Products for hair loss can come and go but some products can withstand the time test. For example, like minoxidil.

Minoxidil, the only drug approved by the FDA for over – the-counter hair loss, remains one of the most effective solutions for men and women who try to reverse thinning hair. When used reliably, the best minoxidil drug–including Spectral DNC-N–has proven results.

In this article, we will analyze 7 minoxidil products, explain how to administer minoxidil, other forms of it, and address some frequently asked questions about it.

With some minoxidil buying tips, let’s kick things off.


Before buying: 5 Things to consider when buying minoxidil 7 best minoxidil products for men and women 2019 How to apply minoxidil in 7 Simple stepsVarious types of “minoxidil”4 Products to be used together with Minoxidil to effectively combat hair loss How to choose these productsFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ)Conclusion BEFORE YOU BUY: 5 THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN PURCHA HOW IT WORKS You already have an idea of what it does and how it works before you decided to buy minoxidil. And, perhaps not. Nonetheless, here’s how minoxidil works its magic: Minoxidil opens up blood vessels, including those that supply hair follicles with blood and nutrients. The increased blood flow in turn helps the hair to repair and revitalize.
It also opens up cell potassium channels and helps to reach the hair follicle cells with more nutrients.
As a result of increased blood flow and nutrients, follicles are growing bigger and stronger.
2. CONCENTRATION Minoxidil products have a concentration of 2% or 5%. The higher the tier, the better the material. For general, only men should use the 5 percent concentration; when using the 5 percent variety, most women report unwanted hair growth on other parts of their body, including their faces and legs.

However, specially made for women, there are 5 percent hair loss products. However, whether you’re a man or a woman, starting with the 2 percent version is usually best before moving on to extra strength products.

3. SIDE EFFECTS Although minoxidil is the only over – the-counter hair loss medication approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), some users report side effects, including dizziness, scalp discomfort, headaches and lightheadedness.

Although very few people experience side effects when using minoxidil, if you observe them for an extended period of time, you should consult your doctor.

4. Most commonly found in water or foam is FOAM OR Water Minoxidil. While both are successful in reducing hair loss and promoting hair growth, differences exist: cost–liquid minoxidil tends to be cheaper than foam. Not that foam is too costly, but it may cost more than fluid a few dollars.
Convenience–Minoxidil foam usually dries faster than liquid and is easier to apply, as many users say. The foam can, however, be more difficult to apply to longer hair than water.
Ease of use–It is not difficult to apply either liquid or foam minoxidil, although there is consensus that foam is less messy.
Side effects–It is said that foam causes less side effects than liquid minoxidil, although this is hardly the case for any user. Also, when using minoxidil, only a small percentage of users experience side effects, whether it is in the form of foam or water.
Effectiveness–The real question, of course, is it working? Yes, minoxidil has positive effects on hair loss care–whether it is liquid or foam–but, according to some reports, fluid may be slightly more effective.
5. PATIENCE Wait for the first time you start using minoxidil. For three to six months, most users do not see positive results, and in the first few weeks, when new hair pushes out older follicles, there is also a “shedding” process. In other words, in your use of minoxidil, you need to be patient and consistent even when it appears to be not working.

Let’s move on to our 2019 impressions of the best male and female minoxidil products.

THE 7 BEST WOMEN MINOXIDIL PRODUCTS 2019 1. DS LABORATORIES DNC-N (FOR MEN) Spectral DNC-N BEST FEATURES: Blocks DHT Continues to work for a longer time Reduces inflammation BEST MINOXIDIL FOR: men looking for improved hair volume and better overall scalp safety OVERVIEW Do any research on DS Laboratories and a term that keeps popping up is’ innovation.’

Goods like their spectral DNC-N are the result, which is actually nanoxidil but serves the same function as minoxidil. It is suitable for early to intermediate hair loss stages and uses multiple approaches to regrowth of hair.

Main compounds found in Spectra DNC-N promote hair growth in the hairline and vertex (the top of the head). This contains copper peptides that, while reducing inflammation, increase blood circulation to the scalp.

It also contains retinol, which helps to prevent androgenetic alopecia–a common cause of men and women’s hair loss. Partly, it does this by blocking hair follicles from dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a male sex hormone.

The nanosome engineering of DS Labs also allows a more efficient penetration of the hair follicle base. And it stimulates the hair follicle anagen (growth) process.

DS Labs also stands out for other reasons, including its strong emphasis on environmental friendliness, among many other businesses. They also recently introduced Oxo-biodegradable packaging, which creates 90% less waste than previous products.

Spectral DNC-N is recommended for six sprays, twice daily, on dry hair. Spray it on the hair loss and thinning area directly. Use your hands to massage the affected area uniformly and do not rinse it off. Whether you have washed it or not, you should add it to your body.
PROS One study showed that hair loss decreased by 93 percent of participants, while hair regeneration was reported by 83 percent.
This includes different extracts of herbs and vitamins that help soothe the scalp and are safe to use.
It has few, if any, side effects, although a small percentage of users claim flakes have been found, which can be dried-on material remains or symptoms of an irritated scalp.
CONS Seeing results may take some time, but this is true of many hair growth products.
BOTTOM LINE DS Laboratories is the cutting edge of hair growth services and is constantly striving for creativity. This commitment is represented by their Spectral DNC-N.

2. LIPOGAINE (FOR MEN) Lipogaine for Men BEST FEATURES: Lowers DHT levels Affordable Packed with substantial nutrients BEST MINOXIDIL FOR: men looking for an established hair loss drug that works OVERVIEW Lipogaine is a recognizable name among brands of minoxidil and its 5% form offers maximum strength to promote hair growth while preventing more hair loss.

Men’s lipogaine works in a variety of ways, including reducing DHT levels while improving hair follicles ‘ overall health. As stated, it contains a 5% minoxidil solution–the best you can buy and recommended in the early to moderate stages of hair loss for any guy.

But it also has other main hair loss-fighting ingredients: Azetinol Azetinol contains vitamin A and fatty acids that help to reduce thinning.

Saw palmetto extract Saw palmetto extract is a DHT hormone blocker that is highly effective.

Beta-sitosterol Another ingredient that helps to block DHT, when used in conjunction with saw palmetto extract, beta-sitosterol is particularly effective.

Oleic acid Oleic acid helps to reduce the level of inflammation and DHT.

Linolenic acid Linolenic is a fatty acid that is important for normal hair growth, commonly known as omega 6.

Niacin Niacin stimulates blood flow to hair loss areas of the scalp.

To order to improve overall hair quality, vitamins B12 and B6 B12 and B6 boost blood circulation to the scalp.

Biotin Biotin is another form of vitamin B vital to the health of the body. For men who experience hair loss, a biotin deficiency is often a leading culprit.

The best way to use Lipogaine for men is to apply 1 ml of the solution to the affected area of your scalp twice a day (which comes with a dropper for easy measurement). Leave all applications for a total of eight hours.

Applying it to dry hair is also best; the drier your face, the quicker it dries, which is good. You can even use it as a spray to keep your hair in place, even if you shouldn’t use too much of it.

When using Lipogaine for men, there is a slight, very slight chance of side effects, including itchy scalp, rashes, and redness and swelling. When you experience any of the signs, stop using the drug and call your doctor.

PROS To experience positive results, you only need to use a small amount of the liquid.
Contains the most widely recognized and effective ingredients for hair loss treatment.
The solution of 5 percent is the most powerful Minoxidil you can buy.
CONS Some users complained that the seal of the bottle was loosening.
For people, BOTTOM LINE Lipogaine has a long-established reputation for stimulating hair growth. In the battle against hair loss, it’s an effective fighter.

BEST FEATURES: Helps prepare the scalp Clinically proven results Promote natural skin exfoliation THE BEST MINOXIDIL FOR: people who want a minoxidil shampoo that provides multiple hair and scalp benefits OVERVIEW Rogaine gets a huge thumb from dermatologists who prescribe it to nearly everyone suffering hair loss. The foam includes 5% minoxidil that boosts the activity of hair follicles as well as the production of hair protein.

It also offers many other benefits, including that, thanks to botanical extracts and emollients included in its ingredients, it helps users maintain a conditioned scalp.

But there is also Rogaine’s innovative Tricho-prime technology which distributes directly to the scalp and follicle a combination of ingredients to stimulate hair growth and thickening. Tricho-prime engineering, Rogaine’s folks claim, is working on touch to help make the scalp an ideal environment for production.

The foam, in effect, will penetrate deep into the scalp to reactivate shrunken hair follicles thus allowing the growth of new skin.

The key ingredient in Rogaine is alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), which encourages natural skin exfoliation to extract dead skin cells from the scalp, which can block pores and hinder hair growth.

While the results vary by individual, in as little as three months, some Rogaine users notice new hair growth and reduced hair loss. In the meantime, the foam can be easily applied and designed to fit into your daily routine.

PROS Clinical results showed that up to 25 percent more hair in men can grow in Rogaine.
The foam is good for use in hair thinning early stages.
The no-mess foam is easy to apply and when you need to get out the door, it won’t hold you up.
CONS Others say that the bottle will not last long.
BOTTOM LINE Rogaine for men in the battle against hair loss lives up to its reputation as an established drug. This promotes hair growth and provides many other benefits to scalp and hair.

5. ROGAINE (FOR WOMEN) Rogaine (FOR WOMEN) BEST FEATURES: Women’s formulated dermatologist-recommended brand Only apply once a day THE BEST MINOXIDIL FOR: Women who prefer to use the strongest minoxidil solution OVERVIEW While Rogaine won’t work for every woman, it works for many of them. And the 5 percent solution is strong stuff that provides many customers with proven results.

How is Rogaine different to men for women than Rogaine? The main reason is that only once a day, women need to do it. The only real difference is that the 5% solution includes propylene glycol in both cases, while the 2% solution is based on alcohol (propylene glycol helps to penetrate the skin).

Like Rogaine for me, Tricho-prime technology features in Rogaine for women, which helps the product penetrate the scalp to activate shrunken hair follicles. The effect is a smoother, younger-looking hair that shows clear signs of regeneration.

Rogaine for women contains botanical extracts and emollients to keep the scalp well-conditioned, as well as alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), which serves as a natural skin exfoliator, in addition to minoxidil.

For any woman in the early stages of hair loss and thinning, Rogaine works best. A half-capful of foam applied directly to the scalp once a day is the recommended application. Using Rogaine is not going to improve outcomes more than once a day.

PROS Rogaine’s regular usage allows most women to achieve noticeable results.
Tricho-prime technology creates the optimum hair regrowth environment.
It’s minoxidil non-greasy that doesn’t leave a mess.
CONS Many women have had side effects on other parts of the body, such as unwanted hair growth.
BOTTOM LINE Rogaine for women has a lot to do with Rogaine for men, the least of which is great for anyone attempting to regrow hair while preventing the thinning hair effects.

6. KIRKLAND MINOXIDIL (FOR MEN) Kirkland Minoxidil (FOR MEN) BEST FEATURES: Available in fluid and foam Available Treats thinning hair on top of the head THE BEST MINOXIDIL FOR: Men finding a more affordable minoxidil alternative OVERVIEW Among the issues critics and consumers often mention when speaking about Kirkland’s 5 percent men’s minoxidil is its lower price relative to that of men. It’s true, it’s cheaper than many other goods, but it doesn’t mean less effective.

Most users report excellent results from regularly using Kirkland minoxidil, including men at the top of their heads experiencing hair loss and thinning. If your hair loss occurs mostly on your hairline, it is not the ideal solution.

Kirkland minoxidil can be obtained in liquid or foam applications. Which one you choose is a matter of personal preference, although some prefer the convenience of foam and for men with sensitive skin it is generally better (because it dries faster than liquid).

PROS The dosage of 5 percent is an excellent solution for many men seeking thinning hair care.
It is particularly effective at the top of the scalp to treat baldness and thinning.
Most clinical studies show the effectiveness of a 5% minoxidil solution.
CONS Does not include ingredients found in other minoxidil products that provide overall health benefits for hair.
BOTTOM LINE The minoxidil of BOTTOM LINE Kirkland is a no-frills drug that gets to the heart of the matter; or the scalp of the matter in this case. It’s a solid, proven solution.

7. BASIC CARE MINOXIDIL (FOR MEN) BASIC CARE MINOXIDIL (FOR MEN) BEST FEATURES: Men looking for a generic minoxidil replacement OVERVIEW Like Kirkland minoxidil, BASIC CARE MINOXIDIL is a “standard” remedy to combat hair loss. And it’s available at a low price, like Kirkland minoxidil.

Basic Care minoxidil comes with few frills in a 5 percent solution, i.e. some of the other ingredients used in more expensive versions of minoxidil. It is meant to be used on the top of the scalp, not on frontal baldness regions, such as a receding hairline.

Again, 5% is the strongest minoxidil solution around, and many studies show that it is more effective than 2% minoxidil–in most cases. It’s worth trying, if nothing else, with an affordable price tag like Basic Care minoxidil.

PROS It is good at the edge of the scalp to combat thinning hair and hair loss.
It’s cheaper than other generic versions of minoxidil.
With regular use of this drug, you should see results within a couple of months.
CONS Many users say it’s oilyer than other forms of minoxidil.
BOTTOM LINE A 5% minoxidil solution is as solid as it comes and is sold at a low price by Basic Care. If at the top of your head you experience hair loss, this is a product worth trying out.

HOW TO APPLY MINOXIDIL IN 7 SIMPLE STEPS It is understandable that you are experiencing hair loss and that you want it to end earlier than later–as it is now. Minoxidil will help deliver results, but to maximize its effects, there is a good way to apply it.

1. GETTING STARTED No hard and fast rule says that before using minoxidil, you need to wash your hair. However, if you do, before applying minoxidil, it’s a good idea to dry your hair, whether it’s minoxidil or foam. Indeed, most experts insist that it should be used by users to dry hair and scalp.

2. USE THE APPLICATOR (FOR LIQUID MINOXIDIL) Liquid minoxidil comes with an application similar to a syringe. Draw the minoxidil before applying to your hair and scalp to the recommended amount (1 ml).

3. APPLY IT Uniformly Part your hair where hair loss and thinning are evident and apply minoxidil uniformly to the areas affected. Rub it in with your finger tips; make sure after application you wash your hands. Note: the same method works to apply minoxidil foam to the affected areas; divide your hair into rows and apply the solution to the scalp.

Do not directly apply minoxidil foam to the scalp, but spray it on your fingers instead and use it for use.

4. LET IT DRY Before adding other hair styling items such as gels and sprays, let the minoxidil solution dry–it may take up to 25 minutes.

5. REPEAT THE PROCESS Applying minoxidil twice daily while leaving at least eight hours between applications is the usual recommendation. Applying it in the morning and then again at night is the easiest way. Before you go to bed, leave plenty of time for the solution to dry so it does not stain your pillows and bedding.

6. ALWAYS USE THE RECOMMENDED AMOUNT Applying extra minoxidil will not produce more drastic or quicker results. But it’s going to waste the product. Even, by doubling the next day, don’t compensate for missing requests. Alternatively, pick up where you left the day before, as suggested, when trying to apply it twice a day.

7. BE PATIENT Minoxidil needs time to work its magic. Don’t expect to see results in a few weeks, as the chances are it will take a couple of months. Results may vary from person to person. You can also expect some shedding in the first few weeks of taking minoxidil, but this is a natural part of the process that will not last long.

Another thing to remember is that minoxidil is not a permanent baldness cure, i.e. you have to keep taking it to see results. It is an effective hair loss treatment as long as you continue to use it twice a day, every day.

VARIOUS TYPES OF “MINOXIDIL” Minoxidil is a catch-all term generally referring to hair loss drugs, but it’s just one treatment option among a number of others.

Minoxidil is the only over – the-counter hair loss drug approved by the FDA, as we mentioned earlier. Technically speaking, it belongs to a class of vasodilators known as drugs that dilate blood vessels and improve blood flow to part of the body, including the scalp.

Further oxygen and nutrients enter hair follicles to help them grow and be healthier by increasing blood flow to the scalp. Researchers originally developed in the 1950s to treat ulcers and hypertension.


Minoxidil dilates blood vessels to enhance blood flow to the hair-growing areas of the scalp. To stimulate growth and overall hair health, an increased blood flow ensures more oxygen and nutrients enter each hair follicle.

Who is the minoxid?
Minoxidil is an over-the-counter drug that helps men and women with hair loss. It is approved by the FDA and promotes hair growth.


Whether it’s liquid or foam, always wash your face thoroughly before applying minoxidil. Liquid Minoxidil comes with a dropper that allows the correct amount to be added to the beard region. You should use your fingers to apply the foam.

Although minoxidil instantly starts to act on hair follicles, it may take up to four months (or more) to see results. That’s why when you first begin using Minoxidil, caution is so important.

While the results vary from person to person, most studies show that for about two out of three people minoxidil works. People under the age of 40 who have suffered hair loss only recently seem to have the best results.

While the risk of side effects is small when using minoxidil, some patients may experience discomfort of the scalp, lightheadedness, swelling of hands and feet, and unwanted hair growth of the face.

HOW TO USE MINOXIDIL FOAM Before using minoxidil foam, make sure your hair and scalp are dry. Share your hair in lines when searching for diluted places. Place the foam around the head and massage it gently into the scalp (you don’t need a lot of it).

For many years, many people continue to treat minoxidil despite continuing to see good hair growth outcomes. Nevertheless, research shows that after 15 years of consistent usage, the results can decline.

Many first-time users are surprised when they first take minoxidil to experience hair shedding. Nonetheless, hair loss is reversible and should not last for longer than two or three weeks.

After you stop taking minoxidil, hair loss will resume, i.e. its effects on hair growth last only as long as you use it. Once you start taking minoxidil, the hair loss and hair growth patterns will return to where they were.

HOW TO APPLY MINOXIDIL TO LONG HAIR Using a dropper is the best way to use minoxidil on long hair. Separate your hair from the side and put a drop of minoxidil in the back of the section, then rub it over the whole region. Repeat the process until you reach the other side and then put on your temples a few more drops.

HOW TO MAKE MINOXIDIL MORE EFFECTIVE Before applying minoxidil, make sure your scalp and hair are completely dry. Do not shampoo your hair for four hours after application, while using a hairdryer after a minoxidil solution may make the treatment less effective.

WHERE TO GET MINOXIDIL Minoxidil is the only FDA-approved over – the-counter hair loss solution, so usually you will find it in your favorite pharmacy or supermarket.

CONCLUSION Minoxidil is one of many hair and hair loss care options. Over the years, it has served for many men and women and appears to be an effective tool in reducing baldness.

We would love to hear from you, as always. You’re using minoxidil? If so, what kind of product? We welcome your suggestions and feedback.


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