Melissa Womer Net Worth 2020 Early Life Education Career and Achievement Unyime Sunday 10 January 2020 Celebrity Entertainment Profile Melissa Womer Net Worth 2020 Early Life Education Career and Achievement Melissa Womer Net Worth – Melissa Womer is an American actress and film producer formerly known as Melissa Carrey. She is an ex-wife to Jim Carrey, popular American actor and comedian. The multi-talented actress is best known for her roles in Man on the Moon comedy film. She also appeared in the movies;The Donut Men’s Real Stories. She is known as the Waitress Comedy Store.

Early Life Family and Education:

Melissa Womer attended her New York City primary and high school and was then enrolled at the University of Kansas. She did extra odd jobs during her university days, such as writing jokes for the morning radio show in Kansas City on Q104. After graduating from Kansas University Melissa moved to Hollywood in the hopes of making a name for herself. But rather she landed a cocktail waitress stint at Sunset Boulevard where the comedy store is located, she wasn’t able to get something big. She later got a chance to star at the Comedy store in an open micnight and she really enjoyed her first open micnight. In some Comedy Store comics Melissa became a favorite character. However the comics urged her to move her writing skills to the Comedy Store stage. She reached a landmark with D.L on BET’s Socially Offensive Conduct throughout her career. Hughley and she became so inspired ever since, and never looked back. In motion pictures such asPetrocelli(1974) andMan on the Moon(1999), Womer became popular for her roles. She has created reality TV shows including Donut Men’s Real Stories (1997) and John Kerwin’s Yesterday Show (2004). Melissa Womer’s Relationship With Jim Carrey

Melissa caught the attention of people in Hollywood when she met the then-struggling stand-up comedian and actor Jim Carrey who now portrays a comedian and performer as a renowned impressionist screenwriter and director. Jim Carrey was born in Newmarket Ontario Canada, on January 17, 1962. Jim’s mother, Kathleen Carrey, was a homemaker while his father, Percy Carrey, was both a musician and an accountant for the company. Jim is the youngest in his family to have three older sisters he loves so much; John (his brother) Patricia and Rita (Jim’s sisters).

Personal Life: Melissa Womer is currently living in New York City and is still single. Since her divorce from Jim Carrey, there is no record of Womer having another boyfriend or husband She is a shy person and is kept away from the media for her private life. But, after she and Jim Carrey’s daughter Jane Carrey gave birth to son Jackson Riley Santana in 2010, Melissa became an agrandmother. In 2009, Jane married Alex Santana, the metal band’s lead singer Blood Money, and a year later gave birth to her brother. She is dating US comedian John Campanelli.



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