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What is Dan’s marital status? Relation: Who is married to Dan Bilzerian? N / A Sophia Beverly: What is Dan Bilzerian’s height? 174 cm What is Dan Bilzerian’s Weight? 88.5 kilograms Who is Dan Bilzer?

Dan Bilzerian is a millionaire American bodybuilder and poker player who’s also known for his rich lifestyle. His exotic life has made him a star on Instagram. Dan Bilzerian was born on 7 December 1980 in Tampa Florida, as Dan Brandon Bilzerian. His father Paul Bilzerian and mother Terri Steffen were born. Similarly, Dan has two am Bilzerian and Nelson Bilzerian siblings. More Dan has an American passport and is caucasian in his heritage. Image 1: Dan and his pistol collectionsFigure 2 Image: Dan with his girls Apart from that, Bilzerian was also part of many scandals in April 2014 as he hurled porn actress Janice Griffith from his roof into a pool on a photo shoot, causing her foot to break. Once again Dan kicked a model named Vanessa Castano at the nightclub in Miami after which he was barred from the club. YouTube: This is how Live-Dan Bilzerian (Official Video) but Dan had a lot of business with some of the finest models as well as never settled down. He is no less than Playboy honcho Hugh Hefner, despite his lifestyle. Dan has never further indulged in any sort of serious relationships. He also had an intimate bond with Ashley Soule, who is Ryan Deluca’s former Ceo girlfriend of Sadly for a long time now Bilzerman dated model Andreea Bolbea the partnership could not go further. He is currently topping out with another Sophia Beverly model. Dan Bilzerian Net Worth

Dan is a millionaire, and his poker games earn good fortune. He is living a life of king size with the most luminary. Dan also has two multi-million villa located in Nevada and Hollywood Hills. Figure 3 Image: Dan raised over $10 million overnight playing poker game on his private jet surrounded by beauties More Dan. Via his gambling he even made a whopping amount of over $50 million a year. Dan reportedly has a net worth in excess of $150 million as of 2019. He also owns a range of inline guns and some of the most flashy cars. Dan Bilzerian Body Measures (Height Weight)

Dan has a muscular body that some of the well-known bodybuilding magazines also highlight with his body. Dan is 174 cm tall and weighs 88.5 kilograms. Similarly his hair color is chocolate, with hazel brown eyes.

Dan Bilzerian has taken his popularity to Social Media through his social media. Similarly, on his Instagram page, he has a fan base of over 27.4 million. His profile on Twitter has more than 1.54 million followers.