Mitch Ryan – Biography of Mitch Ryan

Mitchell ryan is an American actor born on January 11, 1934, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In his youth, he was part of the United States Navy during the war in the Koreas. Once he returned to his native country, he began his studies in the field of dramatic arts at the Barter Theater.

Throughout his career, he had his participation in a huge number of projects, among which his foray into film can be found, such as his role as Shorty austin on “Monty walsh“, it was seen in”Relentless hunt“, from the director Don medford, “The centaurs“,”The Battle of Midway” Y “Winter people“, with Kurt russell Y Kelly mcgillis, featured in the credits of “Steel Eagle III“, shot in 1992, worked on”Opposite sex“, did the same in”Hot Shots 2“, of the company Sidley Wright & Associates, embodied Ray Stevens on “The things that never die“and participated in”Speechless“,”Compulsive liar“,”Making Contact” Y “Love for Rent“.

He also made his mark in the world of telefilms, with roles such as that of Ben on “The Fuzz Brothers“, integrating the cast of”The entertainer“,”The Hemingway Play“,”Peter Lundy and the Medicine Hat Stallion” Y “Flesh & Blood“, of the company Paramount Television, was in the cast of “A model has died“, next to Jamie Lee Curtis Y Bruce weitz, had a small stake in “Kenny Rogers as The Gambler: The Adventure Continues“, from the year 1983, he worked in”The Penalty Phase“,”The Ryan White Story“,”Judgment” Y “Majority Rule“, did the same in”Ties from hate“, written by JB White, “A Face to Die For“and starred”Life of the Party: The Pamela Harriman Story“, with the actress Ann-Margret.

Another of the areas in which he worked was that of series, with roles such as that of Burke devlin on “Dark shadows“, in which he was between 1966 and 1967, he got into the skin of the Captain Chase Reddick on “Chase“, had a small participation in the chapter”The Death Dealer” from “Most Wanted“, embodied Tillet Main on “North and South“, was invited in”LA Law“,”Walker, Texas Ranger” Y “Renegade“, with Lawrence The most, shared screen with Tim Daly Y Steven Weber on “Wings“, embodied Edward montgomery on “Dharma & Greg“, between 1997 and 2002, and was a member of the cast of”The West Wing of the White House” and of “The Drew Carey Show“.

In regards to your personal life, Mitch was married to Lynda morse with whom he had 3 children.