Metaphor Examples – Very Complete List

Metaphor Examples - Very Complete List

The metaphor consists of the identification between two terms, in such a way that to refer to one of them the other is named. Metaphors are used a lot in both literature and linguistics, we can also talk about biblical metaphors, poetic metaphors and metaphors that we use to explain something to children. Next we are going to give you a very comprehensive list of metaphor examples organized according to your purpose.

What is a metaphor: definition

When we speak of metaphor we are referring to a Figure of speech that compares two different elements with each other but that have a quality that unites them. When we use a metaphor it is like when we speak in a double sense, we say our message using other words than the ones we would actually use. In OneHowTo we discover the main rhetorical figures what’s on the tongue.

And what are metaphors used for? As we have said, they are figures of speech that are used to emphasize a message: give it a more poetic, serious, more allegorical meaning, and so on. Language can be used with different resources to modify it and to expand its capacity for expression and metaphor is one of these resources used by linguistics to be able to communicate with the intention that we really have.

The word “metaphor” comes from the Greek and it means “beyond”, therefore, when we use a metaphor we are giving our message a meaning that goes beyond what it really reflects.

To make the concept of metaphor clear to you, below we are going to give you a complete list with examples of metaphors that will help you understand the meaning of this resource.

Examples of Metaphor - Very complete list - What is a metaphor: definition

Examples of metaphors: simple (or impure)

This type of metaphor is used when making two direct comparisons between one term and another. They are often used to give a deeper meaning to the statement and to play with the poetic sense of the language. Among these examples of metaphors we highlight the following:

  • Your eyes are like the ocean
  • Your gaze shines like the sun
  • The time is gold
  • You are like a dream
  • Your lips are strawberry
  • My job is crazy
  • This place is paradise

Implicit (or pure) metaphor – Examples

If we remove the real object to which we refer to the previous formula, that is when we speak of an impure metaphor, that is, a literary device that gives it a different connotation to language and that will always be entirely subjective.

Some examples of this type of metaphor are:

  • Now we are in the prime of life (to mean that we are in a good time)
  • The pearls in your mouth shine with their own light (pearls = teeth)
  • I want to remove the water from your eyes (to refer to tears or sadness)
  • I’m crazy about him / her (crazy = in love)
  • My dog ​​is in heaven (as a synonym that he has died)
  • It broke my soul (as a synonym that it has hurt you)
  • It broke my heart (it means that someone has hurt you emotionally, lovingly)
  • You have to put the batteries (as a synonym that you have to wake up)

Negative metaphor: examples

When we want to give our statement a negative meaning and words to refer to reality are not enough, then it is when we use the negative metaphor that gives a deeper and more drastic meaning to our message. For instance:

  • It is not the hell, it is the street
  • Don’t steal more time from me

They are less common in Spanish but, equally, they are used to emphasize the message and give it more sound.

Examples of metaphors in poems

Here are some examples of poems that include metaphors. If you want to share your opinion on these metaphors, we invite you to do so in our comments section a little further down.

Look at the dying sky and the shavings of the sea /Look at the empty light like the one who left his home / The ocean gets tired of brushing the beaches / To look with one eye at the low reliefs of the sky / With an eye as chaste as death that sleeps him / And falls asleep in her womb

Another example

Your mind is empty like the silence between two kisses they prevent you from understanding such a simple idea that you will not understand even if they squeeze your brains since you have ears you have a blood sausage

Another example

The dagger of your mouth / sinks into my guts; / gangrene blooms / if you breathe the sore.

Examples of biblical metaphor

In the old and new testaments, metaphor is a widely used resource to explain the word of Jesus in a didactic way. Here are the most popular biblical metaphors:

  • “Be for me a rock of refuge, where I continually turn. You have given commandment to save me, because you are my rock and my fortress.
  • The metaphor of the wedding loaves and wines of Canaan.
  • “Behold the eye of the Lord on those who fear him, on those who hope in his mercy, to deliver their souls from death, and to give them life in time of famine. Psalm 33: 18,19”

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