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EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Pro Review – Safest Way to Recover Missing Deleted FilesByNovak Bozovic-August 21, 2018.881 How many times have you deleted anything on your machine just to remember that at some stage you might need it? For time to time these things happen no matter how alert you are. But, when you search online about how to get those files, the real trouble begins. This service is provided in various guides and freeware applications. And basically none of them work. So we need to find a reliable solution. So welcome to our analysis of the Wizard Pro EaseUs Data Recovery. Product name summary EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Pro Supported Windows 10/8/7/Vista / Xp Platforms. Supports all file systems; Constructive protection against data loss; Supports external devices; Price $89.95 (currently $69.95); includes free trial. Visit Ease Us Data Recovery Wizard Pro Final Verdict Pros Very user friendly; Quick and intuitive Ui; Highly capable; supports deep device scanning; available filtering and previewing. Cons On the Hand of the Pricier. Data Recovery Wizard should be your go-to option in case you need a 100 percent effective tool to restore your deleted files. Our Score 9.6/10 EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard is quite a powerful tool to restore your data as you can assume by now. Keep on reading our analysis to get to know this device a bit better.

Doesn’t it?.882 EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard only supports Windows. You can also use it on MacOs but this program is a completely different version (separate license and updates). Our point:. The good news is that you can mount the Data Recovery Wizard on a whole slate of different versions of Windows starting with Windows 10 and ending with Windows Xp (now heavily obsolete). The program does not need any specialized specs and even on the oldest Windows Pcs it should run perfectly fine. That means having a hard drive space of 128 Mb of Ram 32 Mb and an X86 Cpu. Likewise, Data Recovery Wizard Pro operates on pretty much all file systems powered by Windows. It includes Fat exFat Ntfs5 but also Hfs+ and ReFs with ext2/ext3. You may be surprised to learn that MacOs are not part of this equation. This is because Windows and MacOs use entirely different file systems which ensures that the retrieval of files is performed in a completely different way. EaseUs, however, still provides a dedicated Mac app-but it is kept separate from the edition we are reviewing here. This analysis is therefore not an indication of how successful the Mac version of this program is at the business.

.883 The entire installation process is remarkably simple, allowing you to plan and run the application in minutes. Our point:. As you can imagine this process starts with a visit to the official EaseUs website. You can purchase a license straight away, or choose a free trial. You’ll have to download the installation file that comes in at about 40 Mb, either way. .884

User Interface

.885 Recovery of files can be a very tedious process if you do not use the correct tool. EaseUs did a great job coming up with a highly polished and user-friendly Ui. Our point:. .886 Looking at the top-right corner you’ll see several icons. The first one (from the left) lets you import a session. In case you have previously searched for lost files but had to pause, you can save them and then restart the session later. Then there is the menu bar which surprisingly doesn’t come with any fine-tuning options. Alternatively, you can choose a language to help check the current version for changes and see the data backup solution of the business (sold separately). We have to admit we are not surprised by the fact that there is nowhere to find fine tuning. With very little from its owner the program does everything on its own.

Ease of Use

Let’s hope that even if it’s your first time you experience an application like this, you won’t have any problems using it. Our Rating: 9/10. As you can imagine the initial screen is where you continue your search to retrieve files that have been deleted. You can either pick one of the disks available, or assign an accurate location. You will see these devices here if you connect an external drive such as hard drives Usb stick Raid and similar. Tap on ‘ Check ‘ after you have selected the destination or drive. .888 Data Recovery Wizard will now search your device in depth to try and find files that have been deleted. A new screen will appear where you will be able to see the whole operation. You may start browsing various types of files on the left hand side of the screen. To the right you will see a list of files and folders. You can find a few interesting options on top. The oddly-named ‘ Guess You Recover ‘ tab shows a list of the files you can quickly delete from your device. The ‘ Filter ‘ button then lets you narrow down the list of files by different types of files. You can check by your name on the right hand side. If you have deleted an important document and still remember to type its name in the name of the document here. And underneath the area you’ll see four ways to access files. .889 Although this program does not demand that you have an ultra-fast Pc, it helps if you have a processor that is capable of. As far as our experience is concerned Data Recovery Wizard was actually very fast and performed without affecting the rest of the machine. In other words in terms of Cpu and Ram it didn’t need a lot of resources. When it comes to success the biggest factor is your disks. If you have an Ssd, the whole process can be quite fast. During our tests the program was able to find 1500 + deleted files on our 256Gb Ssd drive in a matter of seconds. The full scan took nearly 40 minutes to complete. We checked the application using our 1Tb Hdd pump, too. Deleted files were again found within seconds, while the in-depth search took about two and a half hours. You should be mindful that the initial scan (which runs very fast) should be enough to help you find the deleted files. Only if you are searching for a file that was deleted a long time ago you need to dig deep. So all in very fast results.

Customer Support.891 EaseUs is not a new company and is aware of the importance of providing reliable assistance. Our point:. If you ever experience a problem with EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard you should refer to the official website for assistance. Fortunately the company offers live chat which is a really good benefit. Nevertheless, please note that this service option only extends to customers with premium licenses which means that if you have this application’s Pro license you can use it. The support system is also incredibly helpful. If you look at the website’s main support page, you can see that you can look at video tutorials and faqs for user guides. You can then contact help by phone or live chat via email. You can also take care of your account license codes here, and even ask for a refund. And finally there are hundreds of interesting articles and tutorials on the different software resources that EaseUs provides.

.892 EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard is not the most affordable option, but it can be a life-saving option. Our Rating: 8/10. EaseUs provides three pricing plans for its Data Recovery Wizard, based on your needs as well as whether you’re a private or company customer. Here’s an overview: The Pro edition is priced at $89.95-but you can find it priced at $69.95 right now. It grants you a single license, which unlocks all of the tool’s functionality. The Technician license comes at a price of $299.00 and contains everything that the Pro version brings along plus the ability to give the customers technical services. Users of an ordinary Windows Pc will most likely go to version Pro ($69.95). Although you can certainly find more affordable options out there, you have to know they are generally not as effective as they are. With EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard, you can be confident that if you can restore a lost file at all-you will have the right tool for the job. So it’s safe to say you aren’t going to find a more competent option out there.

Pros: user-friendly; good performance; highly effective; tests the device thoroughly; excellent customer support. Cons: On the hand of a pricier. Our Ranking: Score 9.6/10.

Last ThoughtEase of Use9 Speed Performance10 Customer Support10 Pricing8 Review 9.6 Overall RatingEase of Use9 Speed Performance10 Customer Support10 Pricing8 Review 9.6 Overall Rating