Mother of the Groom – Movie The Mother of the Groom

When the versatile and simple Charlotte “Charlie” Cantilini (Jennifer Lopez) meet the surgeon, Kevin Fields (Michael Vartan), she thinks she has found her prince charming.

The obsessive mother of Kevin, and also famous actress, Viola (Jane fonda), has just been fired from her television talk show, where she was replaced by a much younger presenter.

The woman, in the midst of a nervous breakdown, fears losing her son, as well as her career.

Kevin schedules a visit to his mother’s house so she can meet Charlie and there he proposes marriage.

Convinced that there is no woman good enough for her son, Viola decides to become the worst mother-in-law in the world in order to get rid of Kevin.

But Charlie she will decide to face her and they will have a fierce battle to prove who is the strongest.