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Philo Drops $16/mo Bundle Allows existing subscribers to maintain their plansByGabriela Vatu-April 23, 2019.101 Philo drops $16/Mo bundle from May 6. Philo is dropping the $16 package per month and having the 58 Channel bundle just $20 per month from here out. This is not really a major change as other live television networks have introduced in recent months, but for Philo it is still a change. Given the small price difference between the two packages, it is safe to say that many customers have already selected the $20 package per month, even though the company is not going to share the exact numbers. The more expensive package included several extra channels-Mtv Live Bet Her Nicktoons Logo Cooking Channel Destination America Discovery Family Channel Discovery Life Channel and more as a side-by-side contrast. New customers will only be able to join beginning May 6, 2019 by choosing the $20 per month pack. Those who are already using Philo will even get to move between packages whenever they want as long as their subscriptions are active to keep their prices and their bundles. “We at Philo take great care to create the best possible TV experience at an affordable price. After we launched 18 months ago, the majority of the other companies in our room have in some cases increased their prices many times. That is not what we wanted to do. Even when we looked at all the costs of running Philo — which escalate over time — consolidating into a single $20 bundle was the best way for us to retain the same deal that we have today without raising prices for everyone or cutting back in ways where we aspire to improve like our customer support, “explains Philo Ceo Andrew McCollum. – Ratings and interviews for more Tech news guides.