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MacXvideo Review – What You Always Needed for 4 K Video ProcessingByNovak Bozovic-June 29, 2018.356 It is evident from cameras to TV games consoles to laptops that the age of 4 K has arrived. We are now watching 4 K TV movies streaming 4 K YouTube video, and recording 4 K footage on our digital cameras and smartphones. The transition to 4 K is exciting as it makes it simpler and crisper, but it also brings problems to its share.

Recording / Editing challenges 4 K Video

.357 Recording / Editing challenges 4 K Video

.357 The answer comes to a 4 K video processing platform for compressing and editing 4 K images. Continue reading, and learn more.

The macXvideo Core Features

Incredible output speed: Have the fastest speed in the world to process 4 K Uhd videos as it is powered by special hardware acceleration level-3 (Intel / Nvidia / Amd) and multi-core Cpu utility. Better yet macXvideo is absolutely free so you don’t have to pay a penny to process your video. In addition, macXvideo is a lightweight device unlike other bulky 4 K video processing applications that won’t take up too much of Ram. Without re-encoding 4 K content, you can easily learn how to edit 4 K videos to share playback storage and compress 4 K footage by up to 90% smaller size without loss. It is available at or later on Mac Os X 10.6. Let’s start the software now, and get it done.

Tutorial: How to Edit Transcode Compress 4 K Uhd Videos with macXvideo

Step 1: Upload Source 4 K Video

Click the “+ Video” button in the top right panel to attach a 4 K source video to your goal. For the batch processing, you can add several at a time. It shouldn’t take you more than a couple of seconds to add your photos. And this is when the wonder of reality begins to happen. .358 Stage 2: Select Output Format

Once you have loaded your 4 K images, you will be able to see preset profiles including the most common general-use formats. There are also device-specific profiles which are preloaded for iOs and Android apps. All you have to do is pick the format you want. You can choose H.264 Mp4 for best possible compatibility. If you want to process video without re-encoding of course you can skip this stage.

Step 3: Just Compress 4 K Video Parameters Click the gear-shaped codec button and you can adjust video quality as well as audio and video codec parameters to reduce video size. For example, drop the frame rate from 60fps to 30fps reduce 4 K resolution to 1080p/720p lower the video aspect ratio change in bitrate or lower the audio sample rate and bit rate. After you have set all the adjustments you’ve made, click on ‘ Done ‘ to submit.

Step 4: Edit Videos Make Them Different

The sequence of video editing options can be viewed back to the main gui. Options such as Cut Crop Subtitle Effect Rotate are shown under the details in the video. Tap the appropriate button to suit your needs. Crop: Click the Crop icon> Trigger the crop and drag or zoom the rectangle box vectors, or type in the top and left position and resize the image. Subtitle: To import your external subtitle, press the Subtitle button then tap ‘d Srt Script …. ‘ .359 Effect: Press the Effects button and select the target effect for your 4 K video. You can also change the brightness contrast hue saturation and so on. Rotate: Click the Rotate button and you can choose to rotate video at 90 180 270 degrees to the left or right and turn video vertically or horizontally. Final Thoughts

If you need a fast and easy-to-use 4 K Uhd video processing tool that is highly reliable look no further. We’re more than confident macXvideo will fulfill every need and beyond. There is actually nothing to dislike about this program particularly since it is free. We highly recommend that you check them out.