Medium box braids

Cornrow mix

If you want box braids but still want to look like cornrows, you can make the cornrows at the base of your hairstyle and start with the design of the box braids. Top Picks: Hairstyles Box Braids

Half Up Half Down Style

A trendy half-up ponytail is our next idea. We love braided ponytails because they look so sleek and elegant. In a medium-length ponytail, this one features chunky box braids. Cords and cuffs were also used to accessorize the body. Between summer and holidays, a ponytail like this would be great.

Braided Inverted Bob

We think it looks so chic to have braids with a side portion. Heres an example of how the look can be worn. The braids are on the shorter side, but if you want, you can have the braids longer. For any reason, hair like this will suit everyone – from work to night outs.

Get a weave

If youre not happy with your hair thickness and youre looking for bulky medium box braids, you can get hair extensions to look better. But note that your tresses can be harm.

Cross Braids Street Style

Bored with normal womens medium box braids? Go for the braids in the street style where you can play with your hair by straightening your hair from the front and braiding the rest. The cut will definitely give you a unique style that will please many people.

Glam Medium Box Braids

Simple braids like these glamorize your look. With a pretty half-up style, the medium braids are sleek and stylish. These braids are divided on the side, but with a center part, this style would look great too. Such braids would look amazing in a different color as well. Burgundy caramel or blonde is recommended.

Blonde Medium Box Braids

If you are looking for a new hairstyle that lifts your look, blonde braids can be the way to do that. Blonde, regardless of the season, will give you a trendy sunkissed and brighter look. A stylish way of wearing blonde is like the picture shown. When braided with other colors, you can see how beautiful the blonde looks. For a natural-looking style, choose multi shades or a blonde tone for a hairstyle statement.

Half Up Box Braid Bun

Another half-up style is the next concept we have. For this theme, instead of a ponytail, the top section of braids is styled into a bun. A half-up bun looks so trendy and edgy as you can see. The big bun can be recreated or the bun a little lower. Your hair will look amazing in any way. We think such a hairstyle would look incredible in a bright red or blonde colour. Okay?

Box Braids Bob

Our next idea is a medium-sized box braids styled into a chic bob. Because of the very smooth and thin braids, the bob is sleek and stylish. The overall look is lovely and easy to wear. Anywhere you can wear such a hairstyle and youll look amazing.

Glam Braids With Cute Shell Accessories

One of our favourites for this next beauty concept! Here we have chic box braids with gold cuffs and delicate shells that are accessorized. We love the shells because they are beautiful and they give a summery look to the body! Online shells can be bought for your hair and there are plenty of videos to show you how to apply them to your braids. These hair would be perfect for summer or for a holiday! 129.jpg” />

Burgundy Medium Box Braids

Another color idea is available next. These braids of boxes are a beautiful tone of burgundy. A color like this, particularly in the fall, will look amazing all year round. You can recreate the look of this side part or in your own style have medium-length braids.

Accessorized Chunky Medium Braids

You dont have to stick to one style when choosing accessories, you can combine them like our next hairstyle. The hair was braided with ropes and braided cuffs into chunky braids. As they look sleek and exclusive, we love the cords and cuffs together. You can select gold as shown or try different colors of the cord.

A Simple Braid Bob

Most people think that braids dont look good on short hair they look pretty like the picture above. Short hair braids give a look of confidence. Youre good to go for any outing with a braided bob.

Statement Medium Braids With Beads

Next weve got the idea of making a chic statement. These sleekly styled mid-length box braids have beautiful beads at the bottom. This is an amazing example of how you can match your hair accessories to your makeup and outfit to create a coordinated trendy look. This is what we do!

Bun with braids

The combination of buns and braids goes together really well. If you want to tie your hair, this style is the one you want.

Accessorized Cornw Braids

Is your hair in a mess and you want to have a party? The best and easiest style is the womens Cornrow box braid that is also easy to undo. Just by putting some classy accessories, you can give it a party look. Show off your braids with any clothes.

Medium Box Braids With Gold Cuffs

Next weve got medium box braids that look good for a Queen. The braids are styled with a middle part in a medium length bob and are completed with gold accessories. This is a beautiful hairstyle that looks incredible if you want to look like a goddess of beauty.

Hairstyle Thin Box Braid

Love thinner braid hairstyles? And look at this. This hairstyle features sleek and neat thin braids that create a stylish look. Hair like this is glam, and its going to suit everyone. You can recreate this or you can try a different hair color like red blonde if you want a bolder look or you can jazz it up with chic hair accessories. Your hair will look incredible in any way.

Chic Box Braid Bob

This braided bob might be the way to do it if you want to glamorize your look and go for a more sophisticated style. In a medium length, the box braids are quite thick and the look is as simple as that. It doesnt need anything else that looks sleek and stylish without effort. Jpg
<img src="

Easy Wear Braids With Gold Hair Cuffs

Like hairstyles that are simple and easy to wear? If so, please check it out. We have lovely box braids here with a length that just goes past the shoulders. The braids are worn in a side section and at the end of each braid is a gold cuff. It just looks amazing without any effort. Hair is going to suit everyone like this. The look can be recreated or you can try silver cuffs. At the ends of the braids, Beads would also look amazing.

Colored Wrap Around Braids

No better option than box braids with a slight light blue tinge is available if you want a bold and unique look. For every professional gathering, you can easily wear this and put it on with some boldness.

Creative box braids

Experiment with them is the best way to go for box braids. Allow the new and impressive hairstyles to run wild with your imagination. Start and go from there with simple ponytails and buns.

Dark Purple Box Braids

Would you like to try out a new style thats bold and fun? If it sounds like you look at this hairstyle. We have medium box braids here that are a fashionable dark purple shade. We love the violet because its so vibrant to make statements. Gold hair cuffs are also used to accessorize the braids. This is a lovely braided look that will make you stand out in style from the crowd.

Inverted Bob Box Braids

Are you looking for a new style and trendy? If so, it might be great for you. Here we have the medium box braids inverted. It will be shorter on the back and longer on the front when the hair is inverted. The braids on the back are quite short and the braids on the front are going past the shoulders. Its a stylish look and hair that looks glamorous for any occasion.

Thicker cornrows

The thicker the braids or cornrows of your medium box, the more special they look and the easier they will be to undo. If you want to get thick cornrows in a fast hairstyle that looks close to the appearance of the box.

Chunky Green Box Braids

Take a look at this next idea if you want to wear bold hair colors. This style features a braid bob with a chunky box. The braids are a vibrant color and the accessories are beautiful. We love the color because it gives us the vibes of mermaid! For women who like to stand out from the crowd, this is perfect. Its a must-have summer hairstyle.

Box Cord Braids

If you want to accessorize your hair with cords, see this next look. We have medium box braids under which they are curved. Two braids are equipped with chic cords as well. As you can see because they make a statement because the cords are light and chunky. We also love the color of braid! This style can be recreated or cords selected in any color you like.

Medium Box Color Braids

Weve got a clear idea of color next. The braids of the box are warm red with braided cuffs of gold. This color is going to suit both summer and fall season in particular. Its also an elegant color because its going to match everyone. This look can be recreated or you can choose a bolder color. 106.jpg” />

Trendy Medium Box Braids

Looking for a new trendy? Then for you is this hairstyle. Here we have chunky box braids of medium length that were styled into a side part. The braids were equipped with stylish cords as well. This is a beautiful look that will suit anyone, and by adding different color cords you can create a unique look.

Cornrow Braids Mix

Cornrow braids can help you get ready for a perfect party look. You wont even find it difficult to undo them because its easy.

Braids Cute Box

Many peoples mood depends on their hair. So braiding is the best solution for your good hair days that will make you smile throughout the day. These box braids at all times will make your look beautiful. The style will definitely make you the highlight of the occasion, whether its a normal outing or a business dinner.

Medium Length Thin Braids

Then well show you cute and stylish box braids. The hair is medium in length with sleek braided braids. Hair like this is going to suit anybody in any generation. You can recreate the look, add more jewelry, or even try a bold color.

Mohawk Braids

You can always use medium box braids to make your look funkier with your Mohawk haircut as it looks classy and funky simultaneously.

Thin Braids Bob

A trendy bob with thin braids is included in our next design. As you can see, in comparison to the braids above, you can have a lot more braids this way. We love the hair on the side as well. Such a hairstyle is perfect for women who want a chic new look.

Cute Silver Accessory Braids

Another accessorized style features the next idea. Weve got a simple, stylish braided look here. Of beautiful silver cuffs, every braid is accessorized. Gold is used by many hairstyles so its cool to see it. Silver creates a modern, chic look, as you can see. For a trendy mixed metal style, you can recreate these braids or even add some gold cuffs.

Small Medium Box Braids

Would you like to look chic and elegant? Then for you, this is the hair idea. Here we have a braid bob box with thinner and smaller braids and a center part. All these elements create a beautiful hairstyle that will make anyone look amazing. You dont have to add any color or accessories because this hair looks amazing as it is.

Trendy Medium Bob

This trendy medium length bob is last on our list. The braids slightly curve around the face, giving it a beautiful appearance. A hairstyle like this will suit everyone, and you can add color and accessories as well. We love the look. With thicker braids, you can also try this style. Jpg
<img src="

Purple Infused Twisted Braids

putting all the matching colors on your braids for a funky look

Burgundy Box Braids

To give you a deep and dominant feel, opt for burgundy shade braids. To women who are open to change and want to shock the people around them, this hairstyle is great.

Janet Braids

For a summer day look, this medium box braid is quite cool. Janet braids can be quickly undoed and made easily. It can also be a cool look at the water for a day. Because the style is easy to do, you can opt for any outing with the Janet Braids.

Stylish And Accessorized Box Braids

Next weve got cute and stylish box braids. These are jumbo braids, which are around the length of the shoulder. Two chic braid cuffs complete the look. This is another easy-to-use style to suit everyone. It would look beautiful to recreate the hairstyle featured or identical braids in a cool color like burgundy or shady.

Elegant Box Braid Bob

Next we have another inverted design where the front and back braids are longer. The braids of the boxes are very chunky and the hair looks chic and elegant. On the page below, you can check the front view of this hairstyle. We love this idea of hair and think everybody will look beautiful.

Half Bun Braids

It is very easy to play with various hairstyles with thin braids. So, if you want to look like a princess, take a half bun with your braids. You can also choose a slight golden color to give the extra elegance they need to your medium box braids.

Box Braids with Accessory

You can always highlight it by putting a hairband or other hair accessories to make your box braids look full.

Bow fun

This kind of braid often creates an aggressive look. Few girly bows or scrunches lighten it up. Dont forget that from these braids you can make many different hairstyles.

Accessories matching

If you accessorize the correct way your braids look even more amazing. Make sure that the accessories in your hair match your neck and fingers with the accessories. Go with the rings of gold.

Simple And Stylish Braids

Would you like to wear beautiful and easy hair that looks fantastic any time? If so, just what youre looking for could be this hairstyle! These medium box braids are simply beautiful, without any effort. Theyre just going past the shoulders and being worn to one side. Its just a simple, stylish look that suits everybody.

Beautiful Blonde Box Braids

Then well show you another beautiful blonde hairstyle. The hair is shaped into medium box bright blonde braids. We love the blonde shade thats used because its summery will suit everybody, creating a styling statement. Such braids will be perfect for summer and holidays as the hair will be easy to handle and the blonde will look amazing! Recreate this look or try another blonde shade the lighter youre going the harder your hair is going to be.

Chic Medium Box Braids

Then well show you that chic hairstyle. The medium box braids are very thin and curved to frame the face for this look. Theres a discreet braid collar as well. Its a braided glam look thats never going to go out of style. Recreate this or keep it simple, without accessories, and try the braids.


Highlights are always a great choice for all hairstyles and look particularly good with braids. Make a lighter color than the rest about a quarter of your braids and the result will be impressive.

Subtle shades

If wild colors are too bold for you to dye a subtle shade of your locks that can only be detected when you look closely. Tint your braids with a burgundy shade and youre going to love the look.

Braids of the Medium Box

Large braids of the box look trendy. Youll have fewer braids, but a stylish finished look is created. This next idea shows a lovely way to wear simple chunky box braids, and the accessories also look amazing. Without the accessories, recreate this hairstyle or try the braids.

Medium Jumbo Box Braids

Chunkier braids are preferred? Then for you is this next look. Here weve got jumbo box braids styled into a beautiful bob. This look can be recreated or you can select longer braids to suit your taste. Style with or without hair accessories because youll have a beautiful hairdo either way.

Thick Cornrow Box Braids

Thick cornrow braids give a more amazing appearance than thin cornwork braids. If you want to play with the thickness of the braids, you can go with box braids for this style. The style is perfect for casual as well as formal outings.

Trendy Half Up Braids

Do you love the braids half up? If so, this next hairstyle needs to be checked out. Here we have box braids of medium length and a small section of them has been designed. This looks so elegant and stylish as you can see. For the summer, a hairstyle like that would be perfect. Try this in a similar style or you can add more accessories. Jpg
<img src="

Half Ponytails with Box Braids

You can play with your hair with box braids with half a pony or half a bun. Now whether youre doing a pony or a half bun Box Braids, its going to be fun to experiment with!

Thick braids

Thick braids look better than thin ones.

Black raven braids

Box braids look incredible when theyre natural. Raven black hair color for the braided hair is a good choice. To get the best results, you may need to use a dye.

Stylish Box Braid Bob

This next hair idea is a little bit shorter. These braids would go past the shoulders, but theyre curled inside to frame the face. Also, each braid is equipped with gold cuffs. We love this beautiful, chic style. A bob like this is going to suit everybody. Recreate the look or keep it simple, without the accessories, and try the bob.

Crazy colors with box braids

If youre not afraid of such bold hairstyle as box braids, you can go even further by making them look more intense by coloring them with some outrageous colors. Violet is a great choice shadow.

Cute Medium Box Braids

This cute braided bob is the first medium box braid idea we would like to share with you. This is a beautiful and easy hairstyle to wear that will suit anybody throughout all ages. Create a hairstyle such as featured to keep the look simple and stylish, or add some colors or accessories if you want bolder hair.

Box braid accessories

If you use special accessories, your medium box braids will look even more amazing. For a while, cornrows and box braids have been popular, which is why you have to choose from many different rings and clips.

Jumbo Box Braids

Medium hair jumbo box braids are the easiest and easiest to remove. If you go through a bad hair day, your problem will be solved by thick box braids. Trying new and fun hairstyles is a clever way to behave. This beautiful corn braids are a great choice for any woman looking for a change of image. Try them out and you may even become addicted! Caramel And Bright Blonde Braids

Caramel is another popular and beautiful hair color. When beautiful hairstyles like this one are being made, this is no surprise. These braids are designed into a cute bob, and most of the braids are a warm color of caramel. Some of the braids are also an amazing blonde shade. We love the braids of caramel and think that the blonde perfectly compliments the caramel. Recreate this look or try another blonde shade. Even, you could have all the chocolate. 128.jpg” />

Colored Thin Braids Streaks

Streaks are going to go very well with thin braids. This is one of the most popular out there braided hairstyles. You can color a few braids with an elegant and classy look in brown shade and rock. If you want to do a hairstyle for a cocktail party, a few streaks along with braids will give you a bold look.

Layered Medium Box Braids

Amazingly big chunky braids. Dont just take our word for the next choice to try out. The hair is braided into jumbo braids and completed with elegant cuffs.

Cute Box Braid Style

We love this hair concept you can replicate the look or try without braided cuffs as it will look beautiful as it is. It looks like these braids are half down and the top section of the hair is styled into a high ponytail in the sky. This is an elegant and beautiful look that would be perfect for the summer. Recreate this or style in a high ponytail all of your braids. Thatd look pretty, too.

Simple and trendy Braided Bob

Dont you dream of bold hairstyles? Then you might be waiting for this next idea. The box braids are cut with a side part in an elegant bob. Its a simple but stylish hairstyle that will make everyone look beautiful. A bob like this would look beautiful, too, trimmed in a half-up half-down fashion.

Crown brains

Invest in the braids of your box. Its the crown youre never taking off. So give a twist to your Box Braids by putting on a necklace instead of your neck around your braids. The style will give you a look that people will admire retro yet unique.

Stunning Accessorized Medium Box Braids

We love all the hair styles on our pick lists, but this one is a favorite. This idea shows how your braids can be accessorized to look amazing and make statements. Gold braided cuffs and a beautiful bold headscarf have been added to the medium length box braids. You can mix your look every day with headscarves.

Chunky Beads Box Braids

We love bead braids. You can have a simple braided style but you can use beads to make it unique to you. Using chunky beads, this next hairstyle. With any beads of your choice, you can recreate this look. For a vibrant look, choose bright or metallic for a chic look.

Jumbo Medium Box Braids

This idea is perfect for you if you like to accessorize your hair. Here we have chunky medium box braids and the look is finished with a few different accessories. There are also rings of cuffs and an elegant cord. Just make the hair unique as you can see these accessories. You can create a similar look to this or experiment with different colored cords, and you might even be able to add a few beads.

Trendy Ring Braids

Another trendy style of accessories is the following hair idea. Weve got simple stylish and chunky braids for this look. There are also some braids with hair cuffs and rings. The rings look so chic and edgy and the way to jazz up your hair is easy. Braid rings can be purchased online in different colors and many different designs are available.

Hopefully you have found the look of your favorite medium box braids!