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Netflix Hulu And Hbo Are Available With Some Cell Phone PlansByNitish Singh-March 27, 2018.1014 With At T’s Unlimited Data Plans, you can now get Hbo free of charge. Now coming to Hulu customers Sprint is selling the streaming service Hulu’s Restricted Commercials with its unlimited plans. This will help you save about $7.99 a month and allow you to watch all of Hulu’s content with the occasional commercials. Next we come to T-Mobile and their One Unlimited-Data plan for which you get a free subscription to the Netflix App. But there is a catch – to make use of the free Netflix deal, you will have to own two or more lines of the said contract. This will also save you $10.99/month and still give you access to all the great Netflix content. Other than this you can also get access to their free service with a single line T-Mobile subscription. For Verizon’s landline service, apart from T-Mobile users wishing to have Netflix free can do so. Verizon used to provide exclusive Nfl streaming, but now through the Nfl mobile app, anyone can get the feature.