Meg Ryan – Biography of Meg Ryan

Meg ryan is a well-known film actress of American origin, famous for being one of the most chosen to star in romantic comedies, despite having worked in other genres.

Margaret Mary Emily Hyra was born November 19, 1961 in the city of Fairfield, located within the state of Connecticut in the United States of America.

Their parents are Susan Jordan Ryan, a former English teacher and amateur actress and Harry hyra, a math teacher. In addition to them, his family is made up of his two sisters Dana Y Annie And his brother Andrew.

They all attended the Saint Pius X Elementary School, where her mother taught sixth grade as well as working as a casting screener for a casting company. New York.

Thanks to these connections, he was able to make his daughter appear in his first commercial when he turned 18. Susan always pushed Meg to pursue her acting career after she graduated from the Bethel High School on 1979.

Still, she decided to study journalism at the University of Connecticut while working in some commercials to pay for his career. He then moved to New York where he continued in the New York University, although he stopped a semester from graduating.

On nineteen eighty one had its first appearance on the big screen with “Rich and famousz”. Shortly thereafter, he began working on a series of small television productions and minimal film roles.

Just in 1986 made a great uncover to appear in the box office “Top gun“With the young man Tom cruise. After this he received leading roles in films such as “The Promised Land“,”DOA” Y “The Presidio”.

His first great leap to fame was a later classic of romantic comedies: “When Harry Met Sally …” from 1989, where was the couple of Billy Crystal. The scene of a fake orgasm in a restaurant earned him a nomination for the Golden globes.

On 1991 she married him, at that time, a successful actor Dennis Quaid. The following year he was born Jack Henry Quaid, and the couple continued to live together until their separation in the 2001.

His next two films were “The Doors” Y “Prelude to a Kiss“Where she stars as a romantic woman, full of life and above all very funny. Sadly, these two feature films weren’t as successful.

Quite the opposite was his appearance on the big screen as the couple of Tom Hanks on “You’ve Got Mail”. So successful was this duo that they worked together again on “Joe Versus the Volcano” Y “Sleepless in seattle”.

After so much romance on stage, she tried to move away from her stereotype of a naive woman to go on to make much cruder films. “When a Man Loves a Woman“Saw her playing the role of an alcoholic, while”Courage Under Fire“Made her a war captain.

On 1997 was nominated by the magazine People as one of the 50 most beautiful women in the world and at that time it was that she starred “Anastasia”, Lending her voice to the lead actress of the animated film.

On 1998 captured everyone’s gaze in “City of Angels“With the great actor Nicolas Cage. The feature film itself brought some bad reviews, but it was a hit of more than $ 200 million around the world.

In the 2000 appeared next to Russell crowe in the action thriller “Proof of Life”And together they had a romantic affair that the press was in charge of praising. That same year Meg returned to romantic comedies with Hugh jackman on “Kate & Leopold”.

To the surprise of everyone, Meg broke her rules of not going out nude in any movie just in the 2003, when he was already 42 years old. “In the cut”Attracted a lot of attention for a scene where she was seen totally naked from the front, but it was not a success.

After this, she was a strong militant of the organization CARE on India, trying to make women more aware of their position in society. From his trip to Asia he returned with a little Chinese girl whom he adopted as Daisy True.

In the 2007 shot a new romantic comedy, this time with Antonio Banderas: “My Mom’s New Boyfriend“Which will be released just in the 2008.