Medium Bob styles

The gray color is trendy every time you look at it, making it one of the most distinctive haircuts. The color looks really beautiful and beautiful, and the lengthy front hair just adds to the flair. One of a sort of haircut.

This sort of haircut is one of the most wonderful lengthy asymmetric haircuts. They look very punk-inspired and look amazing and lovely. Add one or more accessories and deplete your look for the day. Perfect for anyone trying this haircut.

Angled Greyish Bob

What can the gray hair treadplate do if not a strikingly structured bob? Colors and cuts always went hand in hand, don’t overlook. For example, gray and platinum hair colors look their best on sleek and straight hair, as such texture enhances their brilliant and brilliant tones.

This concept with its creative angled twist seems to have perfected the sleek gray hair look. By the manner, to make the color shift more dynamic, the reduced layers are a little lighter than the remainder of the hair.

Asymmetrical Back

Normally we only see asymmetrical bob hairstyles with a front comparison, but she switches it up with a back angle! We love the insane angles she sports from front to back, super cool and completely special. Wild!

Asymmetrical bob and side fringe with curls

An extreme side fringe with big smooth curls is an incredibly striking appearance. Sweep all your hair to one side and put it together for a standout look with a powerful eye makeup.


Talking about asymmetric bobs is another amazing concept here. This one features lovely, wavy, bob-looking hair. It’s just another wonderful way to wear the style of asymmetry. Go for a trendy look for beautiful, smooth waves like styled or sleek hair.

Asymmetrical layered bobs

This layered bob is longer on one hand. It’s in between, long, short, and all lengths. It can be either straight, wavy, or curly. The edges are often pointed and there are times when one edge curls under the chin playfully. It’s always sexy, no matter how a lady chooses to wear it.

Asymmetric Shaved Haircut for Short Hair

So we stated above how much we enjoy the fierceness of an asymmetric bob haircut, but this look really takes the cake. Not only does she have her whole mane sliced with tons of beautiful layers in a trendy asymmetrical way, but she shakes an enormous chunk of hair down in an asymmetrical fashion that is straight EDGY.

Asymmetrical Side Shave

Posh and stylish, her look is all about curve living and loving every minute! Trendy white and gray strands are adorable in a super-short asymmetric bob hairstyle, sporting a distinctive shaved angle underneath that only adds to this look’s modern and artsy feel.

Asymmetric style with density

You can generate a lot of volume for your style bypassing your hair from the roots.b to the roots and pulling as much hair as you want from side to side.


Braids also look lovely when they are styled in a bob. We’ve got a good example here. The hair has thin blonde braids creating an asymmetric bob. An asymmetric bob is when one part of the hair is longer. This is a trendy bob and it’s ideal for women who want a courageous hairstyle.

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Bob and A Half

This asymmetric bob haircut is a twist to the classic bob-look of the jaw length. It helps to give this style a modern look by keeping one side a much longer length and teaming it up with a side fringe.


Bob With Undercut:

If you are searching for brief asymmetric hairstyles, look no further. This haircut has tapering ends which give the upper portion of the hair a lot of lift. Brings into boring hair a whole new life. The bob is coiled perfectly and is nowadays very much the trend. This may also be a good answer for round face asymmetric haircuts.

Bronde Bob With Long Feathered Layers

Instead of spending hours attempting to figure out what to bring–blonde or brunette, you can merely discover the golden ratio between the two forces. Bronde hair color is a great combination of blonde and brown shades where both colors are added to create the perfect balance in equal measure.

And it goes without stating that layered bob hairstyles will be complemented by such a colorbination. Because it features two contrast colors, you can take advantage of it by placing the lighter color on longer front tresses and creating brown dimensions on the remainder of your locks. Ask your stylist for feathering to create the look large, and you’ll see your bob amp up.

Bronde Bob With Thin Layers

jocelyn.mcclellan Now encounter another bronde bob part. The fresh strategy here is given not only to the shades play, but also to the layers play. On the front, the lighter tone prevails, while under the strands hides the brunette part, making the color more organic.

As for the haircut, it is made up of lots of thin layers running throughout the length, making each lock so distinctive. So, if you’re in waves, be sure to steal the cut.

Brown Bob With Jagged Ends

Curled Bangs

The cute glow of her extra short asymmetric haircut with a collection of brief bangs that are curled ever-so-slightly. Another excellent option for round facing women.

Curly Bob:

You should look forward to this haircut if you need asymmetric medium hair in your lives. Every hairstyle can also take advantage of bob and curly hair. You stay longer on one side and shorter on the other. Also with bangs, this sort of hairstyle looks nice if you want.

Cute Side Bangs: Easy, straight Bob Haircut

We’re all a fan of side-swept bangs, but it doesn’t take a long time to create a style declaration! Her shorter swept bangs on her side are incredibly adorable, and we love how her darker brown hair color matches her skin tone perfectly. A straightforward OH-SO-CUTE style!

Deep Side Bob With Waves

With the styling instruments, a deep side portion can display the natural hair you never thought you had. A round brush and a nozzle attachment are the two basics of a completely styled side-parted bob on your blow dryer. You need to begin drying your side-parted hair from the very roots to recreate this indescribable wavy bob, holding the tool at an angle to give it a more complete shape. Then use a cool shot button to lock in location the voluminous roots and build waves. Needless to say, if you do them on layered hair, they’ll look their best.

Dishwater Blonde Bob With Layers

Anchorman Dishwater blonde is another amazing match for layered bob hairstyles. This color is generally a mix of neutral blonde and dark brown shades from a harmonic dark blonde ensemble. And should we mention how incredibly this color can reveal layers ‘ beauty? In fact, the words aren’t enough to define how young and contemporary your look can be, so we’d better let this pic speak.

Dramatic Attitude

This stylish layered bob looks good with dense bangs to add a little bit of sass and attitude. With bold, dark color, it’s really flattering and you can play it with fun highlights or lowlights or even some colorful streaks throughout, concentrating on the complete bangs. For those with dense hair and elongated faces, this look works best.

To style, use Moroccan oil to treat your slightly humid hair, then blow-dry until smooth, drying the bangs to the front. For maximum sleekness, finish with a flat iron.

Edgy Asymmetrical Bob:

You can get this if you are looking for asymmetrical bob haircuts. With an asymmetrical look, the classic bob front looks fantastic. A ideal way to maintain both lengthy and short hair–and remove that monotonous ancient boring tone. This can definitely be one of all time’s biggest asymmetric bob hairstyles.

Extreme Asymmetric Cut

This cut on one hand is much longer than on the other. The stylist also held the hair on the front much longer than on the back.

Eye-Skimming Fringes with Ombre

This specific haircut is incredibly face-framed, with only one side gracefully hanging alongside the chin. With a black-on-white shade of hair color and some ultra-trendy eye-skimming side-swept bangs, she provides her style a bit of attitude and flair.


Finely Chopped Tousled Layered Bob

The word “choppy” implies uneven, so it often receives a poor rap. Choppy water, choppy words, choppy sound, and so on. But, when a hairstylist for layered bob hairstyles generates choppy layers, the allled outcome is truly amazing. It creates volume when the hair’s okay. It reduces weight when it is heavy and dense, which also builds volume. You can’t just go wrong. You’ll look like you’ve been on the beach, add highlights.

Gray and White: Stylish hair color

The haircut may be on the casual side, but the color of her hair is what makes this style POP. She opts for an ultra trendy of gray and white, two of the hottest color options for

Haircut With Jagged Layers:

Best of all for lengthy hair. A wonderful amazing solution that focuses not only on the bangs but also on the layers of those beautiful lengthy thin hairs. If you have thin hair, go without any ideas for this haircut.

Crown Heavy Fringe

The heavy fringe is made up of hair from the crown of the head. This style’s asymmetry looks good on females with powerful high cheekbones.

Highlighted Ends and Underflip: A-line Bob Haircut

Her look is oozing in style and appeal, from her perfectly balanced corners to her sumptuously layered front framing strings. Shepletes her style with a few adorable pink hot tips and a matching bold cat-eye.

“Inverted Bob”

Long Bob With Flipped Ends

The variety of layers appears to be endless: they cane in many distinct variants while providing a new spin on familiar styles. Classic layers, feathers, flipped ends; and that’s just the start!

This long layered bob with bangs is here to demonstrate you the flipping ends’ adorable, airy strength. Actually, throughout your hair you can get the flips; it’s another way to the texture that includes thinning hair to give it a “flying” silhouette. As for flipping ends, they produce a halo of gently sticky ends that volume the entire body visually.

Remember to always pay close attention to the ends to style this cutie, working with your blow dryer.

Long Layered Straight Bob

Naturally, all those loud phrases about layer magic are so nice, but how do they work? Well, we didn’t joke about it: this picture is living evidence. With and without layering, this is how distinct bob looks. Although it relates to women with good hair, this long-layered bob concept should be taken into consideration by all women.

An easy straight cut includes no motion and at some stage falls flat, whereas the layered concept enhances each strand’s lift, turning a straightforward cut into a piece of hairstyling art. To make the impact even larger, contemporary colorists and going for highlights or balayage, as they can add more depth to your locks.

Bob with layers

You will enjoy the stacked layered bob if your soul always needs picture adjustments and you want to leave the hairdresser’s at once with somethingfy and distinctive. In its classic variant, this sort of bob haircut provides a good new take, stacking in the back. To be more precise, the front of the hair is longer, and then the back part becomes thinner and rounder. This cut is usually completed with layers as they add more size to the body.

Waves always make our hair look better, but it’s a true gift sent from above for a stacked bob. So let waves talk when you’re about to impress.

Loose Waves with Buzzed Undercut: Shaved Hairstyle for Short Hair

Add a touch of wild style to your locks. This allows the hair to collapse over the buzzed strands effortlessly and gracefully, creating a very attractive finish. We love her slightly marked locks at the ends and the coquettish waves.


Medium Bob With Feathered Layers

How do you combine two-layered methods to maximize your texture? The reality is, your medium-layered bob can be anything you want it to be, so nothing can stop you if you want to adopt two textures at once!

The bob above is full of layers, and feathering is defined for each of them. Such abo provides your hair an immaculate, accurate look.

You’re going to enjoy this cut’s simple styling: the only thing you need to do is brush your hair back while blowing it.