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Cricket Australia Trademark Case Filed Against Tvdons Codi RepositoryFollowing the complaint and removal of the add-on, a Tvdons representative made the following comment via TorrentFreak: “Preventing users from viewing free and publicly accessible content by selecting their own media signals is an unfortunate trend for the state of individual rights and freedoms. We hope that moving toward decentralized technology will return power to the hands of people who are most remote from privacy breaching companies. “The same Cricket streams are legally and freely available to everyone on, with the difference being that visitors to that website will have to accept the fact that there are more than 26 trackers loaded. It shows that Cricket Australia is more than just interested in protecting its trademarks and logos from being used on other websites and media. What they really care about as it seems is maintaining the right to shove down the throat of Cricket fans whatever cookies they want. Since last year, these actions have led the developer of the specific add-on to grab further development and support, while a below – the-belt attack hits Tvdons yet again. This is furthering the decline of Tvdons as a famous and popular Kodi database since it takes several hundreds if not thousands of users with it to depart from one more add-on.