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BySydney Butler-23 February 2019.1089 In practice, it is not difficult to understand the notion of a “black” economy. It is a place where, like any other store, the goods and services are offered. The difference is due to the type of goods and services the black market could provide. What’s for sale is more often than not on the wrong side of the law. Whether or not you think that law makes sense. Black markets are often described as risky and full of people who would like nothing to deceive you any more. After all, if you get into trouble it is not like you can run to the police. In some ways the Dark Web’s black markets mimic their meatspace counterparts. Stuff couldn’t be more different in other respects. If you were curious about the deal with Darknet Markets now is the time to pull a chair up and listen.

.1090 Why the Dark Web? Because black markets are going to thrive on the Internet? Why makes it so unique to criminal businessmen, and eventually so attractive? It is down to the unique technology underpinning the Dark Web. Unlike the DeepWeb network of volunteer machines, it is a heaven for those who want to remain anonymous to freely route data through the Dark Web. The emergence of decentralized digital currencies such as Bitcoin has opened the door to trade on the Dark Web in addition to this technology. Now you can view and buy products with no significant risk of exposing your identity.

Buying and selling on Darknet Markets

Anonymity and a web-based way of getting money are all well and good. In theory it makes Darknet Markets but it is not what powers them. The value given by those black markets. No it’s the trust that makes Darknet Markets work. A product very rare on the Dark Web and therefore expensive. Darknet Markets function at every transaction as neutral third-party actors. We put together buyer and seller but also provide safety nets such as escrow services. Buyers and sellers can often rate one another using those platforms. Scammers can be easily rooted out and none of the parties need to know any of each other’s consequences. It is an agreement that has an opportunity for all three stakeholders to play by the rules. In a world where no one can trust each other, the only way the market can operate is to make sure no one stands to gain more by cheating. How is it that the goods get where they go? Surprisingly sellers often only use the postal service. Alternatively, black market couriers will be used to leave things in dead drops or some other low-profile form.

What’s Menu on?

.706.1091 There are plenty of Darknet Markets doing business today but it’s safe to say that the Dark Web trade’s golden age is over for now. It looks like the Fbi or some other three-letter entity is closing down another black market every week. Several Darknet Markets are still the stuff of legends. They may not be around anymore but these markets made billions at their height.

Silk Road

It is an adventure tale of fictional murders of a mountain of money and the subsequent jailing of a whole list of people. Including “Dread Pirate Roberts” the founder of the Silk Road Well it’s worth a read. The Fbi shut down the Silk Road in 2013.


The current king of the hill emerged not too long after the Silk Road ceased. Alphabay has more than 400,000 users. While Alphabay sold nearly the same product types as the Silk Road, it grew to a much larger size. It was ten times bigger than the Silk Road ever was at its peak. The government eventually came to Alphabay too, but before finally going down it worked for an amazing (almost) three years. Hansa

The next pretender for the crown would have been its rival Hansa, with Alphabay out of the picture. Only Hansa was taken over by the authorities secretly, and made into a trap. Following Alphabay’s shutdown users switched to Hansa now realizing it was supposed to reveal them. That is why Hansa’s going to live on in infamy.

Darknet Markets That Are Still Going Strong While legends all seem to be gone, many markets are still operating today. Markets that have learned from the errors that pioneering operations have taken down. While nobody knows how long every Darknet Market will last these sites are still bringing in a lot of activity for now.

Dream Market

With approximately 60000 listings of drugs (if you include opioids) Dream has something it seems to us. Furthermore the normal stolen data and other illegal goods are for sale as well. There are a few reasons why Dream Market is interested. It survived Hansa and Alphabay’s termination, leading to rumors that were taken over and turned into a pit like Hansa Dream. In 2017 only worsethe admin Dream was arrested. Yet the Dream remains online. For now it still seems to have weathered the storms and as such is still the king of the hill as well.


Wallstreet business.1096 Figure 2 Photo Courtesy of TorrentFreak A Dmca notice sent to Google by La Liga notes ‘ The audiovisual material of the football competitions relating to the National First and Second Division League Championships and/or the Sm King of Spain Cup competitions held by the organization complaining of the National Professional Soccer Lea is available on the platforms provided here. Instead the body of football tries to block content right at the source. All non-official stream sources immediately get flagged and are deleted by Google. The U.K. Premier League has been far more active in its piracy attempts. Premier League has the legal right to request that any Isp in the Uk immediately ban websites that allow matchday streams to be downloaded easily enough to prevent people from watching illegal streams. The step of La Liga blocks not only stream links, but also whole websites and all their Urls, which may include content not related to football, as well as Faq and About Us pages. While there are many pages that continue to operate without being classified on Google, it does affect the popularity of pirate websites as Google requires a large number of users to search for pirated streams.