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NCIS: How old isJulia Mullaney More papers Wine and chocolate have had complementary flavours. Most cooking schools and even more offer classes featuring the ideal combination of wine and chocolate. But can that indulgent pair really be safe too? Surprisingly yes — Chocolate and wine will make a really good team. Wine and chocolate make a terrific pair. Sergey Nazarov / Getty Images

Not all wine and chocolate are safe

Red wine contains resveratrol that is good for cardiac health

Red wine is made using grape skins where the nutrients are contained. Red wine actually contains resveratrol. Resveratrol is a compound which helps to reduce inflammation in the entire body. Inflammation can lead to cardiac illness over time. Resveratrol is present in the grape skin (as well as in many other fruits and vegetables) and as the grape skins are used in red wine processing, some of that resveratrol ends up in the wine you drink. Experts say you can reduce the overall risk of heart disease by drinking one glass of red wine each night. There are also several studies that have linked resveratrol to a healthy brain.

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