ‘ 0/0.2382.jpg ‘ Overview Supported Platforms Web Android iOs Price Pros Integration with Google App Search No Offline Access Only Web-based model Visit Overview Supported Platforms Windows Price $4.19 per year (Mailbird Pro) Layout Customization App i.e. In addition to all the mainstream functions, Mailbird also lets you customize its layout. So you can make it look the way you want it to be. 3.


“0/0.2384.png” Supported Platforms MacOs Windows Linux Cost Free Pros Cons Don’t use calendar and task list Visit Thunderbird The title for the most common email client would probably go to Thunderbird’s Mozilla. The platform has stood the test of time and has managed to impress with consistent innovations on its user base. Thunderbird supports tons of plugins and unlimited e-mail accounts. The platform makes syncing a simple task between major providers such as Gmail and Yahoo. Very recently, the company announced its integration with social media in its biggest update of the last year.Mac Windows Price $29.95 for eM Client Pro (One-time payment) Pros Live Backup Auto-replies Not available on mobile platforms Visit eM Client We recommend eM Client to users who don’t have megatons of email accounts. This free platform has a great application for both Windows and Mac desktops. It lets you sort your email accounts in separate windows and in a universal inbox as well. For their compact and clean design, we found eM Client a very manageable platform. It also features a drop-down calendar and a contact list with an instant chat pane. Customer eM must be credited for its up-to-date and modernist look. Users may also switch to complete dark on the theme. The free version lets you use only two accounts. You can however get its unlimited commercial version with a small subscription fee. 5. Windows Mail

“0/0.2386.jpg” Overview Price Free Pros Supported Platforms Pre-installed and integrated with Windows 10 Cons Visit Windows Mail The native Windows 10 Window mail client definitely has plenty of juice in it to compete with Outlook. The platform is super simple and can be customized to the full background image. Windows Mail has a deal for you if you just want a clean interface to access all of your email accounts with basic functionalities. The platform however struggles with advanced features such as office integration. We suspect that keeping it away from advanced features is what makes it a swift alternative to lightning. You can also pin Windows Mail to Start which allows you to get the snippets of your latest emails via its Live Tile functionality. You can also pin accounts individually to keep personal affairs away from the business.

Open Source Free Pros Encrypted Privacy Friendly Cons Unpleasant Ux K-9 Mail K-9 Mail is an open-source customer built around security. With its encryption and security options, the platform ensures you get the best of the privacy features. K-9 Mail’s look is kept very clean and plain but is filled with features both front and back at the same time. It has multiple signature email address configuration of account and folder sync return address, and many more. The K-9 is designed specifically for Android users. It’s our safest bet if you’re on Android and are searching for a reliable and stable substitute K-9. 7.

Evolution ‘ 0/0.2388.png ‘ Overview Supported Platforms Linux Bsd Gnome OpenPgp Price Pros Encryption Spam filters Not available for MacOs or Windows Visit While most of the email clients featured in this list are just platforms to manage your emails from multiple accounts Evolution has a better degree It is manager of personal information. It is an open-source platform that features Gnome Work-Group Information Tool. This tool helps you integrate apps from third parties and manage all the email function from a single screen. Besides being filled with characteristics Evolution is also very secure. It has an encrypted connection which adds an extra security layer to your emails. With the support of its special tools the platform effectively eliminates spam emails. It’s also very effective in the synchronization of devices. 8.

Apple post

Beautiful intuitive design Thread-like conversations Cons No zero inbox No email scheduling Visit Apple Mail If you are in Apple’s ecosystem Apple mail would be your most pleasing bet. 9.


“0/0.2390.png” Supported Platforms $40 (one-time payment) Price Windows and Mac Pros No Mobile Apps Visit Postbox is primarily designed to get things done quickly. The concept of quick-function allows users to get more out of their email client in the shortest possible way. That makes Postbox arguably the most organized email client on the list. The platform has robbed Apple Mail of some of its visual elements. The platform’s overall feel is fairly elegant and simple. Not only does the interface look good but it’s strong and versatile too. It features tools for organizing quick searches such as unified view filters and labels, and more. 10.

Zimbra Desktop

“0/0.2391.png” Overview Retro Look Visit Zimbra Desktop Zimbra is a product which is less flashy than other products. The platform has been around for years, and has grown in both capacity and popularity over time. The platform hasn’t upgraded and still features a retro look in its appearance. On the outside, it looks slightly dull compared to the other applications on the list. However Zimbra features the same three-sectioned structure with additional features in the form of buttons such as address book and calendar at the top. Despite new material design advances some people still prefer a retro email client. For those people Zimbra is a comfortable place. Grip.