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How To Track Stolen DevicesBySydney Butler-May 28, 2018.626 On TechNadu we spend a lot of time discussing Internet security but what about physical security? What about your device’s actual physical Theft? It may be the worst nightmare of anybody. Your laptop is being robbed from a room in a hotel. In a moment of inattention your phone or laptop is snatched. If the valuables have been snagged by the robber all is not lost. When it comes to finding out where your unit was taken, there are now several different options. Google and Apple also provide a “find my user” feature built right into their respective device families ‘ operating system using Oem Tracking

.627.627. Well, unless you’ve expressly opted out of it. You will set this up the first time you have your computer. Such services allow you to see where the computer is when a data link is supposed to exist. You can set it to warn you next time the system is communicating. Google and Apple both have added features to this service over time. These include being able to wipe away the computer in order to destroy your personal information.

Buy Device With Tracking Firmware

Once the thief has reset the factory or otherwise wipes away the device you’re pretty much out of luck. Any monitoring software or settings mounted on the computer are already gone. However, you can buy some computers with Total Persistence Technology. Actually there is a hardware feature that can not be overridden in the computer. It can ensure the monitoring program is enabled even after a complete reset and scrub. This technology can be used in tablets for laptops with popular phones, and more. With big names of Oem signed on for inclusion.

Using the Killswitch

.628.628 The idea of killing devices such as smartphones is simple. The computer is literally not only destroyed but also bricked or rendered useless in other respects. You can, for example, use a feature called the activation lock on iOs. This is part of the program generally called “Find my iPhone.” Also your Apple account will make use of the app with the activation lock turned on. The iPhone or iPad is completely useless without your username password and the two-factor authentication.

Heavy Weapons

.629.629 There are some really hard-core applications available these days. One of the best-known is probably named Cerberus for the three-headed dog that watches over the entrance to Hades. If you put this app on your phone, the simple tracking software does everything. However the developers have added features that you won’t find there.

Last Thoughts

It’s a sad state of affairs when you have to plan preemptively for someone to take away your hard-earned property but that’s the world I’m afraid of living in. Although in most situations you might not be able to actually access your computer at least you can guarantee that justice is done or that your data is kept out of the wrong hands. Remember to encrypt the tablet or laptop data on your computer. Even if you never find it again this way the robbers can not steal more than just the hardware. TechNadu to get instant updates onFacebook.