Mighty Comb Over Fade hairstyles

There are two simple steps in this season to have a trendy look. First, a comb-over; whether high or low, and second, a fade in the hair. This is where the hair is shortening the development of gentle lines rather than severe ones. Yes, the comb over fade is hot and there are ways you can wear it:

high Life

In this haircut, the dividing line is high and runs at the same height as the crown. The hair was rolled over to curl on the right side, reminiscent of the theme of the 50s jelly roll. For slightly different settings on the clippers, the sides are rated shorter.

high Expectations

For this hairstyle inspired by Mohawk, the undercut was started high on the head and the hair was tapered into a V-shaped back. The long locks were styled into a smooth, high-standing fin shape while the sides incorporated pattern details.

Back blend

In this photo, the hair was snipped with a graded undercut in a V-shaped design. The top locks taper into a step and were swept together at the back to design the locks.

hipster Warning

Are you ready to show your hair on the beach? This style is worn everywhere by the hipsters! The undercut falls out rather than down from the side from the crown and the longer hair is worn forward rather than to the left.

Fade And Fuse

Under a long, straight section, the hair was slowly trimmed in a smooth skin and wrapped in a V-shape around the head. On the other side, the hair has been designed into natural waves that reach upwards.

Swept Away

In this look, the two sides are trimmed into a skin fade under the high, defined sections. Blow-dried the upper locks and swept over the head, making a cheeky curl that falls on the forehead. Volume in front of such a hairstyle works well to give square faces size.

Defined waves give this look a formal feeling, perfect for a special occasion. The upper hair was done with a blow-wave and this hairstyle can be recreated with a hot iron. With a subtle fade, the sides sport a high undercut.

hard men

hard parts like this are made with a razor and look strong and masculine. We see a simple skin fade on the one hand and a smooth quaff on the other hand with a lot of texture. Both come together on the back to form a V-shape.

Music moods

It just wont cut for men with mainstream musical soul haircuts. Thats why they switch to asymmetric hairstyles like this, which together with a gradual fade-out integrates the quiff element.

Go Diagonal

In this example, the diagonal line was taken back across the crown instead of straight back. This helps you on the split side to have more volume and balances the hairstyle.

Sporty Chop

The razor fade undercut on the sides and choppy layers on the top section were given to these locks. The hair is brushed forward from the crown and an interesting diagonal fringe has been added by the stylist.

Rocking Again

Quiff hairstyles are big again this is a type of hairstyle that mixes the 1950s flatop and pompadour styles and sometimes even mixes Mohawk elements together. The bulk of the hairs volume is in front in the rockabilly style pictured here and is balanced by close undercut sides and up and over front sections.
Urban Dapper

height trends are common and this straight-up, combed front-look hairstyle is an example of how to pull it off. With a curly beard and retro shades, your dapper inspired hairstyle and get ready to shine!

Blending In

What makes this razor so impressive is the way the stylist finished it so perfectly on the back. With the hair cut like this, the expert lines of this look are easy to admire.

Growing Curls

This look blends straight and rounded lines to produce a design that needs a second look. The curly top locks hold plenty of strength and it is beautifully balanced against the soft fade-out on the side.

Long wavy hair that look untidy, so why not add a skin fade to keep it current? here , high clippers were used to create a soft fade on one side while on the other side the length of the hair was kept perfect for showing off well-maintained medium-length hair.

Tidy Top

Dapper looks like its all about being smooth and smooth. The undercut was professionally faded from top to bottom in this instance, and the longer top locks were sliced back. True dapper looks best with no distinctions or hard lines as this job.

The Great Taupe Twist

This hair was separated by a long straight cut with the hair on the right remaining long and the hair on the left fading into the skin. A pulled front portion of the long hair adds height to the look.

Punk Rock Top

A curved step cut sweeps into a V-shape at the back and a highly textured top hair. We can see a separated side comb at the front, attracting attention to the heavy undercut. This is an edgy, punk-inspired look.

Fade Out And Fuse

This top view provides an interesting description of how this hairstyle was made. Beginning from the bottom, a rough parting that runs up to the crown can be seen, and alongside it, longer locks have been combined. With a slow fade out, the back and sides are cut short.

Uplifting Pompadour

In the eye view of this guy, we can see clearly the hard parts that characterize this hairstyle and how a stepped surface is formed in the undercut. The top locks were combed back and lifted across the forehead to the sides-a la pompadour.

Brush Up On Style

In this look, the fade starts tightly around the ears with the hair gradually growing outward in length. The middle portion of the hair is the longest and for a super smart look has been brushed up.

Texture Me

Pompadour hairstyles dont always have to be slick try a modern twist by adding texture to such top strands. It gives your gentlemanly look added interest and height.

Gray Fade

Dont follow the herd create and wear your own unique style! A short off center parting curves in this unusual hairstyle before blending into the crown. On both sides, with a short fade over the right side, we can see chunky cut hair. A trendy gray paint has been used to spice up the quiff.

Edgy Locks

Look like that by telling your stylist to cut your top locks. This will add texture and you can easily style it with a little product as you can see here. here the skin fade is understated and there is no visible parting.

Uncluttered Length

Keep your look uncluttered and stay as long as this guy did. he sports a high length of stubble undercut while the locks on top were combed back and reached the necks nape.

Up and Over

In this hairstyle, most of the locks above the undercut was swept backwards while one part was styled in an up and over curl dropping into the ear.

Retro Rebel

Using natural wavy hair to produce such a retro style! Pair with sharp details, a smooth razor fade, and a twist on the moustache, and youre going to turn heads soon.

With A Fine Tooth Comb

Visible parts are fine, but if you want to look more subtle, try combining the longer locks to soften the line. Only fade around the edges with a skin pair and brush through the hair.
The angle of style

Pay attention to the sharp lines of your hairstyle by adding some details of the razor line over the temples. The sharp angular lines emphasize the super straight hard parting and the precise fade of the skin in this example. There is no stray hair to be seen in this comb-over style!

Big On Style

Go for glamor in hollywood and copy this beautiful hairdo! The undercut is slightly choppy here, whereas the upper locks are blow-dried and the finger is combed out, out and slightly forward.

Up and Back

From this angle, we can see the fading of the hair on the sides. A short parting separates the hair and has the largest length on the right. With a little raise over the front, these locks are combed straight back.

Brush Up Fancy

Lords love sleek and ultra-neat hairstyles like this. Copy this look by having a high back and side undercut and then blow-drying the remaining hair.

Ice Storm

Platinum colored hair looks great when textured and the thickness at the top is further highlighted by darkly shaded roots in this look. As the hair blends shorter along the sides, this dark color becomes more visible.

Street Fashion Patterns Ready for the new street fashion? There are patterned undercuts, and your imagination is the only limit. here the undercut was cut in a pattern of diamond style while the upper locks were straightened and swept backwards.

Sleek Comb Back

In this look, the longest hair sits on top of the head separated by a gradual skin fade from the lower section. The shorter hair is brown, but a dark ashy blonde colored the locks on top. This light-colored hair was brushed from the front straight back.

Shaping Up

This brilliant undercut barely notices the transition. On the other hand, blow-dried long hair and combed finger to create a center flair.

Close Brush Over

The diagonal line formed by the overhanging top locks on the back draws attention to this hairstyle. You can see a subtle V-shaped pattern in the undercut below the edge of these keys.

Rounded Quiff

For men of any gender, rounded off quiff types like this are perfect. By fading the undercut and adding a hard parting, its made modern. The hair has been blow-dried and styled as a pin-like coif.

Quiff Success

For people who want to rock a vintage look, the quiff is the comb over. We love the upper hairs weaving lines and thick waves and the razors gentle slope fade along the sides.

flame and fade! What a glimpse! Use this one if youre ready for a high-fashion street look. The hair has a long side-high parting with underneath a two-step undercut. The longer hair to curl high over and cover the undercut on the other side was combed over and styled.

Tapered Fade With Mod Top

Chunky locks as seen here look even better in comparison when paired with a sleek tapered fade. This hairstyle is sleek on the back of the temple and textured with detached edges on the rim.

Push Up With Braid Detail

Starting on the right side, the hair is pushed up and gradually tapered backwards. The hair was braided back just before the hard parting and theres a skillful razor fade on the other side.

A Different Parting

Instead of splitting the long and the short hair, this short split divides layers of longer locks while the skin fads on the right. Create your look interesting by drawing flowing lines like this around the eyes.