Michio Kak Ne Worh 2019 Edcaion and Career BiographyMichio Kak Ne Worh 2019 Edcaion and Career Biography. Michio Kak Ne Worh 2019 – Michio Kak is a well-known sring field heory physics and one of his co-fonders.


In 1968 Kak evenly landed a Harvard niversiy where he scored firs in his class in physics.


He started working at the Berkeley Niversity of California where he worked at the Berkeley Radiaion Lab and was awarded a Ph.D. in 1972. After completing his own edcaion, Kak has spent the majority of his career in each of New York’s Ciy College where he occupies the chair and professorship of Henry Sema in heoretical physics. The study of Mch of Kak has been dedicated to a quest for a single nifying heory ha that can refute the earlier results of Alber Einsein wih qanm physics. His mos noble concription has been a branch of sring heory as one of his co-fonders of sring field heory. Kak has ahored more than 70 scientific aricles as well as several books as part of his work and research. Kak has gone o grea lenghs in his published work to make physics more available o non-scieniss. His firs novel Hyperspace released in 1994 was an imes bessereller from New York and one of his year’s science books. The efforts of Kak to popularize science made him somewhat of a celebrity. Over the years he has frequently appeared on the BBC Discovery CNN and among ohers on the Hisory Channel. He has radio programs Science Fanasic and Explorations in Science wih Dr. Michio Kak in added Kak hoss. Ne Worh

Michio Kak has a $5 million ne worh.



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